March Is The New February

“In winter, there will be snow for months on end. In the summer, there are the long evenings to enjoy.”~Magnus Carlsen


This is not a complaining post or a rant.  It is just the reality of our weather here in the Northeast and especially central NY State.  March came in like a lamb, although many believed it was lion-like because the first Nor’easter storm hit on March 2nd.  It dumped 1.5 feet of snow on us and we were among the lucky.  The next Nor’easter came days later and was not a direct hit, but the winds wrapped around, as they do, and dumped .5 feet of lake effect snow.



When we heard a new storm was coming last week, making it 3 nor’easters in 10 days, we were in shock.  We had a mild hit of .5 feet in a day and a half, but the lake effect slammed us for almost 2 days dumping nearly 2 more feet of snow.  And tomorrow another nor’easter is forecast just in time for the Vernal Equinox.  It is an unprecedented 4th such storm in one month setting a record I could do without.  Who knows how much snow we will get, but you can be sure, we will get snow.  And even if we escape heavy snow, it is frigid cold here with February temps in the teens and 20s.

To say I am dejected, despondent and just plain ticked is putting it mildly.  Yes, this snow will all melt eventually, but we are in desperate need of some warm weather and a seasonal shift.



Our winter can be harsh and even though we know this, 4 months of snow and cold can wear on one.  So when March comes around we expect chilly temps and some rain, snow, ice mixes.  But not 4 or more feet of snow and temps in the teens and 20s.

But I knew, I just knew we were in for it when February was so very warm and the entire garden thawed.  You see winter does not like to be cheated.  So it is exacting its due now, which is why I am saying, March is the new February.  I don’t expect to see spring weather or flowers until April, likely mid-April.  And the garden will be flooded for most of April, with the garden work and clean up delayed.



We are all waiting impatiently for spring weather to arrive…even though we keep seeing the subtle signs of spring, many buried under the snow now.  The deer have been spotted with their winter coats starting to turn ratty and changing.  Songbirds are still around, but they are mostly huddled in large groups in the wild waiting for the ground to be free of snow so they can begin to set up their spring-summer homes.  Yes we are all on hold.



I am not sure what everyone else is doing, but I am cleaning and clutter clearing my house.  Not waiting for spring officially, as once the weather shifts, I will be out in the garden working and just drinking in thrill of the much-anticipated seasonal shift.



I thought I would include a poem I wrote a few years ago when spring was delayed, and the snow just wouldn’t stop.


Snow Go!

O Woe,

There’s still snow.

Spring should be here, but the snow won’t go.

O So,

It’s too slow.

For March has come, and the garden wants to grow.

Go Go,

It’s time for you snow,

To leave us behind, and let the warm winds blow.

O Ho,

The bright sun glows.

Chasing the cold from the soil below.

Grow Grow,

For it’s time to sow.

The new life in the garden has now begun to flow.

© Donna Donabella 2015


How is your March weather and garden shaping up?  Has spring arrived for you?


This is one of the last hippeastrum bulbs to bloom.  It is huge and sports 2 long stems with 5-6 flowers each.  It has lasted for weeks and has brought me great joy, not to mention color.



Red is more of a February color, but I love the rich, deep color of these blooms….the tops with streaks of very dark red almost black.  And the veining of dark red makes them a unique red hippeastrum compared to others I have seen.



The flowers are huge and opened so wide even as the snow was piling up outside.



This one is called, ‘Miracle.’  And I would say it lived up to its name.  I decided not to cut these flowers and put it in a vase as they were just perfect left to grow on their long stems.


I am joining Cathy@Rambling in the Garden for her wonderful In A Vase on Monday meme. The pictures shared here were created with my iPod Touch camera and two free apps, Pixlr and Prisma.

I am posting poetry, almost weekly on Sundays, on my other blog, Living From Happiness.  You can read my latest poem hereabout my yearnings for spring.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Beautiful poem, Donna. And wow – that is a lot of snow! We’ve only had a few scattered storms in the past month, with no real accumulation – but the cold…brrr…it’s 17F right now with a wind chill of 8F. No wonder the ground is still frozen!

  2. Cathy says:

    Hi Donna. What a gorgeous Hippeastrum. 🙂 We are on hold here too! We haven’t had the snow storms as bad, but some fresh white stuff fell at the weekend covering the few crocuses that had managed to appear and there have been far fewer mild days than usual so far. Let’s hope your coming storm is a little kinder and that spring follows on its heels!

  3. Rose says:

    I am so sorry, Donna, about your weather–you have really been hit hard in the last month. We haven’t had snow in awhile, but had the wettest February on record. I worried whether some of my bulbs would rot in the ground from all the water. I understand your longing for spring–by March, it’s time for winter to disappear. Hope you spring arrives for you soon! And what a gorgeous amaryllis!

    • Donna says:

      Yes Rose it seems we need winter to go and spring to come in slow and warm. I will keep hoping here as at least we are forecast for sun even if it is cold.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks so much Karen….I remember that winter….we may be looking for a bit of respite in winter for a few weeks in years to come. I think it is necessary given our brutal winters here.

  4. Kathy says:

    Once again, I am so so grateful to be sitting this one out Donna. I hope to arrive to a fairly dried garden and a field of daffodils and, this will hopefully be the last time, In 2019 I plan to arrive directly to the lake where I’m sure Spring will be well underway – the vernal pools nearly dry, the tree frogs in song, the birds on top of eggs in their nests. I hope this is the very last storm for you and that things melt down before you do!

    • Donna says:

      I am sure you are happy to be in FL…we are thinking that we need a month away in late Feb into March….the hardest months. So we may be exploring some spots likely on the west coast to while away the days at the beach….my family is all out west. The red-winged blackbird came back to his nesting spot behind the meadow so spring is clearly here now….just a slow melt but I will take it….lots of sun predicted for this week…I’ll take that too even with highs in the 30s.

  5. Eliza says:

    You have expressed my mood and feelings exactly. The flipped months are downright discouraging. I need to be in the fresh air and sunshine with my hands in the soil – garden therapy and SOON!

    • Donna says:

      I agree Eliza…if winter would stay in February and then move out in March as we are used to, then I can stand it…I think we may see spring soon. Hope you are spared any more winter weather.

  6. AlisonC says:

    Spring is teasing us. We thought it was coming and got more snow. We will all sigh (plants, animals and humans) when it arrives.
    That is a wonderful rich Hippeastrum, something to look at at least.

  7. Cathy says:

    The tracery of the trees on the first photo is so effective, Donna – I love it. And I am so glad you are able to enjoy the blooms from your beautiful hippeastrum without venturing into the cold and snowy outside

  8. Kris P says:

    Cute poem! The Northeast certainly is getting slammed this year. I’m sorry you’re stuck inside cleaning and I hope spring kicks winter out the door soon. It’s still unusually cold here but of course nothing like the situation you’re dealing with. Spring is most definitely here.

    • Donna says:

      I hate cleaning but you know it needed to be done, so I took advantage of this miserable March weather and went to it. I am glad I did actually….spring is coming and I will be needed in the garden soon, and the house will once again be covered in dust.

  9. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    Well I like your garden rambling/grumbling – your snow is so photogenic whilst we have icy slush and so little snow by comparison but still we cannot cope as a nation! I guess you are suffering cabin fever, itching to garden again. Have you sown any seeds yet – that at least is a start. Mild winters are usually followed by cold Springs – but hope the south wind blows in for Easter

  10. Donna says:

    That is the beauty of winter…the lovely views we get. And you bet I have cabin fever. I started seeds in late January and have many growing which I will show next week. But they are very slow to start and grow as the basement is a cool 60 degrees. It seems Easter will be nasty with ice and freezing rain predicted, but I can handle that for a short time.

    • Donna says:

      It is indeed hard to wait for 4 months or more….but there are signs….the vernal equinox is tomorrow so it is just a matter of time before I am back in the garden.

  11. Susie says:

    Sorry about more snow. (We’re being teased with a forecast of snow tomorrow night. I just say no.) You were so smart to plant those hippeastrum. Each one is lovely and must be a comfort to help you throught the winter.

    • Donna says:

      They are my go to flowers for winter now. Can’t make it through without them. Keeping my fingers crossed the snow misses us all.

  12. Peter says:

    I hope that the warm color of your hippeastrum warms your heart a bit and that warmer weather will soon be on the way for you in the Northeast! Yikes, snow this late would drive me crazy!

  13. Alison says:

    I’m so sorry you are getting hit with so much snow. What a horrible beginning to spring for you. I would find it so depressing and anxiety-inducing to be back in the midst of it. Glad you have that big red Amaryllis to brighten things up!

    • Donna says:

      Yes it can be difficult Alison….and we are now in the midst of sunny days and above freezing 30s so it will be a slow melt. Also the 4th storm is missing us so I am thankful. I went for a walk today and oh my it felt warmer already! Enjoy your wonderful spring day today my friend!

  14. Aberdeen gardening says:

    You are entitled to a little rant and moan from time to time Donna, I certainly do and just say its an age thing. The weather was pretty severe here last week. Today its pleasant enough to get loads of tidying up done in the garden.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Alistair, I will do that…a great strategy! About a foot of snow left to slowly melt here so no tidying up yet but I hope by April I will be out in the garden….glad to hear your weather is better!

  15. Jason says:

    It sure feels like the new February. I was working outside today and the temperature was 33 degrees mean a cruel wind blowing.

  16. rusty duck says:

    It’s been the same east wind here. Not as much snow as you, but still more than we’ve seen in many a year. Every time I think it’s over we get hit with more cold. I will hold out if you will. The prize is worth the wait.

    • Donna says:

      I am with you. Holding out, cleaning my house and waiting for spring to come fully finally. Crossing my fingers for both of us.

  17. Allison says:

    You make me feel guilty for bemoaning our weather over here (but I am British after all! It is what we’ve been brought up to do). April is only a fraction over a week away now though.

    • Donna says:

      No do not feel guilty as I would bemoan your weather too after all it is not your norm. Yes April will be here although now they say it may start cold too. Hoping they are wrong and the winds shift for both of us.

  18. Island Threads says:

    I think a lot of gardeners in the northern hemisphere are suffering from cabin fever this year, I don’t have snow, but the ground is frozen and it is so cold, heating bills will be higher this year for many of us, I’ve been reading gardening books and garden dreaming,
    I think having indoor bulbs are necessary to keep the spirit up, I have tulips and a few daffodils, that’s a beautiful splash of red Donna, it warms the spirit, Frances x

    • Donna says:

      Oh I am sorry to hear you are frozen too Frances. We can all commiserate and garden dream to help us through. Your bulbs sound wonderful.

  19. Terri says:

    Your winter landscapes are beautiful, but I know it cannot be fun, especially when it drags on for so many months. Comparatively, we are wimps in Alabama. It’s a beautiful sunny, brisk day here; however, we have a hard-freeze warning tonight and we’re all having a come apart!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Terri….I can understand getting upset with a hard freeze coming….your garden is not ready for that with spring here… is a setback.

  20. Karin Hicks/Southern Meadows says:

    I feel for you. It must be miserable to be teased by spring and then get so much snow thrown back at you. I was just saying earlier this week that mother nature decided to pull the covers back over her and go back to bed. Hopefully she will feel well rested soon and your garden will begin to awake!

    • Donna says:

      It was frustrating….and now it has been colder than normal so the melt is excruciatingly slow. But we have birds back waiting for the snow to melt….and little by little the garden is being revealed. I don’t expect the snow to be gone before April 1 or even after that. Winter was a bit of a bully this year and wanted all his time.

  21. Sara - Villa Emilia says:

    Hello Donna, we have almost one metre of snow now and it’s snowing also today. 😀
    Your title is very interesting, because at least here it looks that seasons are starting later and later. The snow comes in January and stays longer. Unfortunately this means that spring will be always shorter and shorter… and it would be such a wonderful season. Sigh!
    Happy weekend! May you be visited by sunshine and warm winds!

    • Donna says:

      Oh no more snow. Yes spring seems to be shorter and our winter is mixed up with too many thaws. I hope your spring comes soon and is warm and wonderful.

  22. annell4 says:

    I love all that you have written. So much to say about the weather, makes good conversation. I love the snow, probably because I grew up where it didn’t know. I love the change of seasons.

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