First Glimpse of Winter


“Thank goodness for the first snow, it was a reminder–no matter how old you became and how much you’d seen, things could still be new if you were willing to believe they still mattered.”  ~ Candace Bushnell



Oh, that first snow… still brings such glee.  It usually comes in the night when there has been rain, and the night air is chilling off.  I wake to a darkness in the garden made brighter by a coating of white.  It clings to everything, obscuring the landscape and creating the garden anew.

And this was our first snowfall.  November 23rd.  Not even an inch.  By now we average a foot of snow at least, but there has been nary a flake in the air.  We even had temps near 60 this past weekend.  Mostly 40s and a few 50s for December.  But really I am not complaining, because the dry spell we were having came to an end with flooding rains in December.

When I thought about doing this post a month ago, I figured I would have many views of snow in the garden to share.  Even though we have only had this one light snowfall in November, it is still a lovely first glimpse of snow and winter.  I hope you enjoy it….





The sun rose soft and pink the morning of our first snowfall.  And there was a thin film of ice covering the pond for the first time.  I love how each blade of grass is weighed down.





The snow attached itself to the moss growing between the bricks of the patio giving it a unique and fluffy look.





Just a whisper of fluff was still clinging to some surfaces as the sun rose higher.





And on dried flowers, the snow gave them a new shimmer.





On other surfaces, it seemed more had piled up!





Here’s a close up of another birdhouse…this one in the snowy meadow.





One of my favorite views is when the meadow is ladened with snow.





And as I looked toward the back garden, I could see even the tall grasses glimmering with a dusting of white.





In the front garden, the soft snowfall made this red barberry festive for the upcoming holiday.





As the sun rose higher that morning, the garden burst into that winter glare, where all is white and bright….no longer only brown.  It all melted soon after, but I will keep hoping for a bit more snow in December.  After all it will officially be winter next week.



So there you have our only glimpse of winter so far… has winter or your current season been treating you? 




Join In The Seasonal Celebration:

As I feel winter’s call, I am celebrating this new season coming soon, I hope you will join me. I welcome those Down Under who will be celebrating the coming of summer to join in too.  

All you have to do is write a post between now and December 20th telling me how you are or will be celebrating the new season.  Then leave a comment on the kick-off post with your link so I can include your link in my summary post on December 21st.  

I do hope you will consider joining in the Seasonal Celebrations meme as we celebrate the new season arriving soon to your corner of the world.

And as always, I will be collaborating with Beth@Plant Postings and her Lessons Learned meme at this same time.  What lessons have you learned this past season of autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere.  Write a separate post or combine your Lessons with your Celebrations for one post.

If you missed my interview of Beth, on my other blog, pop on over….I had a delightful time visiting with Beth.



In A Vase On Monday 




I created this display to close out the autumn season.  Not really a vase, but a basket of harvest from the garden.




harvest vase

The harvest basket was filled with dried Miscanthus grass from the garden, and miniature pumpkins and Delicata squash grown in our garden.  It will grace the table until I put together a holiday basket.



I am joining in with a few memes this week as I prepared this vase you see here:  Cathy@Rambling in the Garden for her wonderful meme, In a Vase on Monday, and Judith@Lavender Cottage who hosts Mosaic Monday.  Please check out these wonderful blogs and link ups.



Next up on the blog:  

On Monday, I will have the wrap up from Seasonal Celebrations for winter.  I hope you will join me by writing a post and linking in before next Monday.

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I am also joining in I Heart Macro with Laura@Shine The Divine that happens every Saturday.

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105 Replies to “First Glimpse of Winter”

  1. Our weather remained summery all through November and even now, although the nights are cold, during the day the sun has been shining and it has felt quite warm. I wish I had space to grow some ornamental pumpkins and gourds, they make a lovely display with the Miscanthus.

    1. Amazing how the weather has changed everywhere Christina. We are warmer and where it is supposed to be warm they are cold. Very strange, but I am loving the extended fall.

      Actually I have little room to grow pumpkins too, and throw a few pumpkin seeds down here and there…they grow and produce a few pumpkins which is enough. This year I spied a squirrel stealing seeds from a decaying pumpkin. He planted them all around the center trees and veg beds so I might have more pumpkin plants than ever next year.

  2. Brrrr. It is so pretty though, when it first falls.
    It is still exceptionally mild in the UK. Wind and rain and only one night of light frost so far in the south west. I now have floral representatives from all four seasons!

    1. Oh that does sound lovely Jessica. With the weekly frosts, our blooms are all but done. A few stragglers remain for a surprise still. We might finally get some snow this weekend, but the cold weather will last but one day and back to the 40s.

  3. The first snow is magical! We got a little snow yesterday, but sadly it will be gone in a day or two. It would be great to have a white Christmas, but I wouldn’t count on it here. Have a great week, Donna!

  4. The snow looks magical (I’m aware I am not the first to use this adjective in these comments but it seems the best way to describe this post). Reminds me of the song I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. We can dream but we’ll never have one here. So thanks for sharing yours, Donna.

    1. Exactly…the song plays through my mind too especially now that the snow is missing…..I have experienced Christmas in warm, sunny Arizona but not where summer is the season. Now that would be strange for me and fun.

  5. Your pictures of the first snowfall were wonderful Donna, capturing the delight and discovery of the new season. I like your harvest basket/vase.

  6. Good morning, pretty captures of your snow. I like the snow covered dried flowers and star. Very pretty. Your harvest basket is a lovely arrangement.
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  7. We’ve had an exceptionally mild autumn this year as well…but even so, there has been snow on the ground continuously since at least mid-November and the temperatures are finally dropping. It has been quite humid, which is unusual, so that of course makes everything feel much colder. In the mountains, there is a good amount of snow and the skiers are loving it!

    Your harvest basket is gorgeous!

    1. So happy you enjoyed the harvest basket. I was hoping we would have some intermittent snow with the warmth, but today it is going up to 65 degrees…it will be interesting to see how winter plays out here.

  8. Yes, I know just what you mean about the magic of that first snowfall – there are many pretty sights I will miss if we don’t have any at all this year… 🙁 And your harvest delights are of course delightful – thanks for sharing this and all your images Donna.

    1. Tina that first shot is actually looking North….there is a lake over those trees and the sun coming up reflects on the horizon.

  9. First snowfall is always so pretty. I love how it highlights everything in the garden. With December’s warm temps, autumn in lingering, so your late harvest basket fits the mood perfectly!

  10. The first snow is always such a delight, and your garden looks so well covered with a little bit of white! I have also posted pictures with the first snow on my blog. And I like your Monday vase, too!

  11. Your harvest basket is lovely, Donna. I’ve been hearing that the Northeast has been unusually warm this year. I’m crossing my fingers that you get some more snow for Christmas! Here in Southern California we’re still anxiously awaiting the arrival of the rain El Nino is expected to bring us. We expected it this month but although we’ve had some light rain from northern weather systems (totaling less than 1 inch of rain thus far this season), El Nino has yet to produce any rain for us out of the southeast Pacific.

  12. Hi Donna, Thank you so much for the glimpse of snow and the coming winter. I am hoping that I, too, will get to see snow, but here in the mountains of central Virginia, the weather has certainly not cooperated. The past few days the temps have been up in the 70s. I hope it gets cold soon, since the Brown Marmerated Stink Bugs need to be brought under control, which the freezing temperatures seem to do. And besides, this little kid at heart, needs her FOUR seasons! Thank you again for your beautiful blog posts!

  13. You may have shared a glimpse of winter Donna but we might want to be careful of what we wish for. 🙂 Hope this doesn’t mean the cold will come, and stay late.

    1. I think Mother Nature has her own mind these days…it appears it will be almost 60 the week of Christmas so the warm December predictions seem to be accurate so far….and they say a warm January too. I don’t think I can remember a warmer Christmas.

      Now spring….it’s anyone’s guess!

  14. I think winter is still so far… Till now no sign of snow!! A warm unusual weather… just like Spring time! All of your pictures are so wonderful… i love the one with the meadow and white fence…
    Greetings of december!

  15. That first snowfall is always so magical Donna and brings out the child in all of us. So far our progress towards winter has been marked with extremely wet and mild weather in the north west of England. We’ve been fortunate but not so far north there have been some devastating floods 🙁 Only one frost in my garden to date – I think that the snails and slugs must be laughing. The harvest basket is most eye catching as well as oh so usefully edible 🙂

  16. Your weather sounds like ours although we have had many frosts…hopefully we may have a bit of winter snow at some point.

    1. It looks like a lot but it was barely an inch…actually half an inch of snow. We usually have had several inches by now. But we are getting rain. It was 65 here yesterday. Thanks for joining in for Seasonal Celebrations!

  17. We have not had any snow at all… I am wondering if things are going to start to sprout and then cold weather hits or wildlife that comes out of or doesn’t go into hibernation correctly…

    1. I am certain some things will sprout early if we continue to have warm weather….Christmas week is now predicted to be in the 50s near 60. So with continued warm and rain some flowers will grow and bloom early. My pond frogs are not hibernating. They are hanging about still. Toads are smarter it appears. They are sleeping.

    1. The pretty snows…it is turning colder for the weekend and we may get another dusting, but it won’t last. Temps in the 50s all next week are predicted….it was in the 60s yesterday. I wonder if the snowdrops will bloom early with some crocuses.

  18. Oh, you have snow in your place too, Donna. There is a thin layer of snow here from yesterday evening. Love your shots, the white branches and red leaves.

    1. Yes we did have a thin layer of snow but only for a day….it is still too warm here Nadezda. 65 degrees yesterday….and a cold weekend so we may have a bit more soon. But for Christmas it is supposed to be near 60 degrees again. So winter has not come to stay.

    1. Yes here too the snow only lasted a day so it is spring here too even with the Solstice coming next week….thanks for visiting from your lovely Belgium Louisette!

  19. Your ‘vase’ this week is lovely Donna, and really demonstrates what a long and mild autumn you have had. We too had just a sprinkling of snow at the end of November, and since then it has been damp and mild. No chance of a white Christmas either by the looks of things!

    1. Here it has been more dry than damp but the 2 December rains we had were flooding. If it had been cold we would have several feet of snow on the ground already, not several inches of rain.

  20. We are up much too early blogging, but actually it is the quietest time of day when I can think and enjoy the peace. I always enjoy your beautiful photos. We have lots of snow this morning, a no school day all along the front range. The grandchildren will get to stay home and me, too. If I could, I’d send you some snow.

  21. No snow around West Texas…and I don’t really want any. 🙂
    I am enjoying the mild winter and hope it stays nice. Jan and Feb can be cold, windy and a little snow, tho.

  22. Donna, I just love your 2 story birdhouse, I don’t think I’ve seen (noticed) it before, your flutter and flourish of snow is nice, however, be careful what you wish for you might get more than you’d like, I hope the flooding was not too bad, I’m alright but in some parts of the UK people have been flooded out of their homes, the red berry photo and the grass photo are beautiful, Frances

    1. Yes that birdhouse is now in its third year but I may not have showcased it….I really don’t mind snow….just not like last year. Glad you are all right…the flooding here was like our spring flooding with it limited to the back garden.

  23. Beautiful photos, Donna!
    I always love the pure white with pastel shades like in your first photos, but there are very interesting contrasts between white and the bright reds, oranges, and yellows in the other ones.
    Snow for Christmas would be lovely, also and especially photographywise, but perhaps even here we need to try to survive without it this year.
    Take care!

    1. Thanks so much Sara…I like how you put it Sara…’survive without snow somehow this year’….that is the thought isn’t it!

  24. Beautiful snowy pics, Donna 🙂

    It’s been ultra-mild here in Tennessee too – temperatures in the 70s last weekend.

    I count myself fortunate that most of the plants in my garden have stayed dormant (exceptions are a Prague viburnum and some overeager tulips).

    We’re supposed to dip down to normal for a few days, but then right back into the mid 60s and rainy next week.

    Sigh. Usually, I’d welcome these warm temps, but now I’m wishing for a seasonal chill in the air! (I wouldn’t mind a dusting of snow either…) 🙂

    1. I am with you wishing for the seasonal cold as my garden and critters require it…but alas we are going to be warm again and all winter they say!

  25. Beautiful wintery photos Donna, that first snow cover is so beautiful. Over here the feature is more of the wet stuff, but there has been lovely sunny days too – but rather warm anyway.
    Loved your basket!

  26. it always amazes me when I see the changes in the northern hemisphere from summer/autumn to winter. One day I hope to experience it. That red barberry bush certainly looks festive!
    Have a lovely week ahead in the lead up to Christmas. I hope you have more snow! and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

    1. They say we may have a few flakes this weekend when it cold for a few days, but by early next week the temps will be warm again and we will have a green and wet Christmas…missing some snow!

  27. Donna, your garden in the snow looks very beautiful. Haven’t seen much of it since our move, I kind of miss it. My next post I will be celebrating the 10th year of my blog. I started making a little more effort with it about five years ago, a time when I came across (gardens eye view) wow look at the success you have had with it. Glad you gave me the incentive to carry on. Happy Christmas Alistair

    1. Oh my, Alistair…first, 10 years is quite an accomplishment. And your lovely words about my inspiration and success are just the best present! The feeling is mutual…. Thank you my friend…Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas!

  28. No snow here yet, Donna. Not even one little flake. Snow (even the small amount you’ve had) adds so much beauty to your winter pictures. Love that photo of your gazebo. I’m hoping for some white stuff soon — never thought I’d hear myself say that. Merry Christmas, dear friend. P. x

    1. I know Pam…wishing for some snow. Seems I may have to go out and weed as they are taking over again….wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas my dear, dear friend! Thank you for joining Seasonal Celebrations again too!

  29. Such glorious Photos of your first snow! Everything looks so amazing with snow! I am looking forward to ours…IF we get any, When we get it, it’s usually in mid February. Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂

    1. Hoping you get a bit of snow Debby….it is what my garden wants too. And here’s a Merry Christmas wish coming your way!

  30. The first snow is always magical and thank goodness for photographs to preserve it. We had our a couple of weeks ago, and then it quickly vanished. This morning there is a little sprinkle of white but not enough to say it was a snowfall. Temperatures are warming again next week and we are expecting rain. But I’m sure the snow will return again in January.

    1. That seems to be our pattern too Linda altho they are saying our winter will be warm….I wonder when we will get our first inch of snow? Maybe not until 2016…very late.

  31. We have had our first hard frost and fires on the hearth! No snow; none is expected but always hoped for. By Christmas temps should swing back up into the 70s with lots of rain. Sigh. Winter is our mushy, see-saw season. I love your snowy images, especially the last one. I am wishing you a blessed and very Merry Christmas! Deb

    1. Another hard frost here too and no snow still Deb….Christmas Eve it will be almost 70 here too and lots of rain this week. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  32. I wonder if 2015 will go down in the record books as an “average” year in terms of temperature, since January, February and March were so much colder than normal, but September, October, November and December have been considerably warmer than normal. Which is a good example of the limitations of averages!

    1. I was wondering the same thing…averages for the year mean nothing with these weird weather patterns…it will be the monthly observations.

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