Moments In The Garden: Colors in Mid Spring


“Colors are the smiles of nature.”  ~Leigh Hunt



Even after the early April snow, and mid month warm up, we ended the month on a very cold note, with too many nights below freezing.  There was damage and loss, but I’ll recap that later in spring once I get a complete picture.  The cold certainly delayed the garden growing and blooming so we are not that far ahead any more.  But through all the ups and downs, there were so many wonders in my garden.

DSCN3416Loads of native bees came out to play in the flowers, and even Mourning Cloak Butterflies were flitting around the garden…although none were staying still long enough for me to get a picture.  But the highlight throughout April, was all the colorful flowers, both early bulbs and perennials as well as native wildflowers, that I will highlight in June.

I have talked often about how much I love color in the spring garden.  There is something so magical when the spring greens are topped by color throughout the garden.  Scientist say when we see a new object, like a flower in the spring garden, our brains register the color first.  And these colors evoke moods and emotions for us.

In my garden those emotions are sheer joy, happiness, exuberance, gratitude and peace.  So I wanted to share some of the blooms that showed up and braved the cold throughout April.  Some even stayed around for a long time, and bloomed almost all month.




daff collage

Daffodils grow throughout spring here from late March through early May.  Long ago, I lost all the labels for my daffodils so I can’t tell you which are which.  This is just a small collection of the many that bloom, big to small flowers in many combos of white, yellow, pink and orange.





Both multi-flowering hyacinths (pictured above), and the traditional Hyacinthus orientalis gave both my eyes and nose joy.  I adore the scent of hyacinths in early spring.




hyacinth collage

Just a few of the colors that showed up….white, and many shades of pink, purple and even apricot.




muscari collage

And another hyacinth showed up blooming profusely everywhere including the lawn.  This plant goes by the common name, grape hyacinth, but many know this flower as Muscari.  They are naturalizing in so many areas now.




anemone collage

I don’t have many anemones in my garden but these purple Anemone blanda are creating a great grouping in my Center Garden.





One tiny species tulip was blooming.  Each year one or two of these Tulipa Turkestanica bloom.  The critters have eaten all my other tulips.





Another small blue flower I love is Ipheion uniflorum.  I wish more would bloom.  I think I need to divide a few clumps.





And Fritillaria michailovskyi began flowering in late April.  That foliage damage was caused by an aggressive pest I’ll show you in an upcoming post.




snowflakes collage

Leucojum aestivum or Summer Snowflake was one flower blooming a bit early this year, but what a welcome flower.




primrose collage

And finally, the Primroses are blooming.  These are Polyanthus primroses which love the cold weather.



How was your April weather?  Did it help or hinder your garden?





In A Vase On Monday 



The abundance of Muscari and daffodils were calling me.  As were the early blooming Leucojum aestivum.




pond vase collage

I placed the vase at the edge of the pond (bottom picture), giving you a bit of a view of the pond project finished (which I am blogging about next week).  I couldn’t resist processing it so the vase appeared to be underwater in the top picture!




pond vase 2 collage

I really enjoyed picking handfuls of various Muscari, the white Leucojum aestivum, and this small, wonderfully scented daff.  They made such a lovely posy in my hand.


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Next up on the blog:  

Next Monday, I hope to have another Stuck Foot post looking from the other end of the Pond.  I’ll recap the pond project….it is finished!

I am linking in with Michelle for her Nature Notes meme at her blog, Rambling Woods.  It is a great way to see what is happening in nature around the world every Monday. 

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