In A Vase On Monday-A Pretty Posy


Ring around the rosy
A pocketful of posies
“Ashes, Ashes”
We all fall down

American version of popular Nursery Rhyme


So it is Monday and time for another vase of lovely flowers from the garden.  I have abandoned my usual schedule of posts on Mondays and it looks like I will be joining Cathy@Rambling in the Garden for her meme, In a Vase on Monday.  I will have my garden book review on Wednesday.  I am also linking in with Today’s Flowers hosted by Denise@An English Girl Rambles. 

I thought I would use a different vase…. a sweet smaller vase as there were some wonderful small roses blooming.  





These are two of my favorite small vases.  OK one is a Polish Pottery creamer, but it makes a great vase.  





I put some lovely lily-of-the-valley in one right before I went into the hospital for my surgery in mid-May.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to enjoy them in the garden and I hated to miss them.  

But  which vase I used would depend on what flowers caught my eye.  





I had some great ideas, but as soon as I descended the back steps onto the patio, a beautiful bunch of flowers caught my eye.  Purple hosta flowers.  Now many purple hosta flowers are nice, but most droop and fade fast.  Then there are the sweet-smelling light purple or white flowers but many are not open yet.  No these were distinct, upright blooming and just opening.  Gorgeous in bud.  

And right next to them were the fragrant leaves of the groundcover, Houttuynia cordata ‘Chameleon’.  I know they don’t have the variegated leaves yet, but the shape and color around the edges was perfect.  I planted 3 pieces of this about 4 years ago and it has taken over…so much so I will rip most of it, and it will return again in summer.  It is very invasive so I throw all remnants away as I don’t want it in my compost pile.





Now the main reason I wanted a small posy bouquet was because I thought there would be some stray sweet pea flowers hanging about.  Liz@Gwirrel’s Garden had mentioned she had not planted sweet peas this year, and I had been noticing mine.  So it seemed perfect to add to the bouquet.  And I am dedicating this little posy to Liz…I hope you like the sweet peas I picked for you!





I needed some delicate flowers to add to the posy so I spied oregano in bloom.  It has the sweetest white flowers.  And then I noticed the fleabane blooming with its delicate pale purple, almost white, daisy flowers.  As I held the posy in my hand it felt just right.  So now to pick the vase.





  As you can see I opted for the brown and orange glass vase.  I love how it looks  here in the sunlight.





And here is the vase in all its splendor.  I really like how it came out….such a happy little bouquet so cheerful in the morning sunlight.





The vase is now where it will stay on top of the fireplace mantel with this lovely hand-painted Spanish fan as a backdrop.  The fan was a present from a friend when she made one of her trips to Spain to visit her daughter there.  

I really enjoyed making this arrangement.  So many flowers and so little time.  Those fairy roses are still calling so I best think about those for next week….



Do you have a favorite flower that is calling to you from the garden?  Think about snipping it and bringing it inside. 




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Next up on the blog:  Wednesday brings another Garden Book Review.  And with the end of the month, I will be reviewing what has been happening in the garden this past month on Monday.  You know I will include another vase in that post.

I am also joining in I Heart Macro with Laura@Shine The Divine that happens every Saturday.

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42 Replies to “In A Vase On Monday-A Pretty Posy”

  1. A charming arrangement Donna. Love all your beautiful vases too. I planted seeds for annual sweet peas this year but had no luck with them. Usually my perennial sweet pea is nice for a time but the weather did them in. Next year though…

    1. Thanks Susie. The sweet peas popped up after a while…I don’t remember planting any perennials but I must have….and they run wild in one area. I think all the rain we are having may revive the sweet peas to bloom more which will be nice as I have need for them in another vase or two. πŸ™‚

  2. Your little arrangement is beautiful! I don’t have any luck with sweet peas either. I never would have thought to use the leaves from the chameleon plant in an arrangement, but they are just perfect as far as size and color. I have that plant growing in an area that I’m trying to get rid of and it’s about impossible. Will keep at it though-

    1. I doubt I will ever be rid of the chameleon plant either Sue so it may find its way into more vases as it is long lasting and has a great fragrance.

  3. I love your Polish pottery creamer! Yes, I would use it all the time as a vase too. I have a milk pitcher–blue & white–that I love to put flowers in. For me right now, I am filling the house with large vases of deep blue hydrangeas, especially in one vase that is very tall so they drape over, and in the others dahlias, dahlias, and more dahlias! What a time of year this is for glorious flowers.

    1. Oh Susie what I wouldn’t give for your dahlias and those stunning blue hydrangeas…I would be picking them constantly too!! You should post some of your vases…I need a bit of a fix from your garden πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Donna,

    Lovely little arrangement, I love that you’ve used fleabane in your arrangement. I wish I could grow it here, but it just doesn’t seem to like my garden… One day perhaps.

    1. Fleabane is native here so it seems to happily grow everywhere and anywhere making it perfect for arrangements although it doesn’t last long in the vase. Glad you enjoyed the posy Liz!

  5. My own sweet peas are long gone so it’s nice to see them again. I always forget about my flowering oregano when I prepare my bouquets – with your bouquet as a reminder, maybe those will find a place in my vase sometime soon.

    1. it is amazing Kris what is in our gardens to add to our vases. I am having so much fun wandering around just looking for what catches my fancy each week.

  6. You are so right in your last comment that it is amazing what we can find to add to our vases – however much we love our gardens it’s like looking at them with a different pair of eyes when we prepare our Monday vases, isn’t it?! I love your little posy and all the reasoning behind it, from choosing the vase to dedicating it to Liz in the absence of any sweet peas of her own. Interesting about the Houttuynia – for some reason it struggles here and yet as you say it is known generally to be rampant. Doesn’t your vase look different against the fan – it’s a great idea to show those contrasts, something we could all try. Thanks for joining in πŸ™‚

    1. Cathy I can’t thank you enough for creating this meme as it has indeed made me look at my garden differently and it has allowed me to be more creative in my choices for the vase and how to photograph and display it. And so many creative posts to explore and learn from.

      It is funny how Houttuynia struggles for you….I think I gave it just the right conditions πŸ™‚ So glad you really enjoyed the posy!

  7. What a lovely posy – I would never have thought to add the Houttuynia leaves to an arrangement but they look so good I will have remember to add them to a posy of mine. The flowers look lovely in the vase you finally settled on. Your pretty little blue jug has reminded me that I need to do something about lily of the valley … I did plant some but they did not flourish and I so want the flowers growing in my garden. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! It took a while for the lily of the valley to take hold and then flourish…good luck and perhaps they will surprise you yet.

  8. Beautiful little posy! I have a hard time picking flowers for a vase unless I am taking them with me to share with people when I give a talk, but I love seeing the beautiful arrangements that others make. Maybe I’d like picking my own and arranging them if I was better at it!

    1. I just decided to start and with a bit of practice it has been loads of fun doing this for me….Cynthia you must have the talent if you have been bringing flowers to share. Make two for you and one for them! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Gail! I just started putting flowers together…I am not so sure I have a knack…but anyone can have the knack. Just grab a vase, put flowers you like together add a bit of foliage if you like and there you have it…it has been loads of fun!

  9. Thanks for the reminder. I am so bad about not clipping flowers and bringing them inside. When we went to Seattle, I smelled my first sweet pea. I’ve tried in vain to grow them here. I haven’t given up yet because they are such fantastic flowers. Maybe if I started them in inside very early? I don’t know. Such lovely flowers, and thanks for introducing me to a new blog with Ramblings like my own.~~Dee

    1. You are most welcome Dee…I too was forgetting to bring the beauty inside as well until Cathy’s blog and meme. I have had better luck with perennial sweet peas but they can be unruly. According to the seed packets from Renee, the annual ones should be started early outdoors…and if your winter is mild then start them in fall.

      I hope you like Cathy’s Rambling blog πŸ™‚

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