Open Every Door!

“Hurry, hurry, open every door! says my heart.” ~ Mary Oliver

Oh my it is the start of spring today. And like Mary Oliver, this is how I feel body, mind and soul once spring is in the air. When I know we are moving forward and there is no stopping Mother Nature. Not even a freak snow storm or cold snap. Nope! The air and ground are warmer and the flowers are committed along with the birds and other critters. My heart opens wide and there is this expansiveness that fills me up to the brim.

And indeed the weather should be cooperating today through the end of March if the forecast is to be believed. I love it when spring weather actually arrives for spring. Of course winter had to get one last gasp with winter weather this past weekend; cold and snowy. This picture shows the aftermath of the big storm the week before.

More than half of the snow melted last week, and these snow crocus were sprouting underneath. They would have bloomed before today but the wintry weather that continued through the weekend kept them tight in the bud.

The lone snowdrop (above) bravely bloomed in mid February when we were experiencing early May-like weather. And it bravely remained buried under snow and ice waiting to be reborn in spring. But I am sure we will see many more bulbs uncovered in the next few days, many blooming.

Meanwhile, I am getting much needed color through my #the100dayproject. This is one of my favorite finished pages from last week.

And more color added joy to my home when I received these flowers from my loving hubby.

Chrysanthemums, roses, lilies, Canterbury bells (Campanula rotundifolia), carnations, Sea holly (Eryngium planum) and alstroemeria.

Placed in just the perfect spot. This week we will open the doors and windows to clear the spaces, clean the surfaces and add a splash of spring through every crack and crevice of our home. The garden is waking, my spring exuberance is taking over, and I am giddy with delight and wonder as I see nature shake off her wintry coat and put on her spring green duds.

With this lovely vase, I am linking in to the wonderful meme, In A Vase On Monday, at Rambling in the Garden.

All the pictures shared in this post were taken with my Nikon Coolpix or iPhone camera, and manipulated on my iPhone using the apps, Pixlr and Prisma. You can follow my progress with #the100dayproject in my Instagram and Facebook feed.

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