May Ends With A Burst

“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.”  ~Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


It’s been a busy time in the flower and veggie garden.  Trying to pace myself so I don’t overdo it, I am still slowly weeding the front garden, and planting containers and beds for the veg garden.  And while the veg garden is just getting under way, the flowers are still bursting out all over.

I thought I would highlight the beginning of the next wave of blooms in my garden, and some of my personal favorites.  The dwarf bearded irises, pictured above, start off the irises.  I await the amazing display of taller irises to come this week.



My pansies finally started blooming.  I started these from seed in early February.  I am sure I will have more photos of these favorite annuals for spring.



I have one old-fashioned lilac that still gives me about a dozen blooms as it has been so neglected.



I snipped off several lilac blooms, and added some Brunnera flowers (pictured here) for a vase.



I love the effect of these pale blues against the white.



Such a romantic pairing I had not tried before, but it has become a favorite.



More ground covers are blooming.  This is a miniature Ajuga.



I snipped some of the dwarf blue iris, ajuga and some pink lamium flowers.



Placed these in my Mother-in-law’s Cosmos china pattern tea cup.



A perfect cup of miniature flowers placed on my maternal grandmother’s old sewing machine, and next to the welcome sign I gave to my MIL, that is now in my home.


As May ends, and June begins, I will be busy in the garden, and taking care of a few personal projects.  So I may not be get back to comments and read blogs as regularly as I would like in the coming weeks.  I hope you understand.


What’s happening in your May garden as this glorious month ends?


The latest edition of RURAL on-line magazine is out for spring.  The spring edition is aptly named, Replenish.  I have a poem, and couple of meadow pictures in this edition (snapshot below).  You can now buy a print copy as well as view it free on-line soon.  If you would like to order a print copy, you can do so here.


I am joining [email protected]Rambling in the Garden for her wonderful In A Vase on Monday meme. The pictures shared here were created with my iPod Touch camera and two free apps, Pixlr and Prisma.

I am posting poetry, almost weekly on Sundays, on my other blog, Living From Happiness.  You can read my latest poem here.

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30 Replies to “May Ends With A Burst”

  1. Loving the blue/white combination as well! I’m looking forward to our irises – not sure if we will get any blooms this year, though, as I moved them a few weeks ago. So long as they settle into their new (and much better) location and don’t die on me, I’ll forgo this years blooms for better ones in the years to come.

    1. I have to divide and move my irises this year….big project I hope to do in fall….hoping you get some irises still even though you moved them!

    1. Thanks Karin… is an incredible bloom time right now as things are blooming fast! I can’t get over the resilience of my garden….

    1. Hot here too but not as hot as where you are…..making blooms come and go quickly which is sad. Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. May is a wonderful time in the garden. Lilac and brunnera look well together – reminds me of old-fashioned wallpaper. Your cup arrangement is sweet, too. I love the close-up photo, another card-worthy one!

    1. Oh yes I love that vision of old-fashioned wallpaper….and I am pleased you really liked the cup vase! Thanks so much Eliza for your lovely words.

  3. It is such a busy but happy time isn’t it? I mistook your brunnera for forget-me-nots at first glance! They are lovely with the lilacs! My pansies are also just starting to bloom.

    1. Late for our pansies but I wouldn’t miss them for the world….

      I couldn’t comment on your blog but I wanted you to know how much I adore all the tulips in your garden and your vase!

  4. Your teacup is just perfect – I am rather envious of all the irises this week as they are one of my favourite flowers and I haven’t had much luck with them this year after dividing them over winter!

    1. Oh that is too bad about the irises….i have to divide mine in the fall so we shall see how they bloom next spring….happy you liked the tea cup vase.

  5. After such a long wait for spring’s arrival, I’m sure you’re enjoying the splendid floral display. Your garden is full of beauty, Donna! I love the teacup bouquet. Our “California lilacs” (Ceanothus) don’t have scent (or at least not one I can detect) so I envy yours all the more.

    1. They are short-lived the old-fashioned lilacs but I do love them… is a beautiful spring so far this May!

  6. All plants I adore and hope to see in our garden next year. I was very pleased to see that one at least of our lilacs (also neglected) has ‘pupped’.

    1. Thanks so much….It is my easy way of painting and creating….a great fun process and I am pleased you are enjoying the photos too!

  7. Yes, that is a lovely combination Donna, and your white lilac is so pretty. Love that first photo of the irises!

  8. Your post title is so apt–after the late arrival of spring, it seemed like the garden went into overdrive, and every day brings new blooms. Your arrangements are so lovely; I love the blue and white combination! I never would have thought of snipping Brunnera blooms, but what a sweet addition to the lilacs.

  9. It’s amazing how the garden is quickly catching up after its late start. I have many similar blooms in my end-of-May/early-June garden. Like you, I am trying not to overdo it, but it’s difficult to stop once I start — then I have regrets later. Beautiful posting! P. x

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