A Spooky Fall Garden



“In nature, everything has a job. The job of the fog is to beautify further the existing beauties!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan



When fog visits the garden in fall, I am that child again who races outside to stand in it, breathe it in and marvel at how everything looks different, almost spooky.  

If you have been in fog, then you know the heavy feeling in the air as it fills your lungs.  Almost breathing in liquid.  The first time I remember seeing fog was when I was walking to the bus stop in first grade.  You could hardly see the sidewalk, and of course with all the fog I had to walk in the street to feel the full effect.  Not a safe decision, but I was too enthralled with this new experience.  All I knew was the clouds had come down from the sky to kiss me.  And oh what an experience to walk in the clouds for the first time.  I jumped and ran and bounced barely making the bus.  But I will never forget that first time I walked in the clouds.

This fall, in late September, we had a particularly spectacular morning fog.  One that would burn off in time, so I made haste to capture what I could.




This was what the sky looked like when I came outside that morning (on the left).  The sun was trying to shine through making everything glow in the fog.  I was sure it wouldn’t last, but as I wandered for what seemed like an hour, I noticed it was getting darker, not lighter.  Can you see the sun barely visible in the center picture?  The sun looked like it was being swallowed by the fog until it was gone.  And the air seemed to get even thicker with the heavy fog making it almost difficult to breathe.





Don’t you love this view.  The gazebo shrouded in the foggy mist….come closer and see what lies inside….bwahhahaha!

I love haunted houses, but a haunted gazebo?  No not spooky, but a wonderful scene.




DSCN5142The close-up view around the pond made it look almost spooky to me.  It also had the look of a lake effect snow day, but no white stuff falling.  Just the heavy foggy skies that come with that kind of snow.  The view at the top of the post is a similar view just taken from a bit farther away.





Here the tall helianthus, that grow near the fence, frame the foggy woods in my neighbors meadow area.  Thankfully on this foggy day, the leaves were just turning and the yellow native helianthus were still blooming, so there were some bright colors in the garden brightening my way.





This is the view from my meadow covered in the fog.  Have you noticed in fog that there is an eerie silence. And as the fog thickens the colors seem to fade like those in the distant woods here.  



I thought it would be fun to also capture the foggy garden in black and white.  I wondered what the result might be.  I think it looks even spookier…


DSCN5171Enter the garden if you dare.  There is a huge spider web in the corner of the arch so be careful and stay to the left.  

As the fog thickened the contrasts were even more stunning in black and white.




DSCN5173The pond shrouded in fog makes for another ghostly scene.



 DSCN5163This the same spot where I was standing in front of the archway, but turned 90 degrees looking toward the patio and trees.  The trees are disappearing…  





But as the fog started to lift the colors returned although a bit fuzzy still.





Clearer now outlining the spider webs throughout the garden.  The blackened flowers still drenched with dew lending a lingering creepy feel to the garden.  I spent a good long time out in the dreamy fog that day, feeling more blissful than frightened.  Transported back to 50 years ago.  Remembering my first foggy morning.


Do you love the fog?  Or do you find it frightening?


I leave you with one of my favorite images of the day, the huge spider web in the corner of the arch.  A work of art and a perfect picture for Halloween which is just around the corner….fade to spooky laughter….hahahahaha!!!!!  



Sometimes we need the fog to remind ourselves
that all of life is not black and white.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie 








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