Seasonal Celebrations-Spring Fever 2013

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“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting, and autumn a mosaic of them all”  ~Stanley Horowitz


It’s time to party, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere, because the change in seasons is upon us…..the big one is right around the corner….SPRING!!!!


Can you hear me singing….lalalala.  There is nothing more exciting than the arrival of spring so let’s kick off the 2nd year of Seasonal Celebrations with the coming of spring here, fall in the southern hemisphere and the dry season in the tropics along the equator.

What is Seasonal Celebrations?  It is the time I observe, proclaim, glorify and dedicate myself to this new season.  And after this cold, gray, snowy winter who wouldn’t want to celebrate, right?!

seasonal celebrations

The gray days of winter are about to end as March begins.  Sometimes in March we will still have cold, raw, rainy, snowy, icy days with howling winds, but the sun is out more, and we know the weather will finally turn into the warm spring winds soon.  After all we can’t have brilliant blue skies every day, at least not here in the northeast.  We have many gray days, but a warm gray day with fog or rain does not make me as gloomy as a cold raw gray day with layers upon layers of clouds obscuring the beautiful blue sky.  And even though I know there is blue under the gray, I still feel a bit down and drained.  But once the clouds roll back and the sun shows through, I get a burst of energy and some life back in me.  Some of that energy is due to the Vitamin D our bodies need and are finally getting.  And some is that gray washes out the landscape even more in winter which is especially energy draining when all there is for color is brown or white, especially white.

So no more thoughts about gray or winter because we are racing toward spring now, and all the artwork nature can paint across the landscapes. I thought it would be fun to turn some wonderful images of spring last year into paintings using the app, PhotoArtista.  I have used this app on occasion to make beautiful paintings for my posts, and it is how I created my Seasonal Celebrations badge (pictured right) last year.



snowdrop oil

Every spring I am afflicted with a common ailment and one I welcome–Spring Fever!  So what are the symptoms of this wonderful fever?



tulip oil

It presents itself with a light-headed and weak in the knees feeling that leaves me faint.  It takes away my appetite for food, and I can hardly sleep because I am thinking of all the wonderful blooms I will see the next day.  Surprises galore await, and I don’t want to waste time eating and sleeping for fear I may miss them.



hyacinth oil

And I need more air as I can hardly breath indoors anymore.  The glorious fresh warm scented air is all my lungs crave.



crocus oil

So what is my cure for this spring fever….actually I do not feel I need a cure.  But in order to function a bit during this season, I do recommend a few prescriptions besides allergy medicine.



daff oil

My Rx is seeing and smelling new green shoots and sprouts, bulbs flowering in the sunlight and buds unfurling…what others?



grape hyacinth oil

Of course the return of more daylight, and the return of critters are important.  But I long for colors and blooms after being deprived for 4 months or more.


So how are you celebrating spring or whatever season is upon you?  Do you get spring fever too?


If you want to join in the celebration, check out the Come Join Us section below with all the details of how to participate in this meme.


Mantra for Spring:

I love the art theme I discovered in many quotes about spring.  I think I will look at spring through my “right eye” or my creative side; the right brain.  I plan to dust off the new camera and get it ready soon for capturing images throughout the garden.  And as I wander, I will look, really look at the gardens throughout the landscape I have to ascertain what is and isn’t working.  Careful notes will allow me to use my analytical left brain and merge it with my creative right brain.  I think the merger will be wonderful for me and the garden.


Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil.  ~Bishop Reginald Heber



brunnera oil

“Is the spring coming?” he said. “What is it like?”…
“It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…”
― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden


Seed Giveaway Winners

Thanks to all who stopped by and commented on my post Organic Gardening.  
The 2 winners of the vegetable seeds are:
Joyce Whitby a longtime reader from NY
Elaine@Rainyleaf in Washington State

Come Join Us:

Seasonal Celebrations is a time for marking the change of seasons and what is happening in your part of the world during this time.  I hope you will join in by creating a post telling us how you celebrate this time of year whether spring or fall or something else.  Share your traditions, holidays and celebrations in pictures and words.

And it seems so appropriate to collaborate with Beth and her Lessons Learned meme.  What lessons have you learned this past season of winter here in the North and summer in the South.  Then tell us about your wishes, desires and dreams for this new season.

The rules are simple.  Just create a post that talks about lessons learned and/or seasonal celebrations.  If you are joining in for both memes please leave a comment on both our blog posts.  Or if you are choosing to join only one meme, leave a comment on that blog post.  Make sure to include a link with your comment.

Beth and I will do a summary post of our respective memes on the equinox (around the 20th of March).  And we will keep those posts linked on a page on our blog.  Your post should be linked in the weekend before the equinox to give us enough time to include your post in our summary.  And if you link in a bit late, never fear we will include it on the special blog page (which I still have to create).  The badges here can be used in your post.   So won’t you join in the celebration!!


Next up on the blog:     Monday will be time for an assessment of the February garden in my monthly Journal post.  Then I hope to have something blooming for GBBD.   Of course I will be presenting my Garden Lessons Learned too.  And on the 18th I will have a special book review with a giveaway.

I hope you will join me for my posts once a month at Beautiful Wildlife Garden. See my most current post now.  A new post goes up on the 5th.

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64 Replies to “Seasonal Celebrations-Spring Fever 2013”

  1. February has been a month of contrasts for us. There have been teaser days with bright blue skies, sunshine and the bees are out enjoying the blooms. Then reality comes back and we’ve had some of our severest winter days. I am all rested up and really ready to get out in the garden and work! Love the results of this painting ap! Cheers to Spring!

    1. My February was a true winter here but January was our teaser month. So glad you enjoyed the paintings Karin…the app is fun to play with at times. Spring is fast approaching although the first week in March here is going to be cold with an end in the 40s and lots more sun. I bet I see some blooms once the snow melts finally!! Yippeee for spring.

  2. Donna you have tapped into the contagious power of glorious Spring! I too can’t wait for the equinox to get here…especially after all this snow. Just circled March 10th also…daylight savings time…as I always feel like it gets things started in the right direction. Can’t wait for my sleepy lil grape hyacinth and crocuses to wake up. And then my surprise…I left my daughter home with several bags of bulbs last fall and she just went wild hiding secret joy around our yards…kind like a surprise party about to happen! Thanks for sharing your inner joy!

    1. Joyce I love your daughter…what a fabulous surprise and I hope you will share pictures on FB…perhaps even let me post a few. I agree the changing of the clocks seems to helps it feel like spring is finally here.

  3. Hi Donna
    I’ll be checking out that app for sure, I love the results. I planted snowdrops near the front door but rarely get to see them because they’re under all the snow from the walkway.
    Now that we’re into March, the yearning for spring is even stronger but I can’t hurry Mother Nature along. I’ve decided to put away my snowflake and snowman decor that stay out long after Christmas and begin decorating for spring. Maybe this will force the weather to follow!
    I’m off to a Seedy Saturday tomorrow, a community seed exchange.

    1. Judith I have some snowdrops planted in spots that I hope will melt first so I can see them sooner. I also put away the winter decorations and am decorating for spring. I love the idea of seed exchanges and maybe will have time next year to find one locally. I am starting warm weather veggies this weekend.

  4. Yes, yes, yes! Time for spring! And as much as I want it to hurry up and get here, there’s something sweet about being on the edge of many months of glorious gardening. I’ll link in my next post re: Seasonal Celebrations. Cheers!

    1. I swear Beth that the first day I can smell spring and get out in the garden finally uncovered from the snow, I will literally be dancing around….my neighbors just ignore me now as they know I am the crazy lady with all the flowers. Can’t wait to read your post!!

  5. Spring is so near one can almost feel it-though I don’t really get spring fever on nice days I am itching to get outside!

  6. I feel your happiness and excitement! Can’t wait for Spring to roll in here. It is getting warmer and the green shoots of bulbs are beginning to push through. I was out trimming my apple trees yesterday and it felt so good! I want to link in to SC too!

    1. Oh Andrea I would be honored to have you link in…just leave me a comment with your link once you are all set!!

  7. The light is definately different here, and it is light untul about 6pm now which is wonderful but winter is not giving up here yet, the air is cold, today is grey. BUT I WANT it to be SPRING. Christina

    1. Wow sorry to hear winter has not let go yet…we are still getting cold and snow but I am enduring the last few days I hope with a gradual warm up on the way 🙂

  8. I agree…I AGREE………. :-):-):-)……………..she is indeed around the corner. Today is awesomely lovely day here in NJ….the weather is a bit chilly but the sun is shining brightly, the sky is BLUEEEEEe…and the doves are singing…..

    1. It sounds incredible….gray and snowing and cold here. Hard to do anything but stay cozy, drink some tea, read, work and dream! Soon though 🙂

  9. You can feel the changes around here…the sun seems warmer, the sky seems bluer, and there are puddles everywhere. But…10 cm of snow is forecast for Sunday, and it’s still a couple of months before we can really earnestly consider working in the garden. It feels like we’ve turned a corner, though! 🙂

    I absolutely LOVE that painting app – that’s marvelous! (And the excerpt from The Secret Garden is so wonderful – one of my all-time favourite books!).

    1. We are staying cold but not much snow forecast thankfully as we have enough. I feel that turn as well. I am hoping to get out and do a bit of clean up in March and start the veg bed in April (always under cover though as Mid May is when it is finally really safe).

      I adore The Secret Garden as well!

  10. you sound as if you have a song in your heart Donna, you painting photos are lovely they have a softness to them, sometimes the camera can be hard, enjoy your celebrating and your emerging garden, Frances x

    1. Absolutely Frances…I have been waiting all winter to sing a spring song. Soon the snow will melt and these paintings will become real as the same flowers bloom again this spring.

  11. Does the app you are using makes quick paintings by applying a filter? It makes a nice project to do on a winter’s day. The tulip is the nicest. Spring still has some time here yet. The snow is going nowhere fast. More is on the way too. I have lots of gray day posts coming, at least until the weather turns. Looking at it with hope for the future might help make the weather more tolerable for many. Me, it is fine no matter what is out there. The garden is still resting and I am happy for that.

    1. Donna I think it does apply filters as you choose options and then the picture changes…fun and easy to use. Spring sure does have some time yet to come but I will celebrate it’s coming and winter finally resting. And we know our spring still has cold, freezes, frosts, ice and snow mixed with those warm spring days. We are due for cold but very little snow or so they say with a warm up next weekend. I like the slow creep into spring.

  12. So glad I stopped by to smell your flowers this museday Donna and what an arty eyeful. Those pink hyacinths are scintillating.
    Am being more cautious in celebration as it is not Spring for me until Lady Day (25th)
    p.s. I nominate you queen of the quotes – love that intro

    1. Laura, I am honored with your nomination…I love to celebrate the seasons for about a month and savor them…a slow slide into each one is such fun. Spring will be here soon.

  13. I start getting spring fever in November! I get so excited when we have a nice day during the winter months and I can get outside in my garden. Today even though it’s 35 degrees with snow and sleet, my husband and I bought shrubs. I can’t plant them yet, but they are patiently waiting in the garage!

    1. Oh how wonderful to start wanting spring so early, but you must be such a patient person to wait so long for spring. I have plants ordered and they will arrive in April. I hope to start clean up the garden soon. Here’s to spring.

  14. I share in your excitement. The signs are beginning to show in the garden here and there. It will not be long now. I will share something for the theme soon. Happy spring!

  15. Oh YES, Donna! You’ve described it so well. I DO suffer from spring fever and don’t want to be cured! Finally we have sunshine here, and I will be out there the next few days inhaling the fresh slightly warmer air and (hopefully) uncovering some new green shoots! 😀 I’d like to join in the meme again, but although I am optimistic at the moment let’s see what March brings…

    1. Wonderful Cathy…I don’t want to cure my spring fever either 😉

      I look forward to your SC post for the meme..

    1. I am hoping my celebrations will bring spring in slowly and gracefully…no need to rush through it. I want to savor every moment as it appears…even a little bit.

  16. Yes I am hearing a pretty ecstatic tralala-ing coming from your garden! Lovely to hear that spring in your step! Your right eye must be on over-drive as you are one of the most creative gardeners/bloggers around!! Excellent:~)

    1. Oh Catherine you again are too kind, but I thank you for your lovely comment. Snowing again but I am determined to keep singing. Going to plant warm weather veg seeds in my grow station in the basement.

    1. Katarina I am humbled that you liked the images given the beautiful pictures you post. Let’s all sing in spring!!

  17. Your excitement is infectious Donna! And why would you want a cure for Spring fever. I am astounded at the near daily increase in sun levels in the garden, something to do with sun height and the height of our house roof, but so magical. Buds are breaking everywhere, and there are so many bulbs popping up and being coy about what they are. I love it.

    1. Ah I sense your spring fever as well Janet. I truly don’t want a cure but would love some warmer weather…soon I know it will be here.

  18. Wow- a Spring feast for the eyes. This time of year is a combination of frustration and excitement (a bit like Christmas!).

    1. Perfectly put…frustration and celebration. Right now I am in the frustration phase. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  19. Before I forget AGAIN, thanks so much for the book! It arrived last week and I have been meaning to let drop you an email….and forgetting. Can’t wait to plug away into it.
    We have been having spring since early February, extending that spring fever for a lot longer than usual!!

    1. You are very welcome Janet…I hope you really enjoy the book… are so lucky to have an early spring…I hope we have a nice slow spring this year.

    1. Wonderful Holley….thanks for joining in…so many signs of spring. We will have a slight warm up this weekend so I hope to see more snow melt, puddles develop and maybe some sprouts.

    1. Loredana how wonderful it is to have you join in…spring is but a week away and we will be basking in all the flowers and glory that it brings!

      1. Thanks for stopping by to comment! I changed the title to “Winter & Spring Reflections” but the url is the same. I look forward to reading your March 20th post and what everyone else shared 🙂

  20. Hi Donna, i would love to join in for the Seasons my post for our dry season transition blooms at Pure Oxygen Generators “Dry Season Blooms”. Thank you for your regular visits to my sites.

    Snowdrop is my “spark flower” applied from the’ ‘spark birds” of the birders.

  21. As you head into Spring, we head into our Autumn down here in Oz. In my north-eastern corner of Australia, the Autumn is not marked by lovely colour changes or markedly cooler days. We do however get a slight drop in temps which makes life far more comfortable after a horrid summer. The big difference though is the dramatic drop in humidity levels. We can get out into our gardens during the day once the early Autumn days arrive.

    I’m very happy to join in with your Seasonal Celebrations meme with my latest post:

    1. A very different climate Bernie but at least you will hopefully get some respite…thank you for participating as it is an honor. I love learning about your part of the world and your garden.

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