First Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-January 2011

The 15th of every month many garden bloggers post how their gardens are blooming.  Carol Michel of May Dreams Gardens hosts this event on her website.  It is aptly named Garden Bloggers Bloom Day or GBBD.  As a relatively new blogger, I chanced upon this event and decided at some point I wanted to post on GBBD.  So this month, in this new year I’m “gonna” do it.

These posts will not be like my others, but instead will focus on what is bloomin’ here in my  zone 5 garden in Central New York State.  I am just south of Oneida Lake and SE of Lake Ontario infamous for lake effect snow causing blowing, drifting white outs of “feets” of snow as I like to call them. And as I write this today we are getting that lake effect snow up to a foot or more over 2 days.

So what could be blooming with all this snow?  Well I was fortunate on the New Year to have a thaw and I made sure I took my camera and went exploring carefully in the very wet garden.  Here is what was blooming or showing off it’s color.

Daffodils galore blooming at various lengths all around the garden

the columnar barberry was showing its beautiful red berries

and not to be out done, the bright red berries of honeysuckle “John Clayton” were a striking contrast

my glorious sage was alive and kickin’ and sporting a glorious scent

blue fescue grass “Sea Urchin” sporting a bit of blue despite the snow and road salt

heucherella “Sweet Tea” showing more fuchsia than orange

white hellebore poking its flower bud above the snow and leaf mulch

this sedum grows among the rocks surrounding the pond…still going strong


  1. Donna says:

    I am surprised to see plants poking through. Lake effect has been brutal this year so far. I guess we have gotten it first and usually we get it last. Nothing poking through here in the Falls, or at least if it was, I will not find it until spring.

    • Donna says:

      yes you do get it first and last…I was shocked that I had so many plants still growing underneath 6 feet of snow once it melted..of course it is all buried again now…at least if it has to snow I know it is keeping my babies insulated against the brutal freezing air and wind…

    • Donna says:

      thx for visiting on GBBD..the berries are supposed to be edible and rich in vitamin C, with a very sharp flavor. Never tried them. Instead I leave them for the birds.

    • Donna says:

      thx Joey..they sure do…I was out for over an hour in lots of snow capturing pics in the garden…just lost myself in the beauty 🙂

  2. Claudia says:

    Wow, this is pretty early. Hope for an early spring. Guess I’ll go shove away some snow and see there is any sign of life. Thanks for a nice post.

  3. Ilona says:

    You have actual color in your garden this time of year- I’m in envy. Many pretty things, and I enjoyed your photos. That hellebore is positively fascinating, I wonder if mine are making any progress yet.

  4. Carolflowerhillfarm says:

    Donna, Those little shoots of life breaking through the soil and the Hellebores always excite me! Mine are buried in snow right now . . . sleeping under at least one foot of the white blanket. Your John Clayton berries do make a striking photograph! Lovely!

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