Seasonal Celebrations-Spring Awakens

DSCN5790 “An optimist is the human personification of spring.”   ~ Susan J. Bissonette



I know many folks are feeling that they can’t wait for spring, and they wish it would hurry up.  As I don’t want to hurry up life, I have decided to embrace each moment of each day in each season….even if it means I have to wait another month for spring to arrive in my garden.  And I do understand the gardener’s obsession with needing to be out in the garden, planting and watching new growth emerge in spring….new flowers to bring us joy.

In many places now, spring is starting to take a foothold.  But not for a while here in the Northeast US. DSCN0035 Generally where I live we don’t see spring until mid to late March as it takes a while for the snow to melt.  And this year it may take longer as this has been the coldest winter on record.  So consequently the snow is not melting.  None of it.  And the Juncos (like this male pictured here) are scavenging the snow below the suet feeders for any droppings.

It can be hard to see other gardeners showing their flowers and plants, and rejoicing about their gardens waking up when all you see is white.  But truthfully I am happy they are seeing spring because I know it will be here soon too.  And we can all start to celebrate our new season as it awakens.  And that is why I love doing this meme, Seasonal Celebrations.  It is a chance for all of us to ring in the next season.


DSCN6502It is wonderful to notice the signs of the new season.  With the coming of spring, I will begin to notice more critter activity.  The sun is already rising and setting in different spots on the horizon.  And the daylight lingers longer and longer now.  But it is the birds that really show spring is coming.  They start to return or become more active….and they sing.  Oh do they sing.

While woodpeckers and nuthatches visit the suet feeders all winter, many more woodpeckers come back to find a hollowed out tree to raise their young.  One that we love to see return, to nest, is the Pileated Woodpecker (male pictured here).  Their drilling sound is unmistakable.



DSCN6376We are being visited by a few Eastern Bluebirds (male pictured here) weekly now.  They are my favorite, and I love to see them return to the garden looking for a nesting spot even this early.  The House Sparrows are also looking for a birdhouse or 2 to settle into.  And while the Cardinals (female pictured at the top of the post) are around all winter, they too are coming into the garden more.  





DSCN6053I do look forward to the Robins (female pictured here) returning from their local wintering groups, as they search for nesting areas.  But my true harbinger of spring is the Red-winged Blackbird.  I have a special poem on my other blog, on Sunday, about this bird that harkens in spring.





DSCN7684And soon we will see flocks of Canada Geese returning with the Blue Herons and the local Sparrows all looking for nesting sites.  And as spring marches forward the Baltimore Orioles (female pictured here) return along with the Hummingbirds.  It will be no time at all before I have to put up the Oriole and Hummingbird feeders for those early scouts.





DSCN8047And one of my favorite spring birds is the Cedar Waxwing (male pictured here).  They return in mid spring in large groups when it is warmer.  They are such fun to watch, especially in and around the pond.  I will have a critter post, on Thursday on my other blog, celebrating these wonderful birds.

And I will be counting down how long it takes for the pond to thaw this year as it is covered with ice and 4 feet of snow.  It is amazing how fast the garden thaws once spring really gets started.  And I begin to thaw too.



My spring mantra:

As spring begins to yawn and awaken from her deep sleep, I will be living each and every moment I can enveloped in her beauty.  From the rain, to the warm breezes and even the blips of cold and snow that will still show up.  I intend to watch spring slowly step into the here and now….from my indoor windows, my gazebo and under the outstretched limbs of my trees.

And like this baby Bluebird, as it begins to stretch its wings and learn to fly, so will I too….I have grand plans for spring.  The veg garden, the planting of annuals and containers, filling vases with glorious blooms and green leafy foliage and the rebirth of many areas of the garden…..and I am sure there will be a few screams when I finally see what damage the voles did this year.




A promise is a cloud; fulfilment is rain.  ~ Arabian Proverb






As I observe spring awakening, and celebrate this new season, I hope you will join in the celebration. I welcome those Down Under who will be celebrating the coming of autumn to join in too.  

All you have to do is write a post between now and March 22nd telling me how you are celebrating the new season.  Then leave a comment on this post with your link so I can include your link in my summary post on March 23rd.  

I do hope you will consider joining in celebrating the new season in your corner of the world.

And as always, I will be collaborating with Beth@Plant Postings and her Lessons Learned meme at this same time.  What lessons have you learned this past season of winter here in the North and summer in the South.  Write a separate post or combine your lessons with your celebrations for one post.


Next up on the blog:  

Monday will be time to review the February Garden.  And Thursday I will have another wildlife post on my new blog, Living From Happiness.  I’ll be spotlighting the wonderful Cedar Waxwing.

 I am linking in this post with Saturday’s Critters hosted by Eileen@Viewing nature with Eileen that happens every Saturday.

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86 Replies to “Seasonal Celebrations-Spring Awakens”

  1. I love all your bird photos! All their activity really pulls me through the winter. We don’t have your beautiful snow so the brown, drab landscape here gets a bit old by the time February rolls around and I’m itching for spring. Donna, It’s been a while but I am going to try to participate in the meme this time! Cheers to the new growing season that is just around the corner.

    1. Birds are amazing in how they can delight and energize us. And I can imagine the brown gets tiresome too Karin.

      You know I would love for you to participate and anything goes as a celebration post. Let’s hope we can get a break in the weather soon and see the winds shift to spring!

  2. A very interesting post, Donna!
    For me, it’s the birds and some fragrances that tell spring is coming. Especially the moment when you hear the great tit starting it’s spring song is intoxicating. I have cited Simon Barnes already many times in these days: “…though winter takes a long time in dying, its fate is sealed from the moment the great tit sings”. 🙂

    1. I love that Sara…your Great Tit is much like my Red-winged Blackbird! I am waiting patiently to see him return….let’s hope our birds show us spring is coming soon!

  3. Lovely cardinal shot at the beginning of your post! You have so many bird visitors! We didn’t seem to have as many in our Wisconsin garden this year for some reason. But I’m enjoying the Mockingbirds, Jays, Titmouses, and other bird visitors down here in Florida. Thanks for collaborating, Donna! 🙂

    1. Wasn’t she stunning. I am surprised you did not see as many birds Beth although they are saying the bird numbers are dropping too. How lovely to see birds in FL. It does help us deal with winter.

      You know I love collaborating with you!

        1. Thanks Beth for joining in and for your continued support of mu meme….I will have a Lessons Learned next Thursday on my new blog….just in time for spring.

  4. It is a while away for us also…but for some reason the snow keeps disappearing….could the Boo’s spring fever be a indication that it might come earlier than usual?

    I love your collection of birds, thank goodness the colors are bright, otherwise Winter would be a dull season.


    1. I hope Boo’s spring fever can rattle winter and get it marching out! I am sustained by our birds…we are considering a couple of feeders and a heated bird bath next year….that will draw even more birds in to the garden, and I know they will be happy!

  5. totally surprised about the bluebirds; ours don’t show up till sometime in late April or May… or maybe I just don’t see them… my poem today echoes the first few lines of your post… lol

    1. We have some bluebird houses and if there is enough fruit in the bushes and trees, they will stick around. They were in the garden all last year and through the whole winter. I need to get the birdhouses ready as they will be checking them out soon.

      Loved your poem Patti!

  6. The birds are wonderful. I like your idea of living each moment – we try and do that. Winter here in the Pacific Northwest is mostly rain rain rain and rain – keeps our state nice and green. I like a good rainy day to putter about in the house and cook a big pot of soup or stew. Sometimes we go to the ocean to enjoy a storm – and then when the sunshine does come it is especially enchanting. Our spring is long and soft – lots of daffodils and tulips and pansies – which I must get soon and get them into the planters. I will try and do a seasonal celebration – I love that idea.

    1. Oh JoAnn that would be wonderful to have you participating in the Celebration….it seems you folks in the PNW had some nicer weather this year. My brother used to live in and around Seattle and we would visit….it did rain quite a bit, but oh it is so green there and the gardening so different.

  7. You are wise to enjoy everything spring brings with it when it returns to your garden Donna. Whilst I love the snow, I’m not sure I love as much of it as you get over there.
    Your bird pictures are beautiful and it’s nice to think ahead to their return. Birds are signing here now too. Isn’t it lovely.

  8. The birds are singing their hearts out here too, Donna, and I’ve seen many signs of nest building. Your birds are generally more colorful than those in my garden – I’m glad you have them on hand to divert your attention from the snow.

    1. Can you believe I took the cardinal picture about 6 feet away from a tiny window I was looking through as she sat on a small tree off the front porch…I also love the house wrens song…..hoping they make a home in the wren house again this year. I think we will be seeing the birds flocking back soon Sue.

  9. Your bird photos are wonderful. You have such colourful birds too! The birds have started singing and chirping here too – a lovely sound.

  10. Great pictures, you’ve really captured the characters of the birds! I hope spring starts moving north soon, I feel like every one of my posts this time of year are a celebration of the season!

    1. Thanks frank! You are trying to keep spring front and center….but if you decide you want to join in please do…I would love it!

      We are SUPPOSED to be a 40 degree day midweek….if we do then I think we may have begun the slow turn.

  11. I will try to live by your mantra too. I don’t want to hurry through life either. Each day has its charms. I’ve noticed that in spite of this week’s snowfall on three different days, the birds are singing their spring songs. The male Cardinals are starting to get territorial so I know spring is coming. Thank you for the beautiful bird pictures.~~Dee

    1. Hi Dee….so glad you stopped by! I am waiting for the sign of a bit more activity here, and we are supposed to warm to 30. I think as we do the birds will start bringing on spring here too! So glad you enjoyed the post!

  12. A lovely post, Donna, and a good reminder to us all to enjoy each and every day. Having been under the weather with a nasty virus the past week, I am just thankful to finally have the energy to do some dusting and vacuuming–talk about simple pleasures:) Your bird photos are beautiful! You have some birds we don’t see here, such as the Pileated Woodpecker–gorgeous!

    1. Our Pileated is an amazing sight…the king of the woodpeckers…Woody Woodpecker! I actually saw one this week in our trees and that is a hopeful sign. Feel better Rose. I bet soon you will have a “spring” in your step as the weather shifts.

  13. Hello Donna, I enjoyed your post and all your pretty birds. The Bluebirds are one of my favorites..The Pileated Woodpecker is a COOL woodie.. You have a nice variety of winter birds there..

    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

  14. I’m going to try to take your example to heart and make the best of every day, Donna. But I’m not making any promises. I very much wish we had bluebirds here, but I think this area is too urban. They like open fields, don’t they? Great bird photos.

    1. I am not perfect either Jason especially as we get closer to spring and the snow starts to melt….then I fall into that hurry up mindset. 🙂

      Yes unfortunately bluebirds like open fields and are not usually found in urban areas. Glad you enjoyed the photos. The birds were very accommodating last year.

  15. I agree we should be content with the season and day we are in no matter how good or bad it is. Not good to wish your life away! Spring will come at the right time, so we have to be patience. Love all your photographs. Have a lovely weekend.

  16. Such a beautiful outlook Donna! I am surprised by the Bluebirds! I actually saw – with my own two eyes – several Bluebirds down here in Florida. I haven’t seen any since I was a little girl. I am not sure I have enough “meadow” to attract Bluebirds but one of these days I am going to invest in a Bluebird house that deters house sparrows because I have plenty of those. I plan to return the first day of Spring. I miss the happenings in my garden. I’m sure I won’t miss too much of Spring with the cold temperatures and snow we’ve had but I’ll remember this post and celebrate each day!

    1. Kathy we do have year round bluebirds because it was a former swampy meadow area here. I think they live up and down the coast. Good luck preventing the house sparrows…it is weeks of vigilance.

      Lucky you returning in Spring….enjoy your weather down there.

  17. Wonderful photos of the birds! I wouldn’t mind winter at all if the weather stayed wintry, but I hate this back and forth between warm and wet and then cold and ice again.

    1. We don’t mind winter. I wish we had a bit of some thaw here and there in our winter though….it was bitter cold and we couldn’t get out enough….but the birds are amazing what they will endure.

    1. Thank you…so glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes our winter lasts a bit longer than the other months….I would love a longer spring instead.

  18. I made just one resolution this New Year — to live in the moment. In other words, to stop wishing my life away. So I totally agree with you, Donna.
    Your pileated woodpecker picture is my favorite. I am always so excited when I see one close enough to photograph, that my hands shake and I get a blurry picture. I just wrote a ‘Lessons Learned’ posting, and will do a Celebrations one soon. P. x

  19. You have beautiful bird photos from in your garden. I agree not to wish life along and enjoy the time we have here on this earth. I would hate to lose even one minute of life. I never heard that proverb, and it really is one to think about.

    1. I appreciate your feedback Donna…glad you enjoyed the post and the proverb…it really struck a chord with me too!

  20. Donna-I loved the message behind your post and the photos of the beautiful birds. Our snow is finally starting to melt slightly with temperatures in the 20’s and 40’s in the forecast for the upcoming week. I am wishing for spring but am trying to enjoy every moment of the winter while waiting, and will take your message to heart.

    1. Oh thanks so much Lee….we are supposed to have similar weather which will signal the first shift so take heart that spring is coming!

  21. I always feel sorry for the female Cardinals for not being the beautiful red of the males, but I think that is the most delicately colored and adorable female Cardinal I’ve ever seen, I wish they were in my area. My NY sister has a lot. Sigh. I guess there are perks to the cold winters. I like all your birds, I do have Pileated Woodpeckers but haven’t seen them nesting.

  22. Lovely to see all your pretty bird photos, you have so many colourful birds over in the states 🙂 I must admit I can’t wait for spring to arrive and I really enjoy the fact that I can work in my garden all year round here in London. As I am originally from Norway I am used to 5 months of snow and really, really cold weather, often down to minus 30 F and below in January and February. After 15 years in London I am still amazed by having crocuses, camellias and rhododendrons in flower in February. I don’t miss the snow, apart from at Christmas, but it is a small price to pay for the climate I now enjoy.
    I know spring is coming later to you, but once it happens I guess it is very much like in Norway, very quick and all at once – everything burst into action in a few short weeks. Just hang in there, spring is coming soon 🙂

    1. London weather does sound perfect for gardening Helene as there is little waiting for blooms to appear. Mine are waiting under our snow….it won’t be long now.

  23. What a gorgeous celebration of the tiny visitors you have, even if they do not make up for a late Spring I believe they are helping you in taking it the way it comes…slow and beautiful one day at a time. Spring is on its way…

  24. Increased bird activity is a sure sign of spring here! A commenter left the URL of Berry College’s web cam of an eagle’s nest on their campus near Rome, Georgia; and I have enjoyed watching a pair of nesting Bald Eagles and their two little babies, who are growing rapidly. It makes me realize what must be going on in all sorts of nests all over my garden!

    1. Oh I bet that is wonderful to watch Deb. We have eagles across the street somewhere on the lake…we seem them flying high every so often.

    1. Absolutely Tina…it is hard to sit and wait through March seeing each snowflake melt slowly. But it is fun to see as it melts what is discovered underneath.

  25. Spring has yet to arrive for me but I have almost 70 seed cups in my basement, which is keeping me from going crazy. I did see a chickadee house hunting in my birdhouses so maybe spring is closer than it appears!

    1. Oh those birds are bringing spring to you soon! Wow 70 seed cups is a lot, but it is amazing how quickly we plant them once spring is here….

  26. I love this meme. Since Spring has fully arrived in the Pacific Northwest and left us all breathless with its warmth, I am participating in your Seasonal Celebrations with a post that will go live in about a week entitled: The Yin and Yang of Spring. I hope it’s okay to send you the link just as soon as it goes live. I’m writing it today, then I have to put all the photos in, (which is not my strong suit.) But I will be joining both you and Beth for sure!

    1. Oh thank you Susan….I am so happy you enjoy the meme and will be participating. I look forward to it and absolutely just send me the link once you are set with your post.

  27. Oh my, the little bird that heads this site is just SO BEAUTIFUL, breathtakingly beautiful. I would LOVE to participate! This evening I have been researching ideas to bring spring into my home. The grandchildren and I put out Easter decorations yesterday. I will link up when I do a post!

    1. Gayle how exciting to have you participate in Seasonal Celebrations…that lovely bird at the head of the post is a female Cardinal. Isn’t she just stunning.

  28. I just posted my mini-celebration of spring along with some lessons from the past winter. Thanks for hosting this, Donna; I hope that spring has finally found you, too!

    1. Oh Rose this is wonderful to have join in….our very slight beginning to spring is now frozen again in winter….but it will have to be released soon, right?!

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