When Winter Won’t Wait

” I try to give people a different way of looking at their surroundings. That’s art to me.”  ~Maya Lin


What is the garden if not a work of art….a creative design, a work of love from our very soul.  So when our time is limited because of the seasonal change, and we must stop creating in the garden, we can become sad….at least I do.  It is the end of the growing cycle that I never like to see.  And this year, that end came abruptly with 3 snow storms in mid-November…..



a little one…..



a little more…..



and then a whopper burying us.  



We were so taken with surprise at the mums being buried, that we forgot to bring in our antique pots before the snow swallowed them. 



Snow was too early this year, for my taste, especially now that I have more time to spend in my garden.  But isn’t that always the way.  And I was hoping this taste of winter was a fluke, and we would have a thaw and continue with late autumn.  But no, winter could not be quelled….winter would not wait and it has claimed us now.  There is no turning back.

So what to do?  In the past I have taken to sulking and wallowing in the misery of the short days, frigid cold temps and an all-white landscape.  But this year, I knew I had to shift my perspective or be hopelessly lost and miserable for many months as winter will last through March.



I created my garden for 4 seasons, even winter.  And having explored this garden in winter over the years, I have found so much beauty.  So with my camera for consolation, I sought out the beauty in my garden as winter enveloped us.  Many of these scenes I photograph every year, but they never seem to get old for me.


Like the gazebo.  It is stunning in winter, and a focal point of my back garden seen from any viewpoint.  I can photograph it over and over, and it still brings me such peace in winter as I gaze on it snow-covered.



Or the pond…..it freezes, thaws and wears winter in so many ways and in so many colors. 



The snow recently (we have had 3 feet so far in November) was so heavy, it bent even the sturdier plants and grasses.  These are along the pond.



Our dwarf willows that flank both sides of the front porch also look lovely in their snow outfits every year.  With a little snow among the gnarled branches….



Or completely covered.



I knew winter had settled in when we had a hoar frost in November.  It covers the garden with bling, even our metal patio table.



And the only color sometimes I see in winter, is the maple flower buds tight in their red coats waiting for the warmth of spring.



I leave seed heads up in winter, not just for the birds, but for winter interest and this gardener’s joyful viewing.



And speaking of birds, the Juncos, also called snow birds, came just before the snow blew in.  That should have been a sign.



This male was digging deep in the snow along the fence to find suet that had fallen from the feeder.



And the sight of any tree, with each branched iced in snow, can still take my breath away.  As winter settles in, I will share more pictures, but I plan to also share my summer garden that I was unable to write about during summer.  And I hope to have a few indoor blooms and projects to share with you too. 



I will be taking a short hiatus for the rest of December as it has become a very busy time, and I want to slow down, savor the holiday season, and the winter Solstice.  But I will be back at the New Year to share more thoughts and views of my garden.  


How has late fall be treating you and your garden?


A Tribute Vase (from Summer) I Want to Share


Early in summer, just before I was derailed by a pesky back issue, I made a special vase to honor the memory of my Aunt Mary who had died July 3, 2017.  



I picked  wonderful sweet peas, a few pansies that were still blooming and an early zinnia and marigold.  A heavenly scented vase with so many favorite cut flowers, I know she would have loved it.

I am joining Cathy@Rambling in the Garden for her wonderful In A Vase on Monday meme. All the pictures shared in this post were created with my Nikon Coolpix camera or my iPod Touch camera and two free apps, Pixlr and Prisma.

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