In a Vase on Monday: Filling My Bucket In Spring


“To be interested in the changing seasons is…a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.”

~George Santayana



Yes I know that I just highlighted the meadow a couple of weeks ago, but oh it has filled in beautifully, and I just had to show you.  With our very cool streak and rainy weather, the spring meadow has continued to bloom and bloom much longer this year.  And what a perfect place to find flowers for a vase.  But with all these flowers, I knew I had to find a big vase!





So what better vase than my antique double flower bucket.  I just found it again in a box in the basement.  I plan to use it when I pick flowers.  What a great bucket it is.





Dames Rocket is showing up in the meadow, so I will cut it or pull it and maybe put it in a vase.  They can take over in my meadow, and I am trying to give the native wildflowers a chance.  I love how the morning light is shining through the wild blue lupines or Lupinus perennis.





Here’s a close up of the bucket and flowers.





I decided not to add any Zizia aurea (Golden Alexanders) to this vase.





I wanted to display the flowers outside in the sun.  But the morning sun was strong so the white ox-eye daisies were hard to photograph.





But zooming in, and moving around, I found the perfect light.  I see one, that I picked outside the meadow, was a hybrid Shasta daisy or Leucanthemum.  You can see the different petals right in the front of the vase.





I brought the vase indoors and found the best spot for it was in front of the fireplace.  These blooms should last a long time.




lupine meadow collage

I love how many happy pollinators were buzzing everywhere in the meadow!





I wanted to leave you with one more view of June in the spring meadow now….I think the sight of the meadow in spring makes me stay hopelessly in love with spring.  But summer is coming soon, and so many more flowers will be showing up to make me happy. 


So are you picking any flowers for a vase lately?



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Next Monday, I will update my garden chores completed, and what is in store for summer.  I will be showing you many of the irises that are still popping up and blooming too.

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