Seasonal Celebrations-Summer Serenity


“Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking time to soak up a little peace and serenity.”  ~Lindley Kartens



When I think about summer, I think back to those sweet memories of a my childhood summers.  Where we played from dawn until dusk…not a moment wasted indoors.  Doing all the things we loved.  Looking forward to swimming, running, biking, vacations, special treats of ice cream and popsicles.

And somewhere I lost that childhood summer.  I didn’t have to….it just happened as I allowed life, work and other things take hold.  I admire those who kept their childhood summers sacred into adulthood, and made sure they enjoyed their summers to the fullest.

I worked almost every summer as an adult, and rarely had time for play or vacations…such a pity really.  But it doesn’t DSCN9087have to be this way now.  Last summer I was resting and recuperating from surgery.  But I hope to recapture some of my childhood summer this year.

So what would a childhood summer be like now….it would be beautiful serenity in all its forms.  Isn’t that what summer is meant to be really.  A time for kicking back and finding time to relax, contemplate and enjoy life.  And making my own popsicles….yummy!



I am dedicating this summer celebration to my childhood memories, and am making a commitment to add some important activities to my days….so here goes:


First and foremost….wake with or just before the sunrise.  Make sure to see each sunrise as it happens.  If anything can bring you nearer to heaven, God and your soul, it is watching the day break slowly and engaging your senses.


“Go outside today (pajamas permitted) and visit your plants.  Just a few minutes of this quiet time of reflection and inspection can change the way you look at and tend your garden….Cultivate wonder in your garden, and expect the unexpected.”  ~Sharon Lovejoy


Isn’t Sharon so wise.  I do this, but not daily.  I think it must become a daily habit this summer.  It is amazing what you will see.  I especially love how the rising sun touches each plant and flower….I feel like a child discovering the world of light for the first time, each time I do this.  And I think this kind of practice can not only tend your garden, but it will help me tend my life and cultivate wonder in it as well.  So I am bringing my morning coffee or tea (I love both) out with me and my camera (some days).



And what might I see or hear in my early morning garden that would bring me such serenity?  The buzz of the bees, and the energetic hum that permeates the garden as it wakes with me.  





The sound of water is also an important part of my summer.  I loved the beach as a child, and miss not living closer.  But with our pond, I can have water with me daily in summer.  Hearing the water fall over the rocks is so soothing.  I love to sit on the rock just beside the waterfall, and watch the water and frogs as time slowly passes.  





Summer rain is a welcome relief in the garden.  I enjoy watching storms and rain.  The sky darkening, the crack of thunder and the rush of water as it saturates and brings life to the thirsty garden.  It is amazing how rejuvenated I feel too after a rainstorm.  If there is no danger of lightning, I plan to sit out on the patio or porch, and enjoy the feel and sound of the rain as I did as a child.





And it wouldn’t be summer without fresh veggies and fruit, eaten right out of the garden as we used to do.  I think I enjoy growing my own not just for the flavor, but the memories of picking veggies as a snack as I wandered through the veg garden my mother and father grew.  I never find it a chore to tend the veg garden, and it seems to get bigger each year.  I do find such peacefulness there among the beans and peas growing on the vine, and picking the weeds out to give the veggies a better chance.  And then harvesting what is ripe at the moment, and using the fruits of our labor for the evening meal….pure bliss.




My summer mantra:

I found this wonderful quote that seemed to ignite my seasonal celebration of summer:


“Some people plant in the spring and leave in the summer.  If you’re signed up for a season, see it through.  You don’t have to stay forever, but at least stay until you see it through.”  ~Jim Rohn


For me, this quote to says make a commitment this summer to enjoy the season through the heat, humidity, weeds, mosquitoes and all the rest of the sometimes unpleasant aspects we may dwell on.  Stay and really feel the season….see the beauty given to us through all our senses…the scented flowers, the chirping birds, the taste of fresh fruits and veggies, the soft grass and velvety smooth plants and colorful flowers we pick for vases.  It is all there to be enjoyed, to bring us peace, happiness and solace.  

Perhaps more time sitting and observing the garden from the gazebo…even writing and drawing there.  Or a nap.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful.  So what’s stopping me!  Nothing….I hope you will join me in my celebration of summer, or whatever season you are experiencing now.  Details on how to join in are below.




As I feel summer’s call, and celebrate this new season, I hope you will join in the celebration. I welcome those Down Under who will be celebrating the coming of winter to join in too.  

All you have to do is write a post between now and June 21st telling me how you are celebrating the new season.  Then leave a comment on this post with your link so I can include your link in my summary post on June 22nd.  

I do hope you will consider joining in the Seasonal Celebrations meme as we celebrate the new season in your corner of the world.

And as always, I will be collaborating with Beth@Plant Postings and her Lessons Learned meme at this same time.  What lessons have you learned this past season of spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.  Write a separate post or combine your Lessons with your Celebrations for one post.


Next up on the blog:  

On Monday, I will have my May garden wrap up.  I hope you will join me.  There was so much going on in May, I will need the summer to catch my breath. 


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