Bloom Day Garden View-April 2012

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul.”  ~Luther Burbank; American horticulturist


As I walked out of my back door on Friday to do a bit of gardening, I was hit with the most incredible smell.  I had been longing for this smell all spring, but with the cold spell we have had for weeks, the smells were suppressed waiting for a warm spring breeze.  But Friday, oh Friday I was a child again.  My soul surely rejoiced at the heavy perfume of every hyacinth growing.  While some are waning, they are still casting their fragrance everywhere I walk.  I scoured the meadow looking for one of my favorite wildflowers.  I watched birds gathering spent grasses and plant material for nests.  I spent hours on the ground looking at small petals finally bursting; wondering how it looked from their perspective.  I laid on the warm grass as the sun shone on my face and I smiled oh such a broad ear to ear grin.  I listened to bird song finally filling the air.  I sat on my favorite rock (that I now share with the snakes) by the pond and ate my lunch.  I bathed in every sweet morsel of sunshine I could gather.

You see spring had finally come.  It came all at once on Friday.  For weeks, the daffs and hyacinths were blooming slowly, but all other blooms were absent.  We are still early with our spring blooms, and I was so longing for some more flowers to fill the spaces.  To catch my eye and bring a burst of joy to my heart…stopping my breath.  This is what I wait for..these special days in the garden where I can be lost for hours immersing all my senses in an unbelievable onslaught of new sensations…bringing back memories they have waited to experience again.  To live again as the world spins and I am oblivious to it except for my small patch of earth.

So I present for you my first real spring day in my garden.  It was a bit of heave on earth, and I was a child once more fully engaged in play.


 Fritillaria uvavulpis or Fox’s Grape are a new spring addition and they are popping up all over…I hope to see them naturalize and put up lots of nodding blooms.


 Many flowers were dancing in the sun with me…here is one of my favorite scilla.  Below you can see an early delicate tulip (Tulipa turkestanica)  stretching its face to the sun.



Multi-flowering Pink Festival Hyacinths were in their glory bathing in the sun with me as were all the grape hyacinths that are growing in clumps and spreading now all over.  I love how they spread.



A great new addition is Juno Iris aucheri.  This fragrant northern Caucasus native has been around sine the late 1800s.  It is a stunner.


One maple is finally blooming.  Some were in flower before the constant freezes and now show no sign of leaf growth.  One lilac seems to have frost damage and not much growth.  This white lilac below seems to have come through with little browning and hopefully will bloom nicely.  Covering it may have paid off.




As I was perusing the raspberries that were leafing out, I spied this beauty flowering…there were no violets a day ago and now look…Such a pleasant surprise to see this native lovely and its cousin below that is blooming all over the front beds and lawn…




This gorgeous Brunnera is one of many varieties I have in the garden.  They sustained some frost damage as well, but have rebounded nicely and are growing quickly.  I love the blue forget-me-not like flowers that will appear soon.


This native creeping phlox (or is it a moss phlox) really stunned me to see it blooming.  Last year I had to wait unti the very end of April and beginning of May to see these bloom throughout the garden.  Now they are all covered with buds bursting out.  I love these flower buds looking like they are all curled up, unwrapping as they bloom.  While new blooms are coming out we still have a few early crocus and hellebore blooming.  It is strange to see these blooming with later bulbs such as Ipheion uniflorum below.



Birds are braving the cooler water to finally bath in the pond especially in early morning.  Swallows are returning, other birds are scoping out the nest boxes and trees as they gather nesting materials.  And we have a little elusive frog in the pond.  But my greatest surprise and joy was finding this wildflower gem below blooming a full 3 weeks early.


Trout lilies are one of my 12 favorite flowers I have been profiling in my Simply the Best series.  They are spreading further around the meadow and in a few years I may have quite a colony blooming.

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A great old saying is, “If dandelions bloom in April, there will be rain and hot weather in July.”  I would welcome both.  I can tell you we are overrun with dandelions in bloom already.  Great for salad if you do not use chemicals and taste best before they bloom.  I was not early enough to harvest mine, but my veg gardens planted in mid March are growing nicely having been protected.  You can see some of the lettuces, radishes, beets and garlic below.  Just growing are carrots, spinach, arugula, peas,onions and collards.  You might spy my nemesis the horsetail weed…still growing strong…sigh.  My only casualty was the pole beans (middle left).  They are looking wilted and yellowed.  I will replant them soon.  I am linking in with Veg Plotting’s  The 52 Week Salad Challenge.  



 I was honored recently with The Sunshine Award from Elaine@rainyleaf and Holley@Roses and Other Gardening Joys for bringing sunshine into others lives.  Such a nice sentiment.  The rules are to answer questions about your favorite things and recommend 10 blogs.  I have a hard time picking favorites, and I think everyone one of the blogs listed in my recently updated blogroll are worthy of the award.  Check them out.  I hope Elaine and Holley don’t mind that i didn’t quite follow the rules.





Julia@Polka Dot Galoshes is helping to raise money for Autism.  April is Autism Awareness month.  Check out Julia’s post to see how you can help.  It is easy to do and such a worthwhile cause.





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