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“Every gardener knows that under the cloak of winter lies a miracle … a seed waiting to sprout, a bulb opening to the light, a bud straining to unfurl.  And the anticipation nurtures our dream.” ~ Barbara Winkler


I am very excited to join Beth@PlantPostings for her Garden Lessons Learned meme as the winter is changing to spring.  Beth asks us to consider what lessons we have learned in our gardens this past season.  So what lessons have I learned this winter?
 1.  No matter what you think, Mother Nature will always trump you so be prepared.  Just when I thought winter was waning, it came back with a gale force dumping water, snow and ice drowning out my garden.  I am just itching to dig out that rain garden bigger and deeper.  It will have to wait.
2.  Capture vistas when they happen because waiting could mean you have missed the moment.   These crocus were eaten by voles and are still blooming a bit…poor things.  Rabbits also ate some other crocus just before they could open.
3.  Spring doesn’t really arrive or winter leave until the air warms and the soil stays unfrozen for weeks.  And even then winter will stick out his tongue as he covers your garden in frozen water.
4.  Choose your poison as my mother said….cover the flowers so they are protected from deer and rabbit and are insulated so they will grow even under snow, or have them exposed so vole damage is less.  I’ll have to let you know once spring has sprung and I can assess the damage.

5.  A small benefit from a lack of snow is a few more birds show up, but they still can’t find insects when the ground is frozen .  So plant more native fruit bearing trees and shrubs for birds in winter.  I know I am this spring.
And finally…..There is magic in every season even the white of winter that shows itself in so many wondrous ways.




Garden Bloggers Harvest Day

I am quickly joining in with Christine and Barbara@The Gardening Blog for their Garden Bloggers Harvest Day (GBHD).  I have been growing lettuces, herbs and starting some annual flowers in my basement under grow lights and on heat mats.  We certainly did get some wonderful salads but soon we will be done with inside lettuce and be starting lettuces outside.

Lots of viola, pansies, alyssum and petunias germinating in the basement.  Looking forward to seeing them flower.









Walk In Garden Challenge

Carolyn@This Grandmother’s Garden hosts a garden walk meme happening at the beginning of the month.  As I have not been out too much I share this photo of the winter trees and sky in my garden.


I am also doing a bit of Tree Following with Lucy@Loose and Leafy.  These are my ash trees above.  Below is my beloved ash stump.  As you can see, the bark is peeling naturally while the moss and fungus are still going strong through winter.




Gardens Eye Verse

I am celebrating the rise of a few brave crocus in my garden this late February/early March, and a wonderful surprise.  Last Monday as I was gazing at the flock of European starlings, a bird flew to the arbor.  I gasped and shouted, “Oh my God, it’s a red-winged blackbird, where’s my camera”.  Of course he didn’t stick around close enough for me to get a picture, but I will eventually.  These birds are truly a sign of spring here in our area.  And this guy was with a mixed flock of starlings, and a grackle or two.  I am joining in to a new meme Nature Notes@ Rambling Woods.  I hope you enjoy my two original poems:





Petals unfurl,

with shouts of joy!

A youthful gladness-

finally enjoyed.








Return of the Red Wing

A black silhouette high in a tree

Memories harken to summer

Hush.  No it couldn’t be!


While the snowflakes still fall and the cold wind blows

It must be too soon

Come closer-I must know.


A tell-tale sign, it’s easy to spy

stretch of wing, flash of red

As he quickly flies by.


A harbinger indeed oh have you heard

shout for joy, spring is here

With the return of the red-winged black bird.






 ***Poems written by Donna Donabella and are copyrighted.


Come Join Us:

I hope you will join me for a very special new meme, Seasonal Celebrations.  How do you celebrate the new season?  Are there special flowers or special celebrations you attend or create?  It can be anything you want it to be.  And it seems so appropriate to collaborate with Beth and her Garden Lessons Learned meme.  What lessons have you learned this past season of winter here in the North and summer in the South.  Then tell us about your wishes, desires and dreams for the new season.

The rules are simple.  Just create a post that talks about lessons learned and/or seasonal celebrations.  If you are joining in for both memes please leave a comment on both our blog posts.  Or if you are choosing to join only one meme, leave a comment on that blog post.  Make sure to include a link with your comment.

Beth and I will do a summary post of our respective memes on the solstice or equinox.  And we will keep those posts linked on a page on our blog.  Your post should be linked in the weekend before the solstice to give us enough time to include your post in our summary posts.  And if you link in a bit late, never fear we will include it on the special blog page.

The pictures here can be used in your post, or add the widgets to your blog.  My widget, Seasonal Celebrations, is pictured above.  You can grab the code at the bottom of my sidebar.  Hopefully the code should work.  It is a painting (done digitally) of my pond.  Beth’s widget, pictured here, is available on her blog.  So won’t you join in the celebration!!



Next up on the blog:     This Friday I will highlight another favorite native plant as part of my Simply The Best series with Diana@ Elephant’s Eye.  I will have the last 2 color posts in March in time for GBBD, yellow, and Wildflower Wednesday, green.  I also will be looking at a favorite spring flower as I join Stacy@Microcosm‘s challenge to look at a plant in different ways.  And don’t forget to join Beth@PlantPostings for Garden Lessons Learned and me for Seasonal Celebrations.

Please  join me for my weekly posts, every Tuesday, at Beautiful Wildlife Garden.  I’ll be highlighting Favorite Native Flowering Shrubs.

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