In A Vase On Monday-Early Spring Bounty


“What gardening offers is the perfect, and complementary, combination of art and craft.  Indeed, I cannot think of any other common pastime that so completely combines those two virtues.”  ~Ursula Buchan



Things are getting busy with garden clean up, beginning of projects and planting.  So I thought I would do a quick Vase post, and leave my native plant profile for Wednesday, Earth Day.  We have had outstanding weather this past week, which is pushing all the early bulbs to start blooming.  Of course the forecast for this week is cooler to cold and rain/snow, but the early bulbs won’t mind.

And with all these blooms, it is the perfect time to make some vases.   So I am joining Cathy@Rambling in the Garden for her wonderful meme, In a Vase on Monday.




daff vase collage

My first daffodils to bloom are the big yellow trumpet variety.  I am noticing they need to be divided as only half bloomed, so I will do that shortly.  I couldn’t wait to put these yellow beauties in a very special vase.  This simple blue vase was a favorite of my Irish grandmother.  I don’t know how she acquired the vase, but she always wanted me to have it.  I love the hand painted yellow flowers that adorn it.  This is the first arrangement I have ever put in this special vase.

And I put it in a place of honor on top of our antique china cabinet where display some favorite handmade glassware and pitchers.





I have been waiting all winter to use this Wade Porcelain vase.  it matches my Irish teapot that I used for a vase back in March for St.Patrick’s Day.  What better flower to put in the vase than Helleborus orientalis.  This is the first one I ever planted in my first garden and brought here to this garden.

It is a gorgeous dusty rose color.




hellebore vase collage

I placed the vase on our mantle with my Spanish fan.  It is perfect….




DSCN2334And finally I had to make a vase from all the small bulbs blooming quickly.  I have loads of Chionodoxa or Glory of the Snow, Puschkinia scilloides or Striped Squill and Scilla siberica or Siberian Squill.  And I thought the striping and blues would mix perfectly.  I added a some of the snowdrops still blooming.





I placed the vase in the corner of the window ledge where I can see it.  And I thought this lovely cloisonné egg was a wonderful accent.




tiny bulbs vase collage

So there you have it…three vases from spring’s bounty.


I am also joining for a couple of additional memes:  Today’s Flowers hosted by Denise@An English Girl Rambles and Judith@Lavender Cottage who hosts Mosaic Monday.



What flowers are blooming now that would look fabulous in a vase?



Next up on the blog:  

Wednesday, I hope to have a wildflower post for Earth Day.


I am also joining in I Heart Macro with Laura@Shine The Divine that happens every Saturday.

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73 Replies to “In A Vase On Monday-Early Spring Bounty”

  1. Hi, Donna!
    I love all your vases, but the last one is most wonderful. Puskinia, chionodoxa, galantus —all these flowers are beautiful.

  2. Yellow daffodils and a blue vase can’t be bettered as a combination. I was smiling all the time reading your post feeling your excitement in, at last, having so much choice of flowering to pick. The Hellebore is a gorgeous old rose colour but I think I like the last vase the best (if I had to choose), all those early spring flowers that are long gone or non-existent here look delightful together in your vase. Hope it doesn’t get too cold again, have a great week, Christina

    1. Thankfully the garden isn’t too far along even if it gets cold a day or two…I love the little bulbs the best too…muscari are starting so those will feature soon too. I love having so much to choose from.

  3. Hello, Donna!
    All your vases are lovely, but the one with the hellebores is the bestest. 🙂
    The bigger photo is like a painting, and the mosaic is gorgeous.
    Here nothing is blooming (outdoors) yet…
    Have a beautiful week!

    1. I love that hellebore the best too Sara…it is a sentimental favorite…I hope your spring blooms start soon.

  4. Three beautiful displays and all from your garden, what could be better? Your grandmother’s blue vase was made for the daffodils!
    Have a great week.

  5. So many beautiful flowers, lovely photos.. The blue vase with the daffies is one of my favorites.. I love the blue/yellow together.. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  6. The blue vase caught my immediate attention on Mosaic Monday. Coming from your grandmother makes it all the more special.
    Beautiful flowers; lovely vases.

  7. Daffodils in a blue vase must be one of my favourites ever, but your vase is extra special Donna – very lovely. The colour of your hellebore is so nice, and you have so many flowers! And the final collection of little spring flowering bulbs is lovely too. Aah, isn’t spring wonderful?!

    1. Oh yes Cathy…such a bounty coming on right now. I might have to pull out several vases and just keep filling them all season.

  8. Donna, you have such a beautiful collection of vase ware and blooms! The blue vase is stunning – and the hummingbird teapot. It must be hand painted – can’t beat hand painted and crafted. I love that striped Squill. I may have to look for some of that to plant this Fall. My daffodils just began opening Saturday. I finished cleaning up the beds outside the back porch (room) so I could enjoy. Last week’s weather was just what I needed. It is raining here today and is supposed to all week – perhaps a little snow shower, too. It’s okay, I made the most of last week – should last me for a little bit. Hope you, too.

    1. Yes I did get some work and most of the clean up done…rain most of this week as well and my cool weather veggie seeds were planted and covered so now just waiting. I also planted out about 30 pansy and 30 viola seedlings I started in January so I can have container color for a while until the warmer weather in late May. I have loads of Striped squill that has naturalized. I would be happy to dig some up and send it your way now or in fall. Email me and let me know. The teapot is a handmade work of art we acquired in Santa Fe…isn’t is scrumptious.

  9. I knew spring would show up with a bang there when the snow stopped. You’ve put together a beautiful collection of vases, Donna, I love the way you combined it with other crockery in the first photo.

    1. Thanks Kris…that is a special collection we have in the primary colors…when I looked around for a spot it just screamed, ‘pick us’!

  10. You must be thrilled to have fresh flowers for 3 vases today, Donna! The blue vase is just perfect for the daffs – and how nice to using heirlooms like this…it really shows how much joy you get from your vases when you begin using precious vases like this. The mix of blues in the third vase look brilliant too – but then so do your hellebores….all lovely! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Cathy….I do love making vases so much I am pulling out all sorts of containers now…such creative fun you have given all of us! Thanks Cathy for creating this meme!

  11. Isn’t it wonderful to be filling your vases from the garden again? I’ve always loved blue and yellow and must say that is the prettiest colour of helleborus I’ve seen.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Donna.

    1. I agree Judith…a very special specimen….it has loads of babies finally that I plant to move about the garden for even more color.

  12. Hi Donna,

    Lovely vases, and even nicer to see that you have plenty of blooms now after such a long, slow winter!

  13. Donna, all of your vases are lovely today. I especially admire the first one. Pairing the yellow daffodils with the wonderful yellow teapot makes a great combination. I’m happy you’re getting a chance to enjoy time in your garden now.

      1. I have two Hull vases that were a gift from my great grandmother to my parents for their wedding in 1947. I treasure them, too.

  14. Great quote by Ursula Buchan and your first photo with the daffodils and those gorgeous vases, so beautifully arranged. Love the contrasting colors and the pretty needlepoint behind them. The collage is wonderful! Your Helleborus orientalis in its pretty vase with the shamrocks is stunning. I am envious (in a good way) of your marvelous selection of flowers and amazing collection of vases and sweet cloisonné egg, all magical! Thank you for always remember Today’s Flowers, I really appreciate you doing that. Happy gardening 🙂

    1. Oh Denise I love sharing my flowers with your meme…and I do plan to send you some photos to use…so glad you enjoyed the vases this week!

  15. Beautiful flowers – thanks for sharing them with us.
    Recently saw that same cobalt blue vase on another blog – now I need to see if I can find it again.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  16. All your arrangements and vase combinations look stunning, Donna! The yellow of the daffodils with the bright blue vase–yowza! And your hellebores looks so healthy and plentiful spilling over the edges of the Irish vase. That last collection of flowers really makes me smile. 🙂

    1. Seeing the tiny bulbs together brings a smile to my face too Beth. Lots to choose from so I am bringing more in these days to brighten many rooms. Glad these brought you a smile.

  17. How lovely that you have plenty of flowers for your vases after such a long, hard Winter. And what beautiful vases. Blue and yellow is an unbeatable combination. The Hellebores look stunning and I adore the little blue squills with the snowdrops.

    1. I am so grateful to my garden for providing already Chloris…so much to choose from, I can’t wait to get out there and pick more. Lots of rain again though so I will have to wait.

  18. Donna, you have executed beautiful examples of both art and craft in this post! Such pretty bouquets. I think I like the blue and white combination of lovelies, best; they’re so dainty and delightful!


    1. Thanks Poppy….they were the hardest to deal with too…cutting the delicate stems, holding the posy carefully and then arranging them without damaging them….but I loved every second of the time I spent with those delicate flowers.

  19. I didn’t realize hellebores would look so good in a vase. In the garden they tend to hang their heads so you can’t get a really look at them. In the vase, they’re superb. Lovely post, thanks, Donna.

    1. They are very lovely but they did not last very long….I plan to use them in other arrangements as well…too pretty not to.

  20. You’ve created wonderful displays. The cobalt vase is perfect for the daffodils. I also love Hellebores, hope to add some to my garden one day.

    1. Thanks so much…hellebores are such a great early spring flower and I found them easy to grow although slow to establish…but once they do they give such a wonderful display.

  21. How did I miss this post? I suspect my reader is having a mind of its own again :/
    Beautiful vase of early bulbs and the hellebore looks fantastic. I love spring!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Frank…spring blooms are wonderful right now even if they are slow….I will take it. I am about a week behind reading posts myself…..blame it on spring.

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