Seasonal Celebrations Revealed: March 2016


“Too much sun after a Syracuse winter does strange things to your head, makes you feel strong, even if you aren’t.”  ~ Laurie Halse Anderson



I couldn’t resist this quote since I live about 15 minutes away from Syracuse, NY in Central New York State.  Here our winters are usually snowy, cold and harsh.  And even with a milder winter, it still is a cold, gray time.  But I do like winter, really I do.

As the seasons shift, you can feel a change quite literally in the air.  A feeling that descends on the garden DSCN3580as spring approaches; a distinct, perceptible transformation.  One you know deep in your bones.  Early bulbs bravely bloom, and the songbirds return to stake a claim, and a home.  And even though spring has sprung here with cold and a dusting of snow this week, I know it is just a last gasp of winter trying to hang on a bit longer.

No matter, it will transition later this week, getting much warmer than normal….50 instead of 40.  And I will need to get out, clean up and start my chores including early planting.  That is if I can get my garden to dry a bit more.  We have continued to have so much rain, you just sink right down.  

So as I wait for the garden to dry out, I am celebrating spring with other bloggers who have linked in for Seasonal Celebrations.  I started this meme in the spring of 2012, and I am so grateful for all who have participated over the last 4 years.  But I have been thinking about moving beyond this meme for at least a year now.  And with the change of season, it seems right to end Seasonal Celebrations this spring as it started 4 years ago.  I know seasons will continue to play prominently in my life, and have deep meaning.  And don’t be surprised if the stories they sing crop up in another form that I will share.


So for this last round-up, let’s see how the new season is arriving……





Let’s start with Jean up in Maine.  Her blog, Jean’s Garden, is always a delight, full of interesting posts.  And Jean’s spring celebration post is no exception.  I love Maple Sugar Season here in the Northeast, and Jean gives us a wonderful up close visit to this spring ritual.


Each March, Maine maple syrup producers celebrate the spring bounty on Maine Maple Sunday. This is always held on the fourth Sunday of the month. On that date, farmers open their sugarhouses (the out-buildings where evaporators convert sap into syrup) to the public and make lots of delicious maple sugar products available to them.


If you ever get the chance to attend a Maple Sugar festival, make sure to go.  It is a wonderful way to celebrate spring, and have a delicious time while you are at it.  I hope one day to attend that Maple Sugar Sunday in Maine.




Next it is time to move on down the east coast to see Pam, who lives in the Pocono Mountains in DSCN2428Pennsylvania.  She blogs at Pam’s English Cottage Garden.  Pam celebrated spring by attending the  Philadelphia Flower Show, with this year’s theme, ‘Explore America: One Hundred Years of our National Park Service.  Her post is wonderful showing so many incredible displays.


We traveled into Philadelphia by train, checked into a hotel, and had two days of ‘blooming’ fun. While I celebrated the unofficial start of spring at the Philadelphia Flower Show, back home spring arrived early to my garden. I usually force forsythia branches into bloom and purchase tulips or hyacinths, but never before had daffodils and hellabores this early.


Spring is a wee bit early here too, Pam.  I must get to this flower show, a mere 5 hours away by car.  Perhaps one year soon we can meet up there, and enjoy the show together.  I say we make a date Pam!





And now we’ll travel to Georgia to visit with Karin@Southern Meadows.  She lives on several acres of woodland that she lovingly gardens and cares for.  And her early native bloomers are a special treasure.  


As soon as March rolls around I make a habit of walking our woodland garden daily. The birds are singing high in the tree tops, the air smells of the earth and many ephemerals are beginning to poke up out of the leaf litter.


And these native spring ephemerals are a treasure for me too.  I look forward to their limited bloom time, cherishing each moment.  You can see two in this post.  The one at the beginning of the round-up is Trout Lily, and this one is Bloodroot.





Lastly, let’s travel to Wisconsin and see Beth@PlantPostings, who collaborates with me, during this seasonal time, with her Garden Lessons Learned meme.

Beth returned from a trip to see her wonderful spring bulbs blooming to greet her upon her return.


Look what greeted me when I returned: The 200+ Colorblends bulbs I planted last fall are emerging and beginning to bloom!…..I planted most of them in the sheltered, warmer microclimate area by my rock wall. It will be fun to see more of them blooming during the next few weeks…..I’m happy to be home to enjoy these first colorful, magical signs of spring!


It is always a wonderful sight to see spring finally blooming in our colder gardens, Beth’s and mine!  And using microclimates is a must as Beth has taught us.  


As this is the last Seasonal Celebrations wrap up, I wanted to take a moment to thank Beth for all her support, and for collaborating with me these past 4 years as we each highlighted the change of seasons in our memes.  I couldn’t have done it without her.  Thanks so much Beth!





So there you have it, the Seasonal Celebrations for March.  Whether it be spring or fall where you are, so much beauty and lovely thoughts shared by these amazing bloggers.  I want to thank those who were able to take part this season, and I hope you will visit their blogs.  




In A Vase On Monday 




I wanted to share the rest of my Paperwhites blooming, as I await warmer weather to coax the flowers to bloom more.  Here we have both ‘Ariel’ and ‘Winterthur’, which is pictured in the center and taller.  They have a yellow center when they first open and a milder scent. 




paperwhites and dried hydrangeas

I placed the Paperwhites in a bottle, and put them in a special basket I bought almost 30 years ago in the Southwest from a wonderful crafter.  I then surrounded them with dried hydrangeas I picked last fall.  I rather like the effect showing me the end of winter, and the beginning of spring.





Speaking of spring, I decided to pick several large crocus that are blooming as singles around the side garden.  The wonderful drifts are long gone thanks to the voles.  And with the cold weather this week, I thought it better to have them blooming indoors for me.




purple early spring vase collage

Also included in the vase are a few blossoms of Iris reticulata ‘Purple Gem’ blooming in the front garden, and a few left over coleus blooms from a plant I bought last summer, and overwintered indoors.


I am joining in with a few memes this week as I prepare these vases:  Cathy@Rambling in the Garden for her wonderful meme, In a Vase on Monday, Today’s Flowers hosted by Denise@An English Girl Rambles 2016 and Judith@Lavender Cottage who hosts Mosaic Monday.



Next up on the blog:  

Monday, I will have another Simply The Best Native plant to highlight.

I am linking in with Michelle for her Nature Notes meme at her blog, Rambling Woods.  It is a great way to see what is happening in nature around the world every Monday. 


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93 Replies to “Seasonal Celebrations Revealed: March 2016”

  1. Donna, I have enjoyed this meme immensely. I completely understand the need to move on and do something new. Glad that your weather is starting to move into the next season. The transitional time gives both the garden and the garden time to adjust to what is coming next. Happy Spring!

    1. Karin thank you for participating and I am glad you have enjoyed the meme too….I am pleased to have a slow transition into the garden season. Soon enough we will be in full swing!

  2. Hello Donna, happy Spring and Happy 4th Anniversary on your meme. Your flowers are just gorgeous and I love the arrangement. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. It must be very rewarding to see all those beautiful flowers waking up, and I love the crocus in the vase. Thank you for sharing with Today’s Flowers again Donna, very much appreciated as always. Have a great week!

    1. I am so happy to have flowers to share…seeing them waking up is a dream…I can’t believe it is spring Denise!

  4. I like the way you’ve arranged the paperwhites, Donna. The hydrangeas are a nice touch. Glad you’re starting to warm up. Wishing you a happy spring.

    1. Glad you liked the addition of the hydrangeas, Susie! Now if we can keep the warm up and sun I can get into the garden!

  5. Happy Spring and, also, Happy 4th Anniversary! The aspects captured in pictures are so gorgeous and I love the sun seen between trees. A happy day and a great first week of Spring!

  6. A very happy spring equinox Donna; I like how you have displayed your Paperwhites and thank you for pointing out the different ones you have, I thought there was only one type.

    1. There are subtle differences, but hard to spot unless you know, as you said, Christina. I am glad I marked mine when I grew them. 🙂

      Here’s to a wonderful spring ahead.

  7. So you have had a 4th anniverary too – well done you! You are clearly thrilled by the arrival of your various blooms, and how reassuring to be confident that your temperatures will begin to rise now. Your selection of crocuses looks especially pretty. Thank you for sharing your joys, Donna!

    1. A fourth anniversary for my meme, Cathy! And I have to be confident even though it seems the temps may only rise to the high 40s…still cold but I think I can still get out in a day or so and do a bit of clean up.

  8. I am sorry I missed seasonal changes blog this time around.
    I do love Spring and the many changes it brings and the excitement it brings me.

  9. I’ve enjoyed your seasonal changes meme and know that sometimes we need to move on. I find that I am not writing my blog as often as I was at first, however, I still enjoy writing it.
    Enjoy the spring~ maybe this will be the year we get a chance to get together!

  10. So fantastic to see you and more celebrating Spring Donna! I’m enjoying seeing signs of spring down here in Cedar Key as it’s the longest I have stayed. Owlets and a new Osprey nursery, the Redbuds, azaleas, and what I think is Daphne. The live oaks flower! I was worried about what I’m missing at home because yes, I want it all, but snow is in the forecast all week – whew. Like you, I love those Trout Lilies and I hope mine spread into a nice patch one day. The Bloodroot, too. Natives are just the best aren’t they? But I have to admit I am thoroughly in love with your artistic and stunning Paper White arrangement. Happy Spring!

    1. I enjoyed seeing spring in AZ and CA when we were there recently….and thanks for the lovely comment about my arrangement. It means a lot coming from you, Kathy, such a gifted artist.

  11. Oh my gosh I forgot to tell you how much I loved the Syracuse quote having lived there for years. It gave me a chuckle for sure. The woman across the street is from Syracuse so we have commiserated on how grey Syracuse is and also have celebrated how wonderful it is to be here.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the quote….my husband enjoyed the time away with sun and warmth so who knows…we may get away for a few weeks each winter.

  12. Both vases are wonderful, Donna. Seeing your beautiful Narcissus reminded me that there are a few stray blooms sitting below my citrus trees in the vegetable garden I meant to cut this week – I’m going to have to go collect them and stuff them into one or another of my vases as they won’t last the week where they are. Your crocus are just plain gorgeous and I love that vase too.

  13. Such wonderful flowers and photos, Donna! I too like especially the mosaics, so beautiful and elegant and with lovely light and colours.
    We have still so much snow that I don’t feel spring has arrived, but March is already “a spring month”. 🙂
    Have a happy new week… and a Happy Spring!

    1. It is cold with snow flakes here but we are lucky that spring has shown itself early…glad you enjoyed the mosaics Sara. Happy Spring!

  14. “Always leave them wanting more” is a good motto in show business…and now in blogging. It’s been a good run. I understand the need for change, even if everyone is maybe not quite ready for it.
    Many of the spring flowers are best brought inside to enjoy. The gophers here redistribute even daffodil bulbs, which I thought they would leave alone. They reappear in the strangest places.

    1. Exactly ricki…it was a nice little quarterly meme, but now for a change for this blogger….it’s not like I am leaving blogging! 🙂

  15. This non-gardener enjoyed this post a lot Donna…brought back memories. The between season times and transitions were always something I loved in Oregon and we really don’t see at all here in Florida. (It’s a fair trade I suppose …no real Winter, ergo, no early Spring)

  16. How beautiful to display all these wonderful flowers coming up at this time of the year. I especially like the ephemerals. How nice you can share seasonal celebrations with other bloggers.

  17. You’ve created a pretty spring bouquet Donna. I’ve never thought to pick the crocuses for a vase but have brought in a few iris reticulata since they’re so plentiful. Aren’t voles a nuisance?

    1. Oh indeed those voles just about make me go insane at some points….the iris are plentiful here in small batches but not all are up with the colder air we are getting…supposed to warm up today though!

  18. It seems so much is ending… I am wondering if it is time to end NN, but I don’t want to make a decision right now… Looking past the snow today toward spring…

    1. Oh I hope you don’t end it Michelle but only you know when you are ready. I will keep up my celebration of seasons in different ways, but just not the wrap up posts.

  19. Lovely to see spring is arriving for you Donna, over here spring is a rather longer affair but by the time we get to end of May you and I will be the same so it all adds up in the end! Lovely vases as always, I love crocuses, they are still flowering in my garden very unusual for late March, but it is so chilly here so things are moving on slowly.
    Have a good day in the garden!

    1. Spring may be a bit longer this year….I can hope it will be Helene. A slow bloom is wonderful, and how lovely that crocuses are still blooming for you!

  20. Happy Spring, Donna! We had snow this week but it warmed up again quickly and most of it melted into much needed moisture. I’m sure we will have more snow before the end of spring, but I don’t mind it when melts quickly like this.
    Your paperwhites are very delicate and pretty. Have a very Happy Easter!

    1. We had snow yesterday too and then it melted too. As long as it isn’t too much and doesn’t linger I can handle the snow in March. Here’s to a warm spring blooming soon!

  21. Your paperwhites arrangement is really pretty Donna. I also love the vase you have used for your crocus. My crocus are almost over now, but lasted so well in the cool weather. Have fun with your clean-up if it dries up enough this week. That’s one of the best things in spring, getting outdoors and getting the gardening season into swing! 🙂

    1. Too wet for early crocus, as they faded fast, but the larger ones are just blooming. I hope there will be a few more.

    1. Oh Christienne you delight my soul with this lovely compliment….your words give me such inspiration as well my friend!

  22. Someone in my family is born on every day beginning a new season, so seasons are birthday parties too. I wish I were organized to plant Paperwhite daffodils since they smell so divine, I love your sumptuous mound, combined with the fall memorial dried hydrangeas and the special basket. The glass vase looks great with the crocuses, too, Donna. I think I’m also into my 4th year of blogging, congratulations.

  23. Beautiful posting, Donna. You manage to pick the salient piece to quote from each blog. Thank you for including mine. And thank you for hosting this special meme for so long. I’m sorry you are discontinuing it, but I understand. Yes, let’s make a date … P. x

    1. I think I will continue to celebrate the seasons with posts, and I will encourage others to link in, but I won’t do a wrap up… we can still celebrate the seasons together.

      Thank you Pam for supporting the meme through its 4 years…I look forward to meeting up in the future.

  24. Donna-your posts are always beautiful and inspiring and I love your display of vases with spring blooms. We have had our last snow here and spring is struggling to stay put as temperatures gradually warm. Thank you for hosting this wonderful meme over the years.

  25. Blessings, Donna! It has been an honor and a joy to collaborate with you for the memes. Somehow, I think our collaborations will continue. Still trying to catch up from our trip. But hopefully things will be a little less crazy by next week. Blessings to you and yours as the spring unfolds!

  26. I bet your paperwhites smell amazing. The rhyme caught my eye as the lack of sunlight over Winter does my head in. if you know what I mean.

  27. Spring is on the way, just so the weather stops bobbing in and out of whack. Plants are getting confused. It is sure nice to have bulbs indoors. it makes spring really feel like spring. BTW, is there any way to stop the generated email replies. I prefer to check back rather than get the message through email.

  28. Yes Donna that bobbing weather is making me dizzy. There is no way to stop the generated email reply as it is from a plugin and is not comment specific. But I will cease to reply and just add a comment under yours as I am doing here.

  29. Your first photo took my breath away. I think I could do a blog just on sky effects, I love them so much. And thanks for the seasonal tour! It is fun to see what is happening across the country. Your paperwhite images are delightful!

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