July’s Dazzling Blooms


(The garden) is a place of safety and comfort, an old forgiving friend who is always there for me, who protects and embraces me.  ~Sydney Eddison


I have been trying to rediscover my old friends in the garden this summer.  I had hoped with retirement I would have more time to visit with these friends daily and see them grow.  Old friends are such a comfort.  They bring back  special memories that act like a cocoon to wrap me with their loving arms.

But my retirement has been postponed.  It is too hard to go into why here, but it is the right thing for the moment.  My mom is still coming to visit and I am ecstatic.  And even without retirement happening right now, I am still determined to continue to discover old friends.

Besides the plants, there are many other old friends to see in the garden.  The frogs, butterflies, bees, spiders, and a host of birds; parents and juveniles growing as they feed upon the garden.

And I especially look forward to seeing old friends and family I have been missing because of my work schedule.  They make up their own special garden.  I hope to visit them in the coming months with a few trips whether I am retired or not.

So on this Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day, hosted by [email protected] May Dreams Gardens, let’s remember old friends.

Here are some old friends that are showing up in my  garden this July….. 

**I have included the meaning of each flower in italics.



Love (red) and Friendship (pink)







Thank you for understanding








 First daylilies blooming are yellow and orange




Purity, modesty 






You’re perfect & elegant

IMG_2481 Later blooming allium caeruleum or ‘Azure Allium’



Sweet William



Blooming in the meadow.










Your friendship means so much to me.

DSCN1221 Native flag iris are up in the pond.




Strength, Immunity


 Watching echinacea carefully for ‘asters yellow disease’.  Pulled a few already in the back gardens.  These are Echinacea ‘Pixie Meadowbrite’ doing OK in the front gardens.




Serenity, Grace, Calmness




New friends in the garden are the foliage of the veg garden as it takes center stage….I am celebrating foliage with [email protected]Digging for her Foliage Follow Up on the 16th, and [email protected]Creating my own garden of the Hesperides for her Garden Bloggers Foliage Day on the 22nd.



Healthy lush green pepper foliage.  These were kept under cover in our cool June weather.





‘All Blue’ potatoes growing like crazy in my grow bags.  The purple stems and blue flowers make a great stand of vegetable plants this summer.





I am growing okra ‘Burgundy’ for the first time.  I love the contrast of the stems with the leaves.  These are nestled between the peppers and eggplant.





I love the look and smell of dill.  This self seeded in the pea/bean bed.  It is huge with a very thick stem and already 2.5 feet tall.



What old friends are showing up in your garden this summer?


 “The serene philosophy of the pink rose is steadying.  Its fragrant, delicate petals open fully and are ready to fall, without regret or disillusion, after only a day in the sun.  It is so every summer.  One can almost hear their pink, fragrant murmur as they settle down upon the grass: ‘Summer, summer, it will always be summer.”  ~ Rachel Peden


Next up on the blog:  Next week I have an interesting Garden Book Review.  Hope you will drop by to read all about foraging for food in your backyard.

I am linking in with [email protected]Rambling Woods for her Nature Notes meme.  It is a great way to see what is happening in nature around the world every Wednesday.

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84 Replies to “July’s Dazzling Blooms”

  1. So often we celebrate the new things in our garden. This post is such a wonderful reminder to embrace and rejoice our old friends. I know you will enjoy your mother’s visit!

  2. But you had your retirement party! I hope your get it soon and get to do all the things you mentioned you would when you get a chance. I did a post years ago with the meaning of flowers and it is good to think about them occasionally. What each flower represents is something we should all consider in our lives.

    1. I know, I know…my colleagues said no more parties and they are changing the locks next time 🙂

      It just works out right now to extend out the date…I love reminding myself what these flowers all mean. If I had the time and money I think I would open up a florist shop and nursery that’s theme was the language of flowers.

    1. I am so pleased you enjoyed the theme of the post…since joining in the foliage meme I have been more interested in foliage.

    1. Even with the heat and humidity the blooms have had a bit of respite with all the rain…they are big, bold and colorful right now.

  3. I agree, so many of these plants are my old friends. I especially like the ones with names, like my buddies Julia Child and Pope John Paul!

  4. Considering my garden is not quite mature enough to have some old friends – I have been enjoying making new friends this last few year. I hope in years to come my sentiments will be exactly the same as your Donna.
    You have some special blooms there – I can see why you call them your old friends.
    Sorry to read your retirement has been put back – I hope you don’t have too long a wait until the day finally comes. Enjoy your time with your mother. I expect we will read all about it 🙂

  5. Here I was envisioning you happily enjoying your retirement and puttering around the garden all day every day! I’m sorry you’ve had to postpone that but glad you’re enjoying all those wonderful old garden friends. The worst of ABQ’s heat seems to be over (for now) but the garden is still recovering — not much in bloom, but the greenery is soothing to look at anyway, and today is cool and rainy, of all things. Have a fabulous visit with your mother!

    1. Thanks so much Stacy…it is in the waiting I will somehow find the better plan/path, and be better for it (I hope). We are having another heat wave but without the rain until mid-week and then perhaps finally a bit of a cool down just in time for my mom to enjoy cooler temps. She is coming from Phoenix and could use some cooler weather. Enjoy your respite from the heat!

  6. Hi Donna, I was tuning in to find out about the road less travelled and find that like myself and so many others your retirement has been postponed! I hope it doesn’t discombobulate you too much!! Enjoy your Mum and I know we will all get there some day, meanwhile old friends will do just grand. x

    1. For the most part I am fine with it for now. I hope I don’t have to wait too long and maybe the waiting will make the timing even better when it finally happens.

  7. Friendshipwise I am in a state of flux. Old friends back in Calgary, tentative first steps to making friends in my new locale. No garden for almost a year left me feeling bereft, hadn’t expected it to hurt so much. Now with less than a month to go I’m looking forward to planting friends old and new on my new land. Retirement/no retirement is a bit unsettling I know, but as you say, has a way of clearing the mind.

  8. A lovely post and super images Donna.

    I also enjoy seeing ‘old friends’ returning each year in my garden … Allium, Roses, Iris but still waiting for the Lillies to join the parade.

    I retired much earlier than planned due to cut backs but I don’t regret it for one moment despite the initial financial issues. So while you wait for the right time enjoy whatever each day has to offer.

    1. Thank you Frank for your kind words. I am still sorting it all out and it will work itself out…definitely there are financial issues with retirement. I am pleased you enjoyed the post and images. I hope your lilies show up for a long lovely visit soon!

  9. Nice to see your old friends Donna. I think my very best friend this year is the lavender. It’s been fabulous! I hope you still find time to enjoy your garden this summer, even if your retirement is no longer imminent.

    1. When my mom comes for her visit later this week, I will finally have some time and the weather is cooling which will help.

  10. I love your friendship theme and listing the meaning of each of the flowers. It reminded me once again of the red dahlia I posted on my GBBD blog – it started to bloom just a couple of days ago. The tubers were originally given to me years ago by a co worker/work friend who had been diagnosed with melanoma-she fought the good fight for four years but finally succumbed in June of 1990. When they finally bloom, I think of her.

    1. Alana what a special flower you have in your garden…dahlias mean “Dignity”…what a lovely meaning. So glad you enjoyed the post!

    1. Jason, I need to add more of the blue allium to make a bigger show. Happy to share the daylily if you want as I know I will be dividing it either in the fall or spring.

  11. You have some very attractive old friends in your garden!
    (By the way, the quote from Sydney Eddison is one of my favorites.) Oleander and Crape Myrtle are my oldest garden friends. But I’m enjoying some newcomers that hopefully will become old friends too.

    1. How lovely Dorothy to meet some new friends…the Eddison quote spoke to me so deeply. I can see why it is a favorite of yours.

  12. Your photos are beautiful, Donna! I think I need to add some Blue Flag Irises to our little pond. 😉 I hope you’re OK with the delayed retirement, and that you will be able to find an acceptable arrangement and equilibrium. Oh, and I love it when the Hydrangeas are multicolored! Happy GBBD!

    1. Thanks Beth. I am working through the change in course…it will take a bit of time to adjust and figure it all up as it hit so abruptly. I absolutely love the multi-colored hydrangeas as well.

  13. As they say, life is what happens when you are making other plans. Meanwhile you have a beautiful selection of flowers in the garden! Jeannine

  14. Donna, your flowers and garden are always beautiful. I am envious! Congrats on your retirement, it will be nice to be able to visit with your friends when ever you want. Have a lovely visit with your Mom, have a great day!

  15. oh Donna, so sorry to hear of your post poned retirement, what a let down, good that you will still get to see family and I hope you get some time off work better enjoy your mother’s visit,
    your July garden looks lush and full, Frances x

    1. Thanks Frances….I plant to take most days off that my mom is here. It will be important to let my job interfere little with her visit. Not an easy thing to do these days.

  16. Both the sentiment and the photos are beautiful, Donna. I never get tired of delighting in my old garden friends, even as I make some new ones each year. I hope you will be able to work at a less hectic pace in your new pre-retirement period.

    1. I am considering all the options Jean and hoping to find the best way to ease in…perhaps part-time if the finances work out…

  17. I’m so sorry your retirement got postponed… That must have been so disappointing – especially with a garden like yours! Wonderful photos too… The one of the Allium made me remember that I had some of those in my garden last year. Wonder what happened to them…? Can’t remember having moved them, but I guess one can never be sure… Maybe I never replanted them, and if so I feel like a real idiot!

    1. Anna those blue allium don’t always bloom for me. They seem to like an abundant amount of rain so this year they are really showing off. Perhaps yours are just laying low this year.

  18. Not retiring yet? Well, I hope you enjoy each day and see it as a gift that you are giving to those you are teaching. Your blooms are just gorgeous! I especially love your hydrangeas. Mine didn’t do well this year (late freeze hurt them). I’m glad your mother is coming to visit, and that you plan on taking trips, retired or not.

    1. Thanks Holley. My hydrangeas had that same problem last year. Everyone at work is delighted I am not retiring which certainly makes me feel better.

    1. And then there is the smell of the dill Pam…an added bonus that is intoxicating. I find dill will keep self sowing if given the right conditions. It especially loves to reseed in my pea and bean bed.

  19. I have to collect these garden memes although I am kind of intimidated..but I will have to try one. Please enjoy your Mom..ask questions…love..cherish… I am thinking of my Mom this week and opportunities lost… Michelle

    1. I will do that Michelle. I hope your event with your mom’s art went well. Don’t feel intimidated by the memes out there…ease in and dip in your toes.

  20. Here I thought you were retired by now! Obviously not meant to be – yet.
    Enjoy the visit with your mother and getting to know your old friends again.

    1. It was quite a quick turn about Judith and I had a feeling it might happen. I am doing OK with the sudden change and hope to figure out next steps…my mom’s visit will be a shining moment for the summer.

  21. Gorgeous blooms…and I have to keep an eye out for Aster Yellows too, it’s so distressing to see the signs of it and have to rip out a plant…oh well, that’s gardening, I guess!

  22. Beautiful pictures and I love the quote at the top of your post. After several years as an itinerant gardener I finally have my own garden and I can’t begin to describe the pleasure it’s giving me. It’s so nice to find your blog and see your passion for the garden.

    All the best


    1. Chris I am so happy you have discovered my blog…I look forward to checking out your blog as well. It is wonderful when our gardens can bring us such pleasure.

    1. The okra is huge but the flowers are still tight in the bud…I bet they will pop up all at once and I will be overwhelmed with okra…can’t wait.

    1. I am working out logistics and hope to be able to work in some trips this spring…retirement will eventually come I am sure.

  23. I am sure it must be hard to have gotten ready for this big change in your life and now to have it not happen. I think you are wise to keep the special trips in your plans. Life is too short to postpone living! Your July garden must be pretty indeed. I am sure your mother will be delighted with your garden when she visits.

    1. She is looking forward to it Jennifer….I hope we can make some pickles together with the cukes that are growing like crazy.

  24. Hi Donna, Love your pretty pinks, especially the roses, Sweet William, and Asiatic lilies. Your photography is superb! There is a great deal of beauty in your garden and I’m glad I popped over to visit today!

  25. Dear Donna, I am sure you are a wonderful teacher and your retirement wasn’t meant to happen just yet. I am amazed that even with the demands of your job, you manage to garden, and write your wonderful blog. I love this posting and the ‘old friends’ theme illustrated with your superb photography. I can picture you sharing your favorite flowers with your mother. I envy you, as mine is no longer able to travel, and I so wish I could walk around my garden with her. Enjoy your mother’s visit, and I wish you a wonderful school year — your students are surely fortunate to have you a little longer. P. x

    1. Thank you so much Pam…I left the classroom a while back but I work now with teachers and principals through my job at the Central Office…they are ecstatic that I am staying….so it makes me feel better.

      I know how lucky I am to have my mom visit. I will cherish each minute.

  26. I didn’t realize you were a teacher! I’m a teacher, too, but retirement is a very long way off for me. I hope this year goes quickly for you. I love that your dill is so huge. The last time I grew it, it went to seed by mid-summer so I quit growing it. Enjoy your visit with your mom. :o)

    1. Oh another teacher how absolutely wonderful! As I said to Pam, I am now an administrator at the Central Office and I work with teachers a great deal. They were so happy when I announced at a Professional development week a couple of weeks ago that I was staying.

  27. Love that you seem to always gravitate to the sunny side of life, Donna. You inspire. Isn’t it comforting to have old friends in the garden?

    1. How sweet Carolyn to say such nice things…I do try to stay on the sunnier side as it doesn’t pay to get negative.

  28. What a wonderful post, Donna! I love how you equated friendship, old and new, with flowers. I enjoyed learning the meaning of each flower, and the pictures are fantastic. Now I know what you meant by your comment on my post about an unexpected change. Retirement or not, it sounds like you are embracing it gracefully. 🙂

  29. You have some beautiful old friends in the garden. I know your mother will enjoy her visit! Sorry to hear about your delayed retirement, but it will only be sweeter when it comes.

    1. I think mine is so tall because I grow it in the bean/pea bed where there is lots of nitrogen in the soil…the whole bed grows quite well.

  30. Again, I am so sorry to hear that your retirement will be postponed, but, as you say, it must be for the best. Many believe timing is everything, and I hope, for you, the time will be especially perfect next year. Looking at these beautiful blooms makes me miss all the blooms and color of the growing season but gives me so much to look forward to.

    1. Michelle what a delight to see this comment…so glad you could stop by. Yes I am looking forward to June and the day of retirement round 2 🙂

      I am already wishing for my garden to return…but like me she needs a good long rest!!!

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