A Perfect Spot to Start Again…

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”  ~Leo Tolstoy


My goodness it has been a long time since I have been here on these pages….in this blogging community.  It has been an interesting journey for me being away.  One where I was sure, at one point, that I was not going to return to this blog….or both my blogs in fact.  

I was tired of blogging.  My body was rebelling.  And every time I thought about coming back….even tried….my injured shoulder would shout again.  Oh no you are not!  You will rest for as long as it takes.  And so I surrendered to my body’s wishes.  It has taken 11 months to heal this body…this mind….and this soul.  Eleven months I wouldn’t change for anything….even with the pain, the anguish, the frustration.

It was a coming home for me.  A reconnection to my soul, my true self, my bliss, my purpose.  You see I had lost my way….lost touch with myself, but more on that later.  I am back with butterflies in my stomach…with such excitement to start again.  I have missed writing here, but most of all I have missed the connections….those oh so precious connections to all of you!

I can’t say I will return full-time or join in lots of memes or even be able to visit and comment to the degree had before….it will depend on my body.  I am still slowly moving forward so as not to undo all the progress I have made.  But I will be here.


Changes are Afoot


One decision I wrestled with in these last 11 months was how I wanted to return.  And my decision is, I am returning to my roots.  The reason I started this blog was always to share my observations and stories about life through the lessons and eyes of my garden.  It is a commitment I must keep for myself….for my soul’s happiness.  

I have never considered myself anything more than an amateur gardener who loves to putter and plunk.  And I have learned so much about myself and my gardening skills, or lack there of, through blogging.  I have shared my garden, its progress or shortfalls, its blooms and critters…..and I will continue to share them, but the prose and poetry will be more about my observations about life.

I learned a wonderful phrase recently coined by, Rob Bell….

Finding the Infinite in the Everyday.














Isn’t that an amazing phrase to ponder.  It has led me recently to share daily photos of my garden, my life on Facebook and Instagram.  I love these opportunities to share small snippets of what gives me pause.  Feel free to join me if you happen to be on social media to see some of these everyday moments.

I thought I would share a couple of the small moments that I posted recently on social media.  These are pictures of a vase of peonies finally opening late.  I took the pictures with my Ipod Touch which has a very simple camera that does not take great pictures.  But I run the pictures through one or two free apps, namely Pixlr and Prisma.  I love the effects…it’s like creating art, which I enjoy doing daily. 

And because this is a vase, I will join all the wonderful bloggers who create vases on Monday.  I actually created 31 vases in May and shared them on Facebook.  I will share some of them here at some point too.  I want to thank Cathy@Rambling in the Garden for her inspiration each week to bring some of your garden inside and savor it in a vase for the week.

So for now I will be posting from time to time about what amazing things I am seeing in my garden, in my life.  I hope you will join me for the journey.  And yes I will be posting mostly poetry on my other blog, Living From Happiness soon.      


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