A few years ago, after I retired from 34+ years in education, we decided to downsize and move to a rental townhouse, half the size of our house and a fraction of a garden. Now I garden with a dozen or so plants in the ground around the townhouse and lots of containers. And we created a small native plant garden at the edge of the woods right behind us.

After blogging about my garden for the past 13 years, I have decided to open this blog up to be so much more. I still enjoy talking about the life lessons I learn from nature around me, but now I am pursuing my passion for writing and creating beyond the garden.

I thank my inner child, Donna Marie, for getting me back to my creative roots. For encouraging me to continue to create artsy photos, paint rocks, color, doodle and push me to try so much more. Now I consider myself not just a writer, but a storyteller. A creative. And I am excited to walk this new path as I find my new purpose and passion.

 I hope you will join me as I walk this creative’s path!

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  1. Hi, I came here from your gardening blog because I wanted to see what you are doing in retirement. I retired in 2006 and it was a great decision. I’ve focused primarily on writing since then.

    I found your gardening blog via a post you “liked” on my writing blog. Thank you for visiting there and for finding something you felt good enough about to let me know you had enjoyed it.

    I’ll be following this blog via a feed and look forward to watching your retirement unfold with you.

    1. How nice of you to pop around Sherrey. I recently found your blog and will be catching up reading your posts. It seems we both have taken a similar path since retirement and I do appreciate the support. I am spreading my wings a bit with this new blog and slowly working toward some dreams.

  2. It’s lovely to read how you are spending your first year of retirement, Donna! I am in my second year of retirement after 35 happy years of teaching. Although I had set my intentions for retirement (teachers are such great planners and goal setters), it felt like I spent my first year meandering, as I tried to find the best ways to be creative, learn something new every day, and continue to make a difference. By the second year, I have found my way and am so busy following my intentions. I feel certain that the very same thing will happen to you! New chapters are such an exciting way to learn and grow… and through your gardening, poetry, and blogging, you are definitely on your way! Wishing you happy Autumn days! ♡

    1. Dawn how lovely to have you visit and it sounds like I am having a similar meandering first year of retirement. I found just taking my time to rest and relax this first year has really been a blessing…wishing you wonderful days in your retirement too! 🙂

  3. Thank you, Donna, for your kind comment on my Tree Following post. I have visited New York and Philadelphia, but have not been Upstate in New York. I would love to see the maples!

    1. Thank you for visiting Caroline. I probably signed your blog with this address, and my Tree Following is on my other blog so I do apologize. I do confuse folks sometimes with two blogs….on this one I blog about my life and write poetry and wildlife posts….on my Garden blog I have my Tree Following and garden posts. If you want to see the maples you can see them on https://gardenseyeview.com

      I do appreciate your visit……

  4. Nice to meet you..I retired from nursing(30 years) in 2013..I will ease back into nursing if I can find and maintain a remote and portable type job 🙂 I love your pics!

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