In a Vase on Monday – Coming to Life

“…To experience there, too, where one has never been before, one’s own continuity of being and, at the same time, to feel that something in your heart, somehow indigenous to this new land, is coming to life from the moment of your arrival. You feel your blood infused with some new intelligence, wondrously nourished by things you had no way of knowing.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke, Letter to a friend

I feel like I am coming into a new land. Not the garden or a move, but a sense of place and being within. Seeds are beginning to grow, and not quite popping through yet, but there is growth none-the-less.

Growth like in the garden. Needing lots of care and nourishment. Purging the emotional waters, warmth of the heart to coax the seeds to grow. And food for the soul. But as these things begin for me, personally, I will defer to my garden that is growing and greening.

More daffodils after the rain pictured above, and a few mini daff ‘Minnow’ that are so adorable.

And muscari ‘Mountain Lady’….I love the blue and white of this one that I grow. These two flowers made it into my latest vase. But there are a few more things showing off.

Siberian Iris ‘Snow Queen’ beginning to grow and hopefully flowering this year.

Clematis ‘Chacewater’

Hellebore with maybe a flower.

And Korean lilac ‘ Miss Kim’, I think, looking like it will also flower this year, finally.

‘The Fairy’ rose is back and putting on lots of growth…

As well as the Slowmound Mugo Pine from Iseli Nursery.

Species tulip ‘Little Beauty’ setting up flower buds.

But as daffodils are still among the few flowers blooming, I will enjoy them with a bit of muscari in a vase.

With this vase, I am joining in with the wonderful meme, In A Vase On Monday, from Cathy at  Rambling in the Garden.

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