He Knows No Winter

He knows no winter, he who loves the soil,
For, stormy days, when he is free from toil,
He plans his summer crops, selects his seeds
From bright-paged catalogues for garden needs.
When looking out upon frost-silvered fields,
He visualizes autumn’s golden yields;
He sees in snow and sleet and icy rain
Precious moisture for his early grain;
He hears spring-heralds in the storm’s ‘ turmoil­
He knows no winter, he who loves the soil.


It’s Garden Bloggers Muse Day (GBMD) the first of every month sponsored by Carolyn Choi at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago.  And what better time to start dreaming about our gardens in earnest.  Groundhog Day is upon us and spring is right around the corner.  The seeds started indoors will soon find their way to the garden.  The bulbs sleeping under the snowy blanket will throw a blooming party with splashes of bright colors catching your eye here and there.

And our dreams will soon become a reality.  Of course that means the to do list will be started….the cleaning up, the planting, the moving, the weeding, the dividing.

But I prefer to dream now…sweet dreams..

of song birds trilling their sweet tune upon the warm sweet spring breezes

of the intoxicating scent of the earth warming in the spring sunlight

of drifts of sweet smelling naturalized spring bulbs in pink, blue, purple and yellow hues

of frogs peeping at night calling others to join them as they frolic in the pond

of the buzz and hum of pollinators –masons, bumbles, honey bees joined by hummingbirds flitting from blossom to blossom

of warm fresh picked fruits and berries grown by loving hands in fertile soil

What are your dreams…are they garden dreams????

34 Replies to “Dreams”

  1. That is a really lovely verse you’ve found, though I’m wondering if I really know the soil, as I feel I know winter all too well. As you say, better to have some warm and colorful dreams…

    1. Cyndy, I am collecting garden verses and I really loved this one too…my dreams are the only thing getting me through this cold and white winter…

  2. I am intimate with winter. We have it so darn long. I am guessing this to be another year that has snow in May. A foot or more of snow by mid week will be here covering the plants in the soil. At least they are really happy about all the snow. Resting and warm. By March, I am ready to see the soil and Spring weather again.

    You are collecting poems? You have a good one in your collection so far. I really enjoyed your post once again.

  3. I am dreaming of spring, too, as Old Man Winter has once again decided to pelt us with snow. I think he forgot I live in Zone7. I love your photos~especially the frog. I wish they would move into my garden. Keep warm and safe out there. gail

    1. Thanks Gail. The frogs love the pond which was a must for our Backyard Habitat but an added bonus has been the birds and toads and dragonflies who love it too.

  4. Your pictures and words carried me to sweet Spring in my gardens, than I looked out the window and my reality overcame the dream… nothing but Winter Whites going on here. Thank you for the diversion, dreaming is wonderful.

  5. Beautiful post. I dream of being able to walk outside and feel sunshine instead of cold wind! I try to tell myself it’s actually summertime and God left the air conditioning on outside 😉

  6. Oh…I can almost smell the spring dirt and feel the sun on my back as I’m kneeling down to admire those crocuses! Thank you for the happy photos!

  7. Love the clarity and contrasts of your verse image and of course so beautifully complemented by your chosen Museday poem.

    I dream of May and bluebell woods and English country lanes scented by Cow Parsley.

  8. The latest issue of How to Find Great Plants is here and your water lilies post is listed. It makes me feel so excited about the water garden I may put in this summer! Thanks so much for participating, I hope you will again next month. Here’s the issue:


    I love your muse day post — I actually thought those icicles in the first photo were very white trees for a moment! I need to get our birdhouses up — we’ve already seen blue birds checking out the areas around the house trying to find a place for spring.

    1. Eliza I definitely will be back again…the bluebirds were here in early january looking for spots and with the great blue heron i spotted I hope many birds are headed back even with the snow storm!!

  9. Thanks for a beautiful, thoughtful post. I planted about 40 shrubs and perennials in my woodland garden this past weekend. I am dreaming what they will look like later this year when they bloom!

    1. how lucky you are to plant…I have planted lettuce indoors and hope to harvest soon…have to get my fix of green somehow 🙂

  10. That poem is wonderful-and so me as I’m enjoying not toiling in the garden for a bit. It is lovely to sit back and dream!

  11. My dreams are definitely garden dreams. I am dreaming of a new flower bed that I will start to dig and plant this year. And I’m dreaming of sitting out in the garden in warm sunshine and soft breezes.

  12. What a lovely poem, clearly written by someone who understands gardening and gardeners all too well. I love the dreaming and planning, it does help keep one going while we are waiting for the practical to take over our every waking moment again.

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