Autumn Is For Maples


The wonder is that we can see these trees and not wonder more.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson



Once my maple tree leafs out, it casts a canopy of luminescent green leaves all summer long cooling large areas of the garden.  It is the first tree to flower in spring, and the last to lose its leaves in fall.  And in late August or early September, depending on the weather, it will begin to almost leach out its bright green color becoming lighter.  If the weather cools enough in late summer, early fall the maple leaves will begin to turn red here and there.tree-logo

And this year has been that perfect slow time for the maple to turn its amazing colors.  Not in full fall dress yet, but just beginning.  I am linking in with Lucy@Loose and Leafy for her Tree Following meme that happens around the 7th of every month as I chronicle what has been happening to my beloved maple tree in my garden as summer turns to fall.







You can see the red just beginning on a few areas of the maple…..and that lighter green color.




DSCN5042Here are the leaves up close from September.  Every year, this area of red leaves appears on my maple.  I find it interesting that it appears in the same spot around the same time.  And this cluster has less of the Tar Spot fungus, those black spots on the leaves.  This fungus is unsightly but rarely deadly to the tree.





Even the lichen on the tree is changing color which I never noticed before.  I was more of a coral color this summer and now it is turning a golden color.  Very interesting.





I really like how the lower part of the tree bark is cracked but not really grooved.





Then when you move up the tree the bark smooths out.  Both pictures of the bark are in black and white.  I like the look of tree bark in monochrome.





This is the back or north side of the maple tree.  You can see the long arms of the side branches that really spread out.  The smaller branches coming off the arms all droop down.  It is how they grow not upright at all.  I really like this look of drooping branches.





And another view from the left or west side of the tree.  From here this tree looks almost like an umbrella covering a large area unlike the ash trees next to it that keeps its branches closer to the trunk.





One more view a bit closer from the left or west side.  The lichen makes a great covering as it reaches all the way up the tree.  The top right shows the underside of some branches that are full of holes from the woodpeckers.  I wonder what is so tasty in the tree.

A favorite aspect of trees in summer and early fall is the sound the wind makes as it moves through the branches and trees.  Do you know what this whispering sound is called?  No.  Well it is called Psithurism.  It is not a commonly used word and has its origins in Ancient Greek.  My tree makes a sweet rustling noise all season.  It is a predominant sound in the garden once the frogs and birds are silent in fall, and especially welcoming at night.  Such a soothing lullaby.  And it is one of the sounds I miss once the leaves are gone.

In a few weeks the maple will be wearing different colors and by November it will be baring its branches more.  I will be back hopefully in November to show you a colorful update. 


So are you following a tree?  Is fall dressing your tree differently now?  



When we plant new trees, we plant the seeds of peace and seeds of hope.  ~Wangari Maathai




Next up on the blog:  

Monday, I will have a Bloom Day update. I wonder what will still be blooming in October after this second frost and our cold snap.

I am linking in with Michelle@Rambling Woods for her Nature Notes meme.  It is a great way to see what is happening in nature around the world every Tuesday.

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