Once In A Lifetime

“sometimes you get no second chance and it’s best to accept the gifts the world offers you” ~ Paolo Coelho

Happy Earth Day! It has taken me a while to write about the total solar eclipse. There was no question that once I knew we were going to be in totality of the solar eclipse this year, I would be in its presence. And as the day approached I was unsure what weather to expect.

Likely cloudiness which is the norm for spring here. And maybe cool weather. But regardless we invited neighbors and friends to join us with a few snacks and a bit of music as we awaited the unknown of totality.

The day before was stunning with nary a cloud in the sky. At the thought of the eclipse, I cried on and off the day before. I felt a deep spiritual connection and energy about me as this experience approached. There was a beautiful sunset that evening in anticipation that also took my breath away.

And Monday, the 8th, started fine. But as the day went on I pleaded with the fairies to keep the clouds at bay. As 2 pm approached, just before the event was to start, more clouds rolled in. But we were able to see the eclipse start through holes in the clouds. This picture was taken with my phone looking through my eclipse glasses.

But the clouds continued and we had to view the eclipse through high clouds not needing our eclipse glasses anymore. As we passed the halfway point, it began to cool down and grow a bit darker as if a dimmer switch was slowly turning the lights off.

Then the air really cooled, jackets went on, and we saw the last sliver of the sun beam bright with what is called the diamond ring. And then a switch was flipped and all went totally dark.

In that moment, I don’t remember breathing just taking in the whole experience through every sense including my 6th. Feeling the cold still air, hearing nothing, seeing nothing but total darkness in front of us.

And as we sat with this intense energy, a male American robin began to kick up a fuss at this sudden darkness. I could see his silhouette in the tree just behind us against the street light that went on. Then after 2 and a half minutes, the light switch was flipped again and it was suddenly much lighter as we saw the moon begin to slip from the sun. And we noticed the mosquitoes had come out in the darkness.

Once it became lighter the clouds totally obscured everything. And the robin moved closer squawking even louder. I turned to him, at the surprise of my guests, and had a conversation with the robin. I informed him it wasn’t my fault and it was an eclipse. Nature creating a miracle and that he should get over it and move on. And he flew off. And we all took our leave as we could see nothing more.

Soon after my friends disbursed, I was left to contemplate this truly incredible experience. Did this change me? Yes, it immediately brought me closer to nature, to my roots and to my inner truth. But it is really hard to describe the after effects for me as a highly sensitive person. I still wrestle with finding the words.

It feels as if I am starting over. Nothing seems exciting and important. All is a mish-mash. Sleep, food and getting back to walking still. Trying to find what interests me; finding my footing. Trying to come home to myself. To feeling in control. This happens for us highly sensitive people when intense energy shifts happen. Maybe the robin was feeling this all too.

If you have never experienced a total eclipse, and get the chance, take it. If you have, then you likely know what I mean. A miracle; facing the awe of nature, the power of the Universe.

The pictures of the eclipse were taken with my phone which doesn’t have the extra zoom lens, but I think you can get the feel of things from the crude pictures.

The vase I am featuring is the last of my indoor amaryllis/hippeastrum. A beautiful coral orange mixed with some cuttings from my sedge palm house plant. If you have read this far, thank you for reading my ramblings.

With this vase, I am joining in with the wonderful meme, In A Vase On Monday, from Cathy at  Rambling in the Garden.

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