Word of the Year 2018

“Tend your own garden: savor the blossoms, trim the weeds.”

~Ron Kaufman


For the last 5 years, I have thrown aside the idea of goal setting and resolutions in the New Year.  I found when I tried to set resolutions, I abandoned them early in the year and was depressed that it seemed I hadn’t accomplished anything I had set out to do.

Now I choose a word to guide my year.  It helps remind me of the theme for my year ahead based on challenges I know that I have worked through, and those still to come.  When I started this process, I chose the word, THRIVE, just after retiring.  I needed to work on starting to get my life back in order.  Then I moved to SOAR and INNOVATE. This past year my word was, ROAR, and it allowed me to finally step into my purpose, and reclaim my voice and soul’s purpose, long hidden.

Sometimes it takes silence and listening to our hearts to know what we need. And so I took time in December to listen earnestly for my new word to find me.  Though I considered EXPAND to move forward, my heart said take time to continue to heal and grow on this slow journey. It is time to TEND to your heart, your hearth, your home, your soul.

I really like how TEND feels so nurturing, and yet it still compels me to action.  And this decidedly feminine word feels perfect given the state of our world.  As a woman, I feel the need to TEND to my life and connections to help others TEND to theirs, and help us move from a fear-based world to a more loving, peaceful place.

And when I speak its name, TEND touches me deeply within my heart and soul….as though I were at home….at ease.  Breathing into complete serenity….soothing me.  And what better word for a gardener to select than TEND.
 So, I am happy to embrace this word, and see how TEND helps to guide me this year.

Do you have a guiding word or phrase for the year?  How have you decided to embrace the new year?



A Holiday Vase


For the holidays , I cut boxwood, evergreens, a bit of fern and added some winterberries to my holiday Belleek vase.  I wanted to create a vase that was holiday-themed, and would last for a long time.


I placed it on my bench next to a cute little Santa.



Then I moved it to my black cabinet under a wonderful Santa print….I used to collect Santas, and still have many scattered all year around the house.



I decided to add some red twig dogwood for a bit of height and more color.  This has turned out to be a wonderful vase that has lasted for weeks.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that this New Year brings you many blessings.

I am joining Cathy@Rambling in the Garden for her wonderful In A Vase on Monday meme. The pictures shared here were created with my iPod Touch camera and two free apps, Pixlr and Prisma

I am posting poetry, almost weekly on Sundays, on my other blog, Living From Happiness.  You can read my latest poem about my Word of the Year here.


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