Seasonal Celebrations Revealed-March 2013


No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.  ~Hal Borland



Winter still has its grip on us here with late season snow and cold, but I take solace in this quote and know that spring will come in her own time.

And when I read a quote like this, I know that there is a spiritual awakening that happens when spring arrives…new growth both in the IMG_0151garden and me.  All through the winter I have been preparing and growing just like the garden… to be one with it and whatever it brings me.  I welcome spring with the open arms of a friend who has been gone too long.

The joy of spring is revealed in the way nature paints the landscape.  The barren brown earth comes alive suddenly from its winter slumber.  First the fresh green shoots appear all over followed by bright colors dotting the land, drawing in our eye and opening the senses that have slumbered all winter.

My spring mantra is to let loose my creative side more.  I have begun the taking of careful notes as winter has given back the soil, and I will explore the changes and designs I wish to incorporate this year as I paint the garden.

Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil.  ~Bishop Reginald Heber


But for now let’s look at the celebrations this new spring season is bringing in the Northern Hemisphere:



Beth@PlantPostings told us of a special spring day in her garden in A time to every purpose.  The sights, sounds, scents and sensations of spring bring it all back as I wait with Beth for spring to arrive.  And the arrival of the hummers is a special event we both await.



Holley@Roses and Other Gardening Joys shares a special story of Fields of Gold.

One of the Seasonal Celebrations I have always looked forward to in spring is going by the home in which my great-grandmother lived most of her adult life.  And where she planted a beautiful garden.  I can remember playing in her garden as a child.  I spent many summers there under her crape myrtle trees, playing in the dirt.  Now I always make a special trip to go by there in spring, because that’s when the daffodils bloom.

Holley will be digging up some of these special daffs to make fields of gold around her home.  Such a special spring Holley will have every year wrapped in her great-grandmothers love.



At Life-Change-CompostSusan Troccolo sings a celebration of spring with her tribute to the American Robin.  Susan tells the story of IMG_0154the robin’s nest near her front door and the wonder of watching this special event.

The early-bird song of the American Robin is often the first to tell us that spring is finally coming.

I also wait for the first chorus from the robins to herald in spring.  And the hope to have them nest again and watch the fledglings take flight.



Karin@Southern Meadows shared the top 10 things she likes best about spring.  From birds to butterflies to beautiful azaleas Karin hits many of my favorite spring things.  But I think my favorites on her list are sinking my hands into the soil and planting a veg garden.



Loredana@Blogging Away took us on a lovely walk making Winter and Spring Reflections.  She ended up at a wonderful greenhouse filled with spring plants growing.  And she discovered snapdragons one of my favorite flowers that I love to grow from seed.  What a wonderful way to spend a cold winter day.


Andrea@igardendaily takes us on a special trip that celebrates spring for her, The Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle.  Attending one show makes Andrea think of spring and celebrate the change of seasons.  She certainly brought it to life for me, and this is one show I hope to visit in the coming year or so.


Michelle@The Sage Butterfly  presents the Lessons of Winter.  Her appreciation of winter brings her the joy of spring:

Spring bursts out with such fervor and beauty. It reminds us of all the things that life can offer, such as innocence, joy, creativity. We cannot walk out of our door without seeing its smile in the abundance of flowers, the gushing buds, or the drenching of color. 



Cathy@Words and Herbs is celebrating spring in Bavaria with the coming of St. Joseph’s Day on March 19th signaling the end of winter.  Cathy is waiting anxiously for those first spring flowers to appear especially the native scillas a favorite flower of mine too.



B-A-G@Experiments with Plantscelebration post takes us from the thought of the spring season, in London, with stored energy of bulbs to the idea of springs used as devices of support, and right back to the garden of discovery.



Now let’s turn to the celebrations of the new autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere:



Bernie@My Dry Tropics Garden brought her wonderful Australian garden to life in this post.  She recently commented to me:

As you head into Spring, we head into our Autumn down here in Oz. In my north-eastern corner of Australia, the Autumn is not marked by lovely colour changes or markedly cooler days. We do however get a slight drop in temps which makes life far more comfortable after a horrid summer. The big difference though is the dramatic drop in humidity levels. We can get out into our gardens during the day once the early Autumn days arrive.

I think it would be fun to experience autumn around the world or spring for that matter.



Closer to the equator, a different season is already happening:



Andrea@Andrea in this Lifetime is marking the dry season in the Philippines with the Horticulture Show.  What a gorgeous outdoor event.  I have always wished we would have more flower shows outdoors as the sunlight makes the plants shine.


Also on Andrea’s other blog, Pure Oxygen Generators, she profiles her Dry Season Blooms.   The blooms are so colorful and tropical in both her seasons.  I still am in awe of the fact that she has two wonderful blogs where she writes frequently showing off gorgeous photos.



Well there you have our Seasonal Celebrations from around the world.  Every post is beautifully written with amazing photos showcasing the talents of these wonderful bloggers.  I really love reading all these posts that teach me so much about my surroundings and our fantastic planet.  I hope you will join me for our next installment in this meme which will start June 1st.



All through the long winter, I dream of my garden. On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth. I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar.  ~Helen Hayes



***I am painting this post of the beginning of spring with the first crocus, snow crocus or Crocus sieberi,  that still hang on despite the frigid temps and snow that is continuing right through the beginning of spring.  They are true resilient heroes of my early spring garden.


Next up on the blog:   Monday I will have another Simply the Best-Herb.  And before you know it, April will be here with a Garden Journal wrap up of my garden.

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