Gardens Eye Journal-July 2014


“The flowers are nature’s jewels, with whose wealth she decks her summer beauty.”
–  George Croly



So June was much like the end of May, no gardening per se.  A bit of time in the veg garden is all I could muster.  And on June 30th the doctor said, “All healed and all restrictions lifted” so I was all set to get going.  But just a bit more sitting up straight, sleeping on my side and bending and my body said, Wow there missy-what do you think you are doing?Did you not hear the doctor also say, listen to your body-well I am talking to you and I am not liking all this pushing and pulling so just slow yourself down and sit there for a while.

So I am setting a few small goals to start back to doing more.  And working on the laptop is one of those slow down and do not overdo things…so I will still be slow getting around to blogs.  Winner announced:  Kathy Sturr@The Violet Fern won the copy of Grace in the Garden.  Congrats Kathy, you will love it!

So now on to my June garden journal.  It is time to look over the garden to see what has transpired in June as I join in with Helen@The Patient Gardener’s Weblog for her End of Month View.  Be forewarned, again this is a long post so if you do hang in there for the entire post, I thank you.  If you don’t I completely understand!





DSCN8345June was a bit dry until mid month when we had an inch of rain with our first whopper of a thunderstorm.  It brought in warm weather in the low 70s, low humidity and bright wonderful sun for a week.  Then about the third week we received 36 hours of steady rain amounting to 2 more inches that my garden loved.  But most of the really bad thunderstorms passed us by and we remained hot, humid and bone dry for the end of June.

As I was recovering, I wasn’t up early enough to see many sunrises until the end of June.  On this lovely morning the sunrise was painting the clouds such deep wonderful colors.



Garden Views

Since I was unable to garden from mid May to the end of June, the most prolific plants growing in my garden were and are the weeds.  So before you see the views, please excuse the overgrowth and the weeds….some of the gardens are downright unsightly.

late may june

These are pictures of the front beds on either side of the front walk.  The top 3 are from the end of May when the ground covers were blooming along with a few other plants.  As you can see in the third picture, the weeds were beginning to take over in this area where the voles destroyed many plants.

The first 2 pictures in the middle row shows the garden in the beginning of June.  A few more blooms and more weeds especially in the sidewalk. The second picture is of the lawn side of the sidewalk garden where we had begun to edge in early spring and had to stop.  There is a plant that I cannot identify that takes over here that I have to thin still and the bare twigs with the growth on top are my variegated Weigela.  It is now growing again from the base and we will cut the tops off soon.  This is the only Weigela that grew this way due to the cold weather and bunny nibbles.

The third picture in the middle row is of the sidewalk gardens at the end of June.  The sidewalk was barely visible due to weeds.  My sister and brother-in-law took pity on me not being able to garden (as I was still recovering) when they were visiting and weeded the sidewalk and patio (both made of brick) and did a bit of weeding in these beds especially weeding out much of the horsetail.  The trees are out of control and will be cut back soon.  Song sparrows were nesting under them so we had to wait for them to clear out.  You can see lavender and roses growing although the roses are very stunted.  The last picture is a view from the front porch.

I am following these front gardens and joining in with Xericstyle who hosts The Wide Shot meme the first of every month.





This is the other side of the sidewalk garden at the end of the patio.  You can see some of the Allium that bloomed beautifully this year.  Allium christophii is the Allium at the top of the post.   Also growing here are geranium, Spanish bells, catmint, barberry (the only one left) and those Weigela that are sticks with leaves on top.  As you can see there are some weeds and lots of grass has encroached on this garden as it turns and goes down the side of the house..  The almost yellow looking leaves on on my Deutzia, ‘Chardonnay Pearls’ growing in full sun.




June mailbox

Here is the mailbox garden at the end of May and near the end of June.  So much has grown here including more weeds such as vetch.  And you may see the sunflowers growing in front of the mailbox in the second picture.  These have all seeded themselves from last year’s sunflowers that I did not cut down until the end of fall.  The clematis is stunning now too.  They were late this year flowering.




Sorry for the terrible picture of the wall garden on the other side of the house as the sun was directly overhead.  This was early June when the bearded iris were in their glory and along with hybrid lupines, geranium and columbine.  The peonies had not bloomed yet and the monarda and heliopsis that are overtaking this garden now were but mere babes.




june back garden

Here is the back garden in mid June with the veg gardens finally taking off and so many lovely iris, geranium and coreopsis.  It is now growing out of control with tall weeds.  Growing at the bottom of the last picture are the blue potatoes and red onions.  And you can see the pond just beyond the potatoes.  I will be posting about the veg beds in depth on Thursday.





This is a close up of the area to the right of the pond near my big rock.





I love this view late in the day looking out over the pond and toward the gazebo…most of the tall plants are weeds, volunteers and horsetail-oh my!  But it is a lovely green view.





Here is the far side of the shade garden against the house in its bit of sun in morning.  The goat’s beard is stunning almost blocking the gate.  On the other side of the goat’s beard is the wall garden.  The hosta is unknown but it looks like Sum and Substance.  It grows up through the Mayapple.





What’s Growing


DSCN7939Columbines were everywhere by the end of May through early June.  This is ‘Nora Barlow’ growing in the sidewalk garden.




DSCN8498One of the Weigela growing in the back gardens.  I love the flowers.




DSCN9172Here is ‘Crystal Fountain’ clematis growing in the front garden.  This was the one clematis the voles cut to below the soil line and I thought it was a ‘goner’.  But it is just as full as ever and is finally blooming at the end of June.





This is one of my unnamed peonies that bloomed finally in early June.  It is gorgeous.




June grouncover

This is Veronica ‘Waterperry Blue’ that grows along the sidewalk and driveway in front.  It is a great groundcover that takes very cold and hot dry conditions.





Also growing in the front barely a foot above ground is my ‘Endless Summer’ hydrangea that look like dead sticks.  I have to cut them back a bit more but they are growing and blooming a bit.  The cold weather really hit them hard.





And this is also growing in the front sidewalk garden, geranium ‘Bevan’s Variety’.





Surprise, surprise a bleeding heart popped up in the deer and wall garden.  I thought these were long dead as none have bloomed for a few years.







Ninebark was blooming.  I love the flowers.





Yarrows bloomed in many spots but not as much as last year.




DSCN8313Lots of Tradescantia or spiderwort everywhere and still blooming.




June Baptisia

The main Baptisia plant I grow off the patio is ‘Twilight Prairieblues’ (top left).  It has been sending its seeds out to grow new plants that are finally blooming nearby.  The other pictures are the flowers of these volunteers.  Isn’t it cool to see the other colors that come from the hybrid.  I hope to relocate these smaller plants even though Baptisia hates to be moved.





This Baptisia is supposed to be the true native.




june native shrubsThese are the flowers of three native berry producing shrubs.  The birds are waiting for the berries to form.  First is a native species elderberry.  Next is a red-twig dogwood.  And last is the Cranberry viburnum flowering quite a bit finally.






DSCN8170I was surprised to see the meadow in full bloom at the end of May and it lasted right into mid-June with ox-eye daisy and lupines.





Aren’t the lupines just stunning against those daisies.






June crittersHere are the critters that were entertaining us in June.  Many were partaking of the new oriole feeder, and I wrote a post about it at Beautiful Wildlife Gardens.  You can see Downy woodpeckers, orioles and catbirds.  Hummers have been fighting over their feeder.  And the Northern flicker was finding the ants beneath the bricks of the patio.

The wrens had a clutch and were busy feeding them in June.  Isn’t papa wren cute?  And the cedar waxwings wanted a bath in the pond, but the robins wouldn’t share.  The black squirrel and his cousins kept trying to get in the garden, but as the wrens were nesting they promptly ran them off.

We had a few rabbits in June and have a surprise we found in July that I’ll post about later.  We also battled deer, woodchucks and voles who were trying to get at the veg garden.  And the green frogs took the pond.  We also had a surprise visitor on the patio, a blue heron but I missed it as I was napping.





Tree Following



Last week I posted more in depth about my silver maple as it grew through spring.

You can find more Tree Following  posts right now at Lucy’s blog, Loose and Leafy.






Gardens Eye Verse

As spring turned to summer in June, I decided to celebrate the new season in verse.  My echinacea in the sidewalk garden was just about to bloom at the end of June, and I thought it was a perfect flower to represent the changing of the seasons.

Oh and I will have a special announcement next week.  I have been planning this for a while and will finally be able to unveil it then.  It is funny how things work out when you least expect it.




Summer Delights

Spring turns to summer, Night turns to day.
And all about me the garden does play.
Bees fill their pockets, young birds take first flight-
Me, I’m staring up into the sky so bright.
Do I climb, do I soar, or
Do I lay down in the grass once more?
Soft fragrances and bells seem to slow down my day,
As I contemplate the clouds, and rest from my play.
Whether splashing in water, or picking berries ripe-
There is always time for sweet summer delights!

Donna Donabella


Next up on the blog:  Thursday, July 10th, I will have an in-depth Veg Garden post.  And Monday brings another Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

I am linking in with Michelle@Rambling Woods for her Nature Notes meme.  It is a great way to see what is happening in nature around the world every Tuesday.

I hope you will join me for my posts once a month at Beautiful Wildlife Garden.

I can also be found blogging once a month at Vision and Verb.  You can find my most recent post  today.  It will be my last post as the website is closing down at the end of July.

As always, I’ll be joining Tootsie Time’s Fertilizer Friday.


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