Bloomin’ June

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“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.”
–  L. M. Montgomery


As Father’s Day approaches, I am reminded of spending time in the yard with my dad.  I used to love to get the weeding tool and pop out the dandelions or clover.  I would braid the broad grass or watch mesmerized the spider or beetle crawling by.  My dad would let me push the old fashioned rotary mower…those things were made of hardwood and iron.  I could barely get it to move, but he let us experiment and experience.  I loved when he cut the lawn, the smell was freeing….summer was approaching and with it a time of freedom and abandon.  Sometimes I was helping him wash the car or sweep up the grass from the sidewalk.  He never really minded if we played with his tools and tool bench.  Hammering nails into a board.  As long as he was outside working so was I.  Maybe that is why I prefer working in the yard every weekend to cleaning a house.

And this June, we have had a bit of rain but it has been as dry as April and May were wet…hot, dry summer weather with a few breaks of cool weather.  Perfect for growing veggies and for flowers to start blooming.  I can hardly keep up with noting everything blooming.  It seems all plants have begun to grow and bud, and before long there will be rushes of color.  So here’s what you can see in my garden this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.



The hardy geraniums are blooming all over the garden.  I love them for the way they fill in a bed with color all spring and summer.  Some bloom without needing pruning and others must be pruned back and then will bloom again.  Some grow in clumps and some love to spread all over.  I also love them for the wide variety of conditions they will bloom in.  I have them in part shade, sun, wet and very dry areas.  They seem to adapt easily and reward with wonderful blooms.  The colors of the blooms are every shade of purple with pinks and whites.  I have lost track of all the tags, and so cannot name all the geraniums that grow all over my garden.  The background picture is my side wall bed with hardy geranium, allium, tradescantia and bearded iris.


Another native that seems to be going non-stop is tradescantia.  Again I have it growing in a variety of conditions from part shade to sun but mostly in moist to normal soil.  It will definitely take the wetness in some of my boggy areas.  The pollinators go crazy for it too.  I love all the colors you can get.  Blue, purple, white (perfect for my white garden), pink and bi-colored.  This is a sure winner for a native perennial.  It has unusual foliage even after it flowers.



A few other natives are blooming.  You can see the beginning of the kaleidoscope of colors from my yarrow.  My baptisia (bottom center) has recovered from the vole invasion of the winter and is growing strong and tall.  I have one red milkweed plant (top left) that grows beside the pond.  I took the seeds this fall and kept them to scatter in spring.  I let them drift on the wind in early spring in the meadow.  We shall see if they will grow.  I cannot wait to watch for the monarchs in hopes they will find this wonderful plant and utilize it for food.




My roses have decided to bloom in abundance in June.  I was afraid they had not have recovered from the wild weather we have had.  I have so many climbers and some shrub roses many of which I am still trying to identify.  Clockwise top left is a single red Knockout.  Next is what appears to be a wild white rose that I found blooming in my meadow.  Not sure where it came from.  Top right on the trellis is William Baffin.  A sight to behold when it blooms from top to bottom.  Next is a double pink Knockout and a single yellow Knockout.  The white rose is Iceberg and I hope to train it up the pergola in the back of the garden. Last is Blossomtime another climber.  I have many other shrub and climbers with lots of buds.  I can’t wait to see their happy faces soon.


What cottage garden would be complete without tall delphiniums (top right and left), foxglove, salvia (bottom center) and penstemon (center).


Vegetable Garden

Well we finally have a few peas (top left).  It only took 2 months.  I definitely will be looking at bettering the growing conditions for them in the fall in anticipation of growing them again next spring.  The hot peppers are still growing although slower than I would like.  Continuing clockwise is an eggplant in flower.  My first time growing these, and I am excited that they are producing flowers.  The sweet peppers are putting out flowers and we have some early peppers.  The new small raised bed has the tomatoes, eggplant and some basil.  It is now netted and supports are up, and the tomatoes are flowering.  This weekend I was surprised with garlic scapes or what others call garlic flowers.  I have seen it referred to as green garlic as well.  I love the look of them, but if you want bigger heads of garlic you must cut them off.  And they do not go to waste because they are wonderful to eat.  They have a mild garlicky flavor.  We plan to use them in omelets, soups and salads.  What is your favorite way to eat garlic scapes?  Lastly in the middle is the main raised bed that had the last of the early radishes and lettuce.  I still have some later lettuce going strong, and I planted some more radishes, carrots, beets and scallions.


The First Echinacea Blooming

“Spring being a tough act to follow,
God created June.”
–  Al Bernstein







It is Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day at May Dream Gardens and Friday it will be Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time.  Time to wander around and see the June blooms.  Hope you enjoyed what’s been bloomin’ this June in my zone 5 garden in Central NY State.



Special Note: Monthly around this time (usually the 10th) I guest blog at Walkabout Chronicles.  I hope you can join me for my most recent post and interview.

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  1. Donna says:

    I am officially jealous. You are only 3.5 hours away and your veggies are producing. I got my first flower on a pepper yesterday and not one yet on the peas. Tomatoes have a better outlook. Lettuce, I have been eating for more than a month. And your blooms…. the delphinium, foxglove and roses are gorgeous. Most of my delphinium are still coming. It was good you waited to photograph. I did mine on the 11th to avoid the rain for one day and five days later there is so much more.

    • Donna says:

      Some delphs are still not up and my veggies are funny this year. I have to confess that my sweet peppers and tomatoes are from an organic grower in the South and they were full of flowers when I got them. I took off the flowers but missed a couple so hence the pepper…but my tomatoes are already putting out fruit…I was shocked….the weather for the peas was terrible so not sure how much more I will get….I will also say I am using a manure tea for fertilizer and I think it is helping too…I’ll have to remember to post about that again….I do so hope we can get together at some point to visit each others gardens…

  2. Sheila Read says:

    Your blooms are beautiful! I’m glad your baptisia came back. Mine are struggling and I’m pretty sure it’s because of voles … I’m jealous of your cottage-y flowers, especially the delphiniums and foxgloves …

    • Donna says:

      Sheila I have been putting in more foxgloves and delphs because I love the look…I hope they do OK…sometimes the delphs are picky and do not like the wetter areas…I have one Baptisia that recovered to half its size because the darn voles wouldn’t leave it alone for most of March and April. So glad you enjoyed the post…

  3. Cat says:

    Your spring garden looks gorgeous Donna…It’s so interesting to see how so many miles between us can make such a difference! Happy Bloom Day!

    • Donna says:

      Cat when I read your blog I love looking at the flowers I know I will see soon…just different parts of my state bloom differently…and then those folks across the globe who are now at winters doorstep blow my mind…Happy Bloom Day to you too!!!

  4. Rose says:

    What a delight your garden is! So many blooms to catch the eye. I was struck immediately by your lovely lavender–I haven’t had much luck with lavender in the past but planted some tiny seedlings this spring anyway. Wish me luck. Love the Bernstein quote–as much as I love spring bloomers, June is my favorite month of all.

    • Donna says:

      Rose I am so glad you enjoyed the post and my lavender is just blooming like crazy this year. I have pushed the envelope with putting some in part sun and wetter conditions and it does well, but the ones in the sun are growing like crazy. I grew them from little plugs mostly from a grower in Oregon. I just love it!! As long as you give it enough water as it starts and lots of sun they should reward you…best of luck!

  5. Hanni says:

    So pretty! We just received some garlic scapes from our CSA, so I am online looking for some good recipes to use with them. 🙂 They sound just delicious!

    • Donna says:

      Oh Hanni you will love them…you can just use them in salads or lightly saute them with eggs or other veggies…if you find some good ones let me know…and I will do the same…garlic is easy to grow and you are rewarded 2 times–scapes and cloves…best grown in raised beds I have found!!

  6. Catherine/ A Gardener in Progress says:

    I loved hearing about your memories of your dad when you were young.
    Your garden looks great, tons of flowers and lots of veggies starting. We have peas starting too right now. Our weather is still trying to warm up, I’m ready for it feel hot here too.

    • Donna says:

      Thx Catherine…it is funny how memories can creep up on you…mine frequently do as I write…this is the time I think we gardeners in the N hemisphere go garden crazy…here’s to warmer weather and sweet fruits from our gardens!!

  7. debsgarden says:

    I love all your sweet pinks and cool blues. Wonderful foxgloves, a favorite! I have never planted baptisia but will definitely do so in the future, as I have discovered it is native in my state, Alabama. All of your flowers look so fresh and healthy!

    • Donna says:

      You will love baptisia from the flowers to the amazing seed pods I leave up all season because they are so cool looking…so glad you enjoyed the colors blooming now!!

    • Donna says:

      Christine you are too kind…It is a wonderful time when we showcase all our blooms…the wish lists grow longer on GBBD…Happy Bloom Day to you too!!

    • Donna says:

      Heather glad you liked the photos…I was surprised to see the milkweed already starting to sport some blooms…this one is the original one I planted near the pond. I’ll kep you posted if the monarchs come…

  8. Aimee says:

    I’m jealous too! So many beautiful blooms, and your peppers are ahead of mine even though I’m south of you! I’m trying eggplant this year too – one Italian and one Japanese. Fingers crossed!

    Your roses and foxgloves are particularly lovely, and I am hoping that the milkweed seeds that you scattered will grow! How wonderful it would be to have monarchs! Good luck!

    • Donna says:

      Fingers are crossed…I hope they find the darn plant and stay in the yard…Butterflies visit but I want them to stay and make a home…thx Aimee!!

  9. Scott says:

    You have a wonderful variety of plants…I’m also a big fan of the hardy Geraniums…such care-free plants! That Baptisia is a stunner!

  10. island threads says:

    beautiful Dona, you have lots happening in your garden beautiful blooms and food too, after the harsh wet weather of a month and more ago I can hear the bounce this good weather and all the plants growing has given you, Frances

    • Donna says:

      Frances how wonderfully perceptive of you…indeed the flowers have just brightened my mood so much…so glad you were able to visit and glad you enjoyed the post…your wonderful comment brightened my day!!! 🙂

  11. Gesine says:

    Foxgloves, foxgloves, I really love foxgloves… !!!!
    I don´t know, why the poisenous blooms are my dears, strange, isn´t it?
    Thanks for joining Blogger Blüten again!
    Wish you a wonderful time!

    • Donna says:

      Gesine I love linking in with you and exploring all the blogs…so happy you do this monthly…foxgloves are an amazing flower…I think I love best the colors and the way they grow up and through other plants to show off their colors…have a wonderful weekend

  12. Holley says:

    Your garden glimpses are lovely. I, too, love the foxgloves, and the baptisia. I planted a few geraniums this year – if they don’t die from the heat or drought, I look forward to them blooming and spreading next year.

    • Donna says:

      Holley you will love the hardy geraniums….I have a few in drought like conditions and I just cut them back onc ethey are done or they look a bit leggy and messy….as long as you water them a bit the first year they should do fine…

  13. Jean says:

    Donna, I love your quotes; June really is a wonderful time in the garden. I share your love of hardy geraniums and tradescantia (plants that are very happy in my growing conditions), and I see a lot of familiar faces in your photos of those plants.

    • Donna says:

      Jean those 2 plants were just so amazing this year in blooms and the length of bloom time that I had to give them a special shout out…the pollinators were drunk from the blooms these 2 put out too…

  14. Laura @ PatioPatch says:

    Donna, your memories of your Dad are so descriptive and very moving. These blooms are a testament to the love of gardening he gave to you. Beautiful montages for Fertiliser Friday – especially love the Yarrow

    • Donna says:

      Laura I too love the yarrow and there are so many more colors of yarrow coming up soon …they seed themselves all over but I don’t mind letting them go…

    • Donna says:

      I wish you could come visit because every spring I have the annual seeding of the meadow. I always seed some areas of the meadow to add more plants and try to get rid of more weeds. It is an amazing experience. Picture a 5 foot woman in a big floppy hat in her pants and work shirt covered in dirt wearing her Muck boots casting seed and that is what you would see… 🙂

  15. The Sage Butterfly says:

    Your roses are so lovely…photos are beautiful! The garden does seem to be so full at this time when it was not that long ago we had snow and bare earth. Your foxgloves and delphiniums are displaying such lovely hues.

    • Donna says:

      The big splash of blooms is around the corner though…my hydrangeas are already showing unbelievable flowers….they are just starting but the bushes are covered….it is funny how everything jumped to life suddenly…glad you enjoyed the blooms!!

  16. Lona says:

    Wow! I do not know where to start. You have so many beautiful blooms. I love all of the roses of course and it is wonderful to see all of those pretty achillea plants. I have of few in my garden as well. Your veggies are looking great too. Just a great showing from your garden. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Donna says:

      Lona thx for stopping by…your roses are far more spectacular but I thank you for your kind words and I am so glad you enjoyed visiting the garden today…happy Friday!!

  17. dona says:

    Hi Donna! First I liked so much your childhood memories: so affectionate… And further I enjoyed your GBBD stunning photos. Brava! 🙂

  18. Shirley says:

    You are so much further ahead than my zone 3b garden. So lovely to see all the roses in bloom and your cottage garden is charming. Happy June gardening!

    • Donna says:

      Shirley how sweet of you to visit my garden today and your comment was so nice…I am glad you enjoyed the post…I think I have it hard being in zone 5, I cannot imagine gardening in Zone 3….and your gardens are blooming along too finally….come back anytime for a visit….

  19. Cathy says:

    I just love the way you organize your photos into those collages. As always, a totally delightful post! I love your variety – I also have a lot of cranesbills but I need to ID them and figure out which need to be clipped and which to leave alone.

    • Donna says:

      Cathy the collages are where I have the most fun…it is a very creative endeavor…I clip them if they get too leggy and apear to be done blooming…glad you enjoyed the post..

  20. thevioletfern says:

    I love geraniums. You have such a variety, all beautiful. What a great range of natives. I need to incorporate some spiderwort into my garden. Just love your delphiniums – a plant I have yet to try. I ate a snap pea yesterday right off the vine – delicious!

    • Donna says:

      I seem to collect geraniums and plunk them wherever there is a space to fill..same with spiderwort which is easy to grow and so rewarding when they flower…as you can see the pollinators love them…delphs have been tricky….they like it a bit on the normal than moist side and will tolerate part sun…the taste of snap peas off the vine is incredible….my snack as I move around the garden….

  21. GirlSprout says:

    I would prefer to be out in the garden, too (instead of cleaning house). House cleaning is never quite as satisfying as gardening. Great collages and photos.

    • Donna says:

      Thx so much and glad you could visit…cleaning out the flower beds is the only place you will find me from now until the snow flies…can’t wait to visit NM again…absolutely my favorite place and I keep saying I may retire there to garden a whole new way…

    • Donna says:

      I planted the pepper in mid-May but it came from an organic grower since I could not grow all I wanted from seed this year…it is Tangerine Pimento from The Tasteful Garden website. It came with lots of flowers which I took off so the plant would grow better but missed this one. My cayenne peppers I grew from seed have tons of flowers….my Hatch chiles are still growing and have not flowered yet. I also got all my tomatoes from the same grower and they set flowers and now some fruit on Early Girl and Plum. She has healthy guaranteed plants.

  22. Masha says:

    Wow, so much is going on in your garden, no wonder you prefer to spend time there than in the house (I am behind on cleaning too). Hardy geraniums are some of my favorite flowers, I was happy to see yours! Your roses look wonderful, and your veggie garden is amazing.

  23. Lucy Corrander says:

    Your weather seems to be working the right way round – damp weather followed by sunshine. We have had little rain until recently and now the ground has gone soggy. It gives plants a chance to grow but they aren’t as strong as they would have been if they had had enough to drink earlier in the season.


    • Donna says:

      Lucy you are so right. It is definitely why things are flourishing so in the garden. Now it is on to tackle the big weeds. I am overrun with them because of all that rain and no time to weed this spring. Of course now when I need the damp ground to aid in weeding it is not to be found. Well I’ll take this grand weather anyhow….

    • Donna says:

      Pam thx for your wonderful comment…I love going around the garden to capture the blooms and critters….the collages are such fun to make and I had a feeling you would love the delphs and foxglove especially… 😉

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