Gardens Eye Journal-April 2014


Nurturing, decisive, interfering, cajoling, gardeners are eternal optimists who trust the ways of nature and believe passionately in the idea of improvement.  ~Diane Ackerman



It’s the beginning of April, and I should be in the garden….but I am not!  This is the latest I have started gardening, and it is the longest interval between the end of gardening in fall and the start of gardening in spring….5 months!  Only one small spot in the garden is still covered with snow.  Once 99% of the snow melted, the garden became very sodden, then it rained and now it is cold.  But soon.  I know I will be out working in the garden soon.

The garden looks muddy, beaten and messy especially in the front where there is massive vole damage.  It is so bad, I am not sure if much will grow back.  I plan to update more about the vole damage and the front gardens on Thursday in another post.  But enough of what is happening now.

Let’s look at March.  I will be highlighting all but the front gardens in this post.  On Thursday, I will finish up my March Garden Journal with a look at the front gardens.  I am linking in with Helen@The Patient Gardener’s Weblog for her End of Month View as I look back at March…although I think I would rather forget March!!




DSCN4651Here’s what I have to say about our March weather…..cold, cold, cold!  It was the coldest March on record, and April is colder than normal as well but thankfully not as bad as March.  Lots of snow too in March, but that is all past now.  Spring finally flew into the garden the last few days of March.

The sunrises were lovely as they brightened the mornings a bit later with the change of the clocks.  This was one of the best.





Garden Views

 march melt

 I thought I would give you a bit of a time-lapse of the snow throughout March.  In the beginning of March there was at least 3 feet of snow covering everything.  Then in mid March it began to melt a bit.  By spring there was a small patch of green showing around the trees.  Then starting on March 27th (top right) you can see the melt starting in earnest.  Each picture after is one more day until the 31st.  You can see the rock  beginning to appear along with the grass with each new day.

The next few photos give a closer look of the different gardens at the end of March.




As soon as you enter the garden through the left gate, you can see all the snow still here as it is north facing and is shaded by the shadow of the house most of the day now.  Most of this has since melted except a small area in the foreground.






Then as you turn and face toward the back of the garden, this is the view.  Lots of snow here too at the end of March.





This is a bit further into the garden staying to the left and back.  This is one of the last spots the snow melted this week, and there is lots of flooding as usual.





This view is facing the right and back gardens that melted first.  I couldn’t walk any further back due to all the standing water.  Much of it absorbed quickly with lots of sunny days until it rained again this weekend.





This is the far right garden just off the patio….you can see it is a squishy mud pile where the grass path is.  And the snow is all gone now.  Our grass is grown from sod not seed so it is dormant now and looks brown and dead.





The wall garden, on the left side of the house, was finally melting as well.  Little vole damage here this year and some crocus (what’s left)  were blooming as soon as the snow melted this past week.




What’s Growing

Very little is growing but here are the first snippets.



A few snowdrops were blooming as March ended.  So many more blooming now as the snow receded.




Here are the first snow crocus.  This year they bloomed in the back garden near my arch.  I was surprised to see them and so many preciously on the 31st.




DSCN4800Look at all the daffodil bulbs growing.  The voles don’t like these thank goodness.




DSCN4919 Hellebores are not browsed by my critters so they are showing new growth with no damage.





 Soon the hyacinths will be blooming and I can’t wait to get drunk on their heavenly scent.




Veg Gardens


The veg beds were almost thawed.  Can you believe I have not started one blessed seed downstairs yet?  With the weather we have had, I did not have any ambition, and did not want to get too far ahead when I won’t be planting warm weather veggies until early June.




DSCN4914This is what the garlic, that started growing in late October, looks like now.  I hope it starts perking up.  It has never looked this bad after a snowy winter, but the extreme cold for such a long time did takes its toll.




DSCN4868The pond is fully thawed now which was quick given this was what it looked like at the end of March.  This is the view taken in the morning, and below is late afternoon.  I love seeing the water freed of its icy prison.  We hope to plug in the pump next weekend.

DSCN4912 Life will be waking up in the pond soon.





march critters

You can see it was busy in the wildlife garden in March.  Even with all the snow, spring arrived on time as far as the critters were concerned.  The cardinal, red-bellied woodpecker, red-winged blackbirds, downy woodpecker and house finches were all visiting.  The goldfinches are changing into their bright yellow plumage.  And you can see the poor junco bracing against the cold looking for seed that was covered by snow for most of March.  Of course the bluebirds remain stalwart in their defense of the 2 best houses, and yes the robins are numerous and finding yummy insects and worms beneath the leaves I did not rake from the beds.

Our black squirrel made an appearance.  And the deer are frequenting the meadow now.  The best of course is always our fabulous fox, Axl.  Isn’t he beautiful in those long black sox.




The Wide Shot

Xericstyle is hosting this meme the first of every month, and all you have to do is post your favorite wide shot of your garden.  I am still watching the view from my bedroom window surveying the entire back garden.  Here’s what the beginning of April looks like.  Spring is here!  And the snow showing here, is gone already even though temps were only in the 40s.

I may decide to change my view for this year as the garden wakes up.  We shall see.






Gardens Eye Verse

Well not much was happening for most of March, but boy has it shifted now.  I hope you enjoy my spring verse.



Upon Spring’s Wing

Spring glides in slowly on her soft, gentle wing.
She floats down easily warmth touching everything.
In the garden now bare, stirring the senses throughout,
The critters are returning to secure their spot.
The drifting scents linger and stir me awake,
From my winter doldrums and meditative state.
Time to wake up for the return of the season,
Where gardeners everywhere lose all reason.

Donna Donabella


Next up on the blog:  Thursday I will review the ugly vole damage in the front garden as I finish my Garden Journal for March. Next Monday will be Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day already.  Boy I hope there are loads of blooms by then.

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