There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature. ~Henry David Thoreau

October appeared on a gloomy, gray, wet and cold day reminding us that the seasons are changing and we are in for more changes soon.  Sooner than I would like.  This week I am linking in to Donna@Garden Walk, Garden Talk and her meme Word for Wednesday.  This week’s word is repose.  A more fitting word for my October garden, I could not find.  My garden is beginning to decline, to get ready for a long rest.  There is an eerie calmness about the place as I stroll along these days.  The only thing you can hear is the crunch of fallen leaves since the song birds have flown.  We have had high winds and pounding rains and the garden has an unkempt look about it.  Yes there are many flowers still going or back for another round now that the weather has cooled.  But the majority of the garden is in repose; relaxing and taking a much needed break.

 ‘Endless Summer’ hydrangea has turned from summer pink to fall deep mauves and red.  The leaves are also turning red as it begins its decline.  At the first freeze the leaves will curl and fall; the flowers will turn brown.  I have decided to leave them up this year and watch their beautiful decline.


 One of my favorite grasses is Northern Sea Oats.  I have featured it many times this season as the ‘oats’ appeared, turned a bit red and are now looking brownish purple.  They are the most stunning against the bright green foliage that is backlit by the sun.  One of those amazing moments in the garden that you hope you can capture.  The ‘oats’ will stay through the winter giving this plant wonderful winter interest.  This plant is a must have for 3-4 season interest-to watch as it fades..


 The white garden is quiet… no longer showing her bright white blooms.  The red twig dogwood bush against the fence is beautiful this time of year as the bark gets a brighter red and stays that way all winter.  The Obedient plant in the center is done blooming, but you can see the ground cover white aster (lower left)  starting her show along with some sedum, phlox and fall crocus or Colchicum (lower right) blazing bright for one last bloom.  The leaves of the tall ash are providing ground cover that will be needed this winter.


 Joe Pye begins to wane as it turns to a fluffy mauve color ready to blow its seeds all over the garden.  I need to move some of it to the meadow this fall.  The color only gets deeper as it says goodbye for a much needed rest.


 Goldenrod begins her rest in the meadow.  The last of the flowers turning a rich brown against the bright green.  I love to watch this flower fade as well.  The pollinators hate to say goodbye to this faithful feeder, but it is time she relaxed and reserved her energy for a long nap.


I found this amazing sight in the hosta garden.  This stump faces North and is not visible from the house or garden because it faces the fence.  As I was peering into the meadow it caught my eye.  The moss is so thick and lush with the fungus all a sign of its slow decay.  Can anything be so beautiful as it fades to become part of the soil that once fed it?


It is also Hope Grows Day on the 5th at Sweet Bean Gardening with Hanni.  In September we were treated to a warm month where many flowers and veggies continued to flourish.  My hopes for butterflies were fulfilled as we found our first monarch caterpillar along with many monarchs flitting about the garden and meadow.

Here is one hope fulfilled in September…


I have many hopes for this autumn.   Most of all I hope to see warm, sunny days in October so I can get the weeding and fall planting finished before the ….. Oh I can’t even think about much less say what is coming in another month or 2…

For now I will be in rapt repose in my fall garden.  There is something so peaceful and beautiful about the garden in decline waiting to sleep before it wakes renewed in spring.



 Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art. ~Frank Lloyd Wright



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