Flower Friends in June


Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time – like to have a friend takes time.

Georgia O’Keeffe



A dear friend introduced me several year’s ago to the beautiful paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe.  She framed a set of commemorative Georgia O’Keeffe stamps that had the above quote.  That quote has stuck with me to this day and speaks to what friendship is about for me.

And this Thursday is my mom’s birthday.  She turns 82 years young.  She does not act like she is 82 and does not want to live with DSCN8116old people.  She likes to be independent and still drives.  Her health has not be the best of late, but she hopes to sell her house and move into an apartment not necessarily at a seniors facility.  She was supposed to visit last summer, but became too ill to travel here.

My mom and I are both Geminis which explains why there are times we butt heads…too much alike.  But most of the time since I have been adult, we have formed a strong friendship and call each other to talk about our various triumphs and tribulations.  I was her therapist during my dad’s long illness and we held each other up throughout his funeral all those year’s ago.  I consider her a close friend as well as my mom.

So for this Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day (GBBD), I will be highlighting  2 flowers I grow in my garden that have special meaning for me, and that Georgia O’Keeffe painted; poppies and irises.

I am linking in with Carol@May Dreams Gardens, where she hosts GBBD on the 15th of every month.



Let’s start with the poppies that are blooming in my garden.  Poppies can mean Eternal Sleep, Oblivion and Imagination.


This is a salmon colored poppy that I love in my front garden.  The orange poppy is also in the front even though I moved it last year.  Some remained and bloomed bigger than ever.  I love how poppies appear as though they are made of folded paper.  They glow when the light of the sun hits them.




Iris are a particular favorite flower of mine, and I have so many now growing that I hardly know their names except for a few.  This year the iris in the beds are growing bigger and better than in past years.  The cold winter kept many of the Siberian iris on the short side.  All of my irises need to be divided.  That big job will be done in late summer or fall.  The only ones that did not bloom are those that are in the now dried up rain gardens.

Iris have many special meanings:  Your Friendship Means So Much to Me, Faith; Hope and Wisdom to name a few.



This is one of the few yellow ones that I have, and I think this one was given to me by a fellow blogger.  Most of my iris are some variation of purple.




This one I know was given to me by Becky@Plants and Stones.  It has really grown in.



white iris These irises are in the white garden.  There are 2 Siberian and 1 bearded variety.





I was happy and surprised to see so many Siberian irises blooming before the bearded iris this year soon after I came home from the hospital, and they have lasted for a couple of weeks.  I have even spied hummers drinking from the Siberian irises.





This bearded iris is ‘Batik”.  It needs dividing as it only flowers a third of what it used to.  I adore the painted look of the petals.





This Siberian iris was given to me by a dear friend when she moved.  I lost the tag years ago but it is one of my favorites as it holds great sentiment for me.




There are many lessons I take from my garden.  Right now I am learning that it is vital to take time for the important things in my life and garden.  Most important is time to heal so I can enjoy bountiful health.  The seeds I plant need to have time to grow properly.   If they are not given the right light, water, soil and nutrients they cannot grow to flower or fruit.

And I know when I plant anything in my garden, I am sowing seeds that will blossom into lasting relationships.  It’s as if I am with friends and family when I walk around my garden.


I am sharing this lesson with Beth@PlantPostings for her wonderful Garden Lessons Learned meme.  I hope you will join her.






A flower touches everyone’s heart.  ~Georgia O’Keeffe






As the summer solstice approaches, I hope you will consider joining in my seasonal meme.   Write a post and tell us how you celebrate your summer or summer memories?  Of course in the Southern hemisphere, we want to hear about your winter celebrations.  

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Next up on the blog:  Next Monday I will highlight some of the great foliage in the garden.

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75 Replies to “Flower Friends in June”

  1. Happy Birthday to your mother, Donna. I loved your photos of the poppies.
    I had one entire iris bed that failed to produce even 1 flower. Most likely it was because it didn’t get enough sun or it was too wet and cold for so long up here.

    1. I find that they do need ample sun and that is usually the culprit or they may need to be divided….the cold and snow seems to have spurred mine to bloom more than ever….although you had more snow, but it does act as an insulator.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mum, I hope she has a lovely day, it is sad you are so far apart; will she be well enough to visit you this year? You are right that it takes time and work to keep friendship going; take it for granted and it might just slip away.

    1. Thanks Christina. I have learned that lesson the hard way. My mom is hoping to visit us in October this year. She has a 60th reunion on the east coast in late September. She plans to come here after that if all works out.

  3. Happy Birthday to your mum! I hope when I’m 82 that I’ll still have the drive and the independence to continue to live on my own terms. I love poppies and Irises too. Have you tried the Gerald Darby iris, with its purple new spring growth? I just planted it this year and I love it already.

    1. I hope I do too Alison. My Aunt, my mom’s sister is 92….amazing!

      No I don’t think I have this iris, but I love the pictures I have seen of it.

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom and happy blooms and lessons to you! You have a fabulouse collection of Irises, Donna. I have just one variety, and I don’t even know what it is. It was given to me by a friend several years ago, starting with a few tubers and multiplying so much that I’ve divided them a couple of times and given some away. Thanks for joining in!

    1. So nice to divide irises and share them around the garden. I am hoping to do this in the fall….it will look so nice to see even more irises.

  5. I hope I’m still that independent when I’m 82! Hope you get to see your mum soon Donna. Being apart from family is something I still find very hard. I also love Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings, and those poppy photos are lovely!

    1. Thanks Cathy…I am keeping my fingers crossed that she visits in Oct and I can visit her over the holidays in December.

  6. Your mom’s birthday is the day before mine, Donna, and my mom’s would be on June 26th…almost a Geimini. Isn’t that interesting! She’d be 98 if she were still alive. I always think of irises when I think of my mom because she died with/of Alzheimer’s. The Iris Murdock movie named “Iris” is one of my favorites. I think she and Mom often walk the Universe together!

    1. I noticed your birthday was close to hers and that you were also a Gemini which explains a lot….my Aunt calls irises “flags” as that was the common name she grew up with!

      My dad also died with/of Alzheimer’s so irises and roses mean a lot to me…my mom and dad loved roses and roses are the flower of the month for June.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday to your mom! What a wonderful thing that she is active and enjoying her life. I hope the apartment move goes well. Ah, poppies, a gardener’s delight. Mine are just starting to really grow their leaves. The blooms are papery thin. I also think of them as looking like bone china or porcelain. So beautiful to see.~~Dee

  8. Donna, the poppies are stunning! I love the quote about friendship, so true. Nice that you have such a lovely relationship with your mom. Hope you’re back to good health. Sorry I’m a little behind on reading and not sure if you had surgery yet. Take care! 🙂

    1. Loredana, I did have the surgery about 3.5 weeks ago and had a few setbacks but I am doing much better except for an allergic reaction to something they used….the rash is very annoying but I hope it goes away soon. Still limited in what I can do, but hope to be back out and about in the garden by July. Thanks for your well wishes!!

  9. Hi Donna, our mothers are almost of the same age, mine is 84. She is still agile and still very strong headed that we often clash. Its nice if your mother is also your friend, unlike us. Here our olds join the children and their families in their households. We don’t relinquish them in old people facilities, our culture is not like that. Our old people will feel neglected and thrown away if we do that, so we keep them in our homes, no matter what. At least they feel they still belong till they leave earth.

    1. Andrea many cultures keep their parents and grandparents living with them but infrequently here although in Italian families you will find we do. I wish more people did as you do. Unfortunately, my mother does not want to live with her kids as she is so independent, but if we needed to we would keep her with us.

  10. I love the poppies!…. I also love the iris… I typed in snapdragon and had to change it… My Mom loved them and have been thinking about her a lot… I get rashes from any adhesives that are used and some medications… Being itchy just adds to the joy… Healing hugs

  11. I, too, love poppies. I have the same, or similar, salmon colored poppy. It is in bloom now in my garden. Each year I add some more, different colors. Still trying to get Patty’s Plum to take.

    1. I am having problems with getting Patty’s Plum to take as well. I scattered the seed and nothing so next year I may start it indoors and see if it will grow.

  12. The salmon colored Poppy looks like it is made of paper! Even though our Iris are long gone for the season, I can enjoy yours today! Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  13. I too enjoy this time of year for iris, poppies and friends. I think many gardens are filled with plants lovingly given and remind us of those that gave and are no longer with us. Each bloom year, they are remembered with the flowers that open. I have given many to clients, and hope one day to be remembered fondly. My mom did not make it past 78 so I wish your mom best of health.

    1. It is wonderful to see the blooms of precious plants as if friends were blooming in the garden!! Thank you for the well wishes for my mom.

  14. Happy Birthday to your Mom! I love poppies, they are one of my favorites along with the irises.. Gorgeous flowers and photos. I enjoy coming to see your posts every week, it is a delight just to see what your are growing in your gardens. Have a happy week!

    1. Oh Eileen thank you. I am so happy to hear you enjoy my posts. I found a few surprises blooming this week that were a delight.

  15. Happy birthday to your Mom! Poppies are a recent favorite of mine and your color is great. The irises are amazing–so colorful and beautiful.

  16. Hope you are feeling better. So sorry to be out of touch but this season has been a nightmare. I love iris but am getting very frustrated with the tall bearded type. Just as they bloom and look beautiful it rains and they fall over. A friend suggested that I try some of the varieties with smaller flowers.

    1. For some reason this year I am not having that problem…maybe it is the weeds surrounding them that holds them up 🙂

      I hope things smooth out for you Carolyn….I am doing well and hope to be out in the garden very soon.

  17. Your iris are truly beautiful, Donna. Love the poppies too. I have one oriental poppy and I am growing Papaver somniferum (the fringed pink/lavender) poppy as well. It’s an annual that self-sows readily and oh, is it ever beautiful. I can share seeds this fall if you are interested. Hope you are feeling better and enjoying your garden.
    Hugs, Beth

  18. Oh Beth they sound lovely, the Papaver somniferum. I would love seed if you have enough. I will find a perfect spot for them so they have room to self seed.

  19. Beautiful collection of irises. Isn’t there a North American native yellow iris? Best wishes to your mom.

    1. Thank you Jason. There actually is an invasive yellow iris in the US. Most of the native irises that are aquatic are purple. I am hoping my natives in the pond will bloom again this year, but they have not as yet.

  20. I love Georgia O’Keefe and saw an exhibit of her work several years ago. I have plants I”m sentimental about, too. It makes gardening even more meaningful. 🙂

  21. Happy GBBD! I normally hate the color orange but not when it comes to flowers…they stand out so. I, also, love Georgia O’keefe but a lot of her work I found provactive…I attempted to give a print as a gift and discovered this, but unbelievable work she does

    1. That is so true Janie. But her poppy paintings seem to be OK. The commemorative stamp is from her orange poppy painting which is a “safe” one. So glad you visited and that you enjoyed the poppies.

  22. I can see why Georgia O’Keefe was partial to poppies–they’re so photogenic that they were perfect subjects for her paintings as well. Lovely irises–most of mine have been given to me by friends and family as well. I don’t know their names either, but the sentimental attachment means so much more, doesn’t it? Hope you are on the road to recovery, Donna, and a very Happy Birthday to your mother!

    1. So glad you enjoyed my flower friends Rose. I am doing so much better 4 weeks after surgery now….once I get rid of the rash that developed, it will be smooth sailing.

  23. poppies, poppies, poppies….:)
    I LOVE the beauty blooming over here today;
    what a brilliance of blossoms!
    And embarrassment of riches:)
    Thanks for this really generous share,

  24. Please send my birthday wishes to your mum – I hope she has a lovely day. My mum lives with me and although we do not share the same birth sign our birthdays are very close, both of us on the cusp between Sagitarius/Capricorn – we often have our moments but wouldn’t have it any other way!
    Your Iris are stunning Donna. I’m not sure I’d be able to leave my garden if there was so many gorgeous blooms as this. Happy Bloom Day

  25. Beautiful photos — and yes, we do need to nurture ourselves just like our gardens! This year I’ve resolved to cultivate a better mindset by visiting and commenting on a positive blog every day, while keeping a list on my own blog as a reference. I’ve added yours as today’s entry. Thanks for sharing your flowers and your good cheer!

  26. The purple iris has always been a favorite of mine. I used to get three for $3 at Nob Hill Grocery Store in Monterey California. And the poppy is a singular piece of art. I love your flowers!

  27. I’m glad you are taking time to heal from your surgery, and enjoy the flowers. I have many that are like old friends too. It’s great you get to enjoy a friendship with your mom as well, the last 10 years of my mother’s life she had no short-term memory so was a little hard to converse with.
    Your irises look great, I like it that Siberian irises seem to take care of themselves more, and not be as demanding about being divided. Lovely!

  28. I agree Hannah about the Siberian iris. And thank you for the lovely sentiments. Everyday I get closer to feeling well enough to get back out in that soil.

    1. Patsy Bell how lovely of you to visit and I am happy you like the blog especially the poppies. I like the name of your blog and those sunflowers you have growing. I tried to leave a comment but could not.

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