head shotHi my name is Donna and I’m a retired educator and gardener living in central NY State near Oneida Lake.  

I love all types of gardening, and have loved digging in the soil since I was young.  My journey through life has been enriched and influenced by my gardening experiences.  And this blog is about discovering my life and soul through these lessons learned in the garden.  I love including many introspective posts within the gardening context. 

Currently I garden in zone 5b.  My style ranges from English to cottage, and more recently I have been redoing my garden over to garden for wildlife with native plants.  We have many types of gardens from vegetable gardens to rain gardens, xeric, shady, a meadow we created from seed and a pond we had constructed for us.  

I hope you enjoy your visit here to my gardens, and feel free to return as many times as you like.  And I love interacting with my readers so don’t feel shy and leave a comment or two.  I learn so much from all of you!!

I am also a poet and love to post my original poetry weekly at my other blog, Living From Happiness.  Do join me there too!

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