Seasonal Celebrations Revealed-Summer 2014


“Summer was on the way; Jem and I awaited it with impatience. Summer was our best season: it was sleeping on the back screened porch in cots, or trying to sleep in the tree house; summer was everything good to eat; it was a thousand colors in a parched landscape; but most of all, summer was Dill.” 
― Harper LeeTo Kill a Mockingbird



Summer always conjures up feelings of lazy hot days sipping lemonade, eating homemade ice cream and picnics.  And we celebrate summer in so many ways all season savoring every blessed minute that will have to hold us when the cold snow flies once again.

One of my favorite books and movies that epitomizes the seasons and especially summer is Harper Lee’s, To Kill A Mockingbird.  It reminds me of my childhood in rural northern Indiana when we made new friends at camp, went swimming and played and played until the light was squeezed from the day.

This summer, I am celebrating every single moment I can have in my garden as family comes to visit, and life is rediscovered in retirement.   And this summer my mantra is all about living in the moment in my garden.  I plan to do a bit of work, relax, observe, explore, and just be in nature.


“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” 
― F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby



So let’s see what wishes, dreams and thoughts folks have for celebrating the new season…. 




[email protected] is contemplating a season long staycation given the sights, sounds and weather of her wonderful area of Wisconsin.  Of course winter is a bit long, cold and snowy, but as Beth says, “…winter is the perfect time to travel south.”  I couldn’t agree more.


In San Antonio, TX, [email protected] is celebrating the transition from Spring to Summer with IMG_3331wonderful changes in her garden.  As Shirley says,” Overall I like the changes to the garden, but it’s always good to take “stock” of possible improvements.”  I agree with her which is why I have been watching my garden grow.  I really enjoyed her advice too:

It’s a trick I’ve learned for gardening in our hot summers and the same goes for winter.  Test a few plants first, then invest in more.

Best advice I have heard.  And something I am doing more of as well as using plants I will divide to fill in or make into new planting areas.  Thanks for joining in Shirley and showing us your stunning garden transformation.


And [email protected]’s English Cottage Garden is preparing her garden for summer.  Pam keeps quite busy with her garden chores in spring so she can enjoy her summer flowers and veggies in her Pocono, PA garden.  As Pam says:

Each season brings specific gardening chores, but there are more tasks in spring than at any other time. I confess I love the busyness of May and June and the satisfaction I feel as each chore is completed.  

I learned a lot from Pam’s list of chores.  As a gardener, I am always learning from my fellow gardeners and thanks Pam for reminding us of the importance of compost, weeding early and just enjoying the garden once the chores are done.


[email protected] Rose’s Garden, in central Illinois, has been busy celebrating summer and learning a lot from her spring garden even if spring was a short month where she is.  We were lucky that we had a long spring this year even if I couldn’t enjoy it as I normally would.  Rose really has some lovely summer blooms already that are being shared all over parts of her garden.  And she intends to not complain about the heat (or at least try to not complain).  As she says:

Early mornings and the hour or two before sunset are enjoyable times to be in the garden, I’ve found.  And when it simply gets too hot, I’ll bring my blooms indoors!

That is a great way of dealing with the times you simply can’t get in the garden.  I plan to try and bring more blooms indoors this summer to enjoy too!  Thanks Rose!




There were many wonderful summer memories and favorite garden scents expressed by commenters to the original Seasonal Celebrations post.  [email protected] Violet Fern is planning to celebrate the solstice.  She has planted a corkscrew vine in hopes of getting some delicious summer scents.  [email protected] was reminiscing about long days playing in Southern California coming home with grass stains on her knees and bug bites on her legs.  I definitely can relate to that.  Denise who writes a blog called Gardens Gone Wild for the Huntington Patch remembers spending her summers down at the beach.  What a wonderful memory.  I used to spend summers at the Jersey Shore as a young child.

[email protected]’s Garden Diaries remembered her childhood fondly as she would visit her neighbor’s garden to partake of fruit especially the rhubarb.  [email protected] and Herbs recalls her parent’s garden that grew buddleia filled with butterflies and the intoxicating smell of honeysuckle.  I remember that scent all summer too.  And [email protected] English Girl Rambles was recalling her father’s magnificent rose garden, and his love of roses.  Another blogger who was remembering her mother growing flowers and veggies was Tatyana@ My Secret Garden.





[email protected]  said her favorite garden scent is night scented stock.  And [email protected]’s Eye on False Bay  has wonderful memories of garlic buchu she would run her hands over during school holidays that she spent with her oldest sister.  [email protected]  says his favorite scents are the spring blooming crabapple and hawthorne.  [email protected]  Garden Walk, Garden Talk remembers her childhood with the spring scents of honeysuckle and fruit trees.  [email protected] of a Suburban Gardener remembers the scents of wintersweet and honeysuckle perfuming the summer nights Down Under.

[email protected] and Stuff  says her favorite garden scents right now are smell of roses and rain.  [email protected] Road Journal says her best summer memory was of all the fireflies out in the evening.  I have been enjoying them today as much as when I was a child.  [email protected]’s Garden has a nose always covered with pollen as she always smells the flowers.  Her favorite scents are lilacs, flowering trees, peonies, roses and lilies.  As a child up North in Norway, [email protected]  remembers there were two seasons; 2 months of darkness in the winter and then the sun being out all day and night so you could get a suntan the whole night in June.

And [email protected] my own garden of the Hesperides recalls her first garden with her husband who wanted her to plant whatever she wanted as long as it had a wonderful perfume.  So you know her garden is filled with fragrant blooms and foliage.


Thank you to all those who joined in with posts and comments to bring back such wonderful memories or to make new ones.  I hope everyone has a wonderful summer here in the North, and that your winter South of the equator is not too cold.


Blooms shown in the post are from summer gardens past.  I thought using only yellow would bring out the feel of the heat of summer. 


Sweet days of summer, the jasmine’s in bloom
July is dressed up and playing her tune….

Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind…
Seals and Crofts




Next up on the blog:  Next Monday I will have my a native fern profile for Wildflower Wednesday.

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30 Replies to “Seasonal Celebrations Revealed-Summer 2014”

  1. Our summer has not been too warm here with 50s at night and 70s in the day, but I suspect it will warm up as it goes on…glad you enjoyed the summer memories Diana!

    1. Dry and in the high 70s here but going to get a bit warmer and some more rain this week…I don’t mind if it stays in the upper 70s 🙂

    1. Thanks Cathy…the summer yellows are just peeking out now in the garden as it is still trying to catch up. I hope you have a glorious summer!

  2. Happy summer Solstice Donna. It is interesting how our view of summer differs. I do have happy memories of summer when I was a child but here I sort of dread the heat of summer so have been very happy with the cooler nights and rain we’ve been having. and I will be positive this year, I’ve promised you that I will remember how you faced that dreadful winter and take more pleasure and look for positive things in the garden during July and August.

    1. I do know how you feel Christina as I lived 2 years in the Phoenix, AZ area where the summers were hot 110-115 degrees with intense sun every day where the windshield wipers would melt and you couldn’t touch the car door handle. Intense heat can wear on you and I longed for the cooler summers and rain in NY so I moved back.

      I hope your summer is an enjoyable one with some breaks from the heat with refreshing rain.

    1. Thanks Frances….it has been a pleasure spending the week with my sister and brother-in-law….they are even helping a bit in the garden!! 🙂

  3. This was SO delicious, every bite! Summer loves to make us love her,
    in spite of the suffering she causes:) I lean into her even closer after reading all of this rich sweet goodness….thank you:)
    (and Summer Breeze at the end…..perfection)

    1. I knew you would love the Summer Breeze at the end!! So glad you enjoyed the summer memories…I am trying to make new ones and enjoy my summers again!! 🙂

  4. Donna, I enjoyed your memories of childhood summers. It brought back memories of my childhood as well. Summer evenings were the best, but even the intense summer heat didn’t bother me. The photos you chose of the yellow flowers were just right! Enjoy your time in the garden and new memories of time spent with family!

    1. Thanks so much Dorothy. These days I am enjoying the lightning bugs as we called them. It has been a wonderful summer so far.

  5. I wish I was planting that Corkscrew vine Donna! The seeds haven’t germinated. I have them in the new greenhouse because they need a high temperature to germinate. We’ll see … There may be a reason why everyone is not growing that beautiful vine around here. I did just plant a winter honeysuckle for its scent, though, given to me by a friend. She said it smells so good. I hope its not invasive.

    1. Oh I am sorry to hear it did not germinate yet Kathy, but I bet you will prevail. I would expect that the honeysuckle being fragrant is of the group that could be invasive so be careful. The invasive honeysuckle has taken over parts of the woods and green area here and keeps invading my garden with almost a hundred new plants that I have to keep pulling out. I love the flowers and scent but I wish it wasn’t so darn invasive.

  6. I enjoy reading your views of the seasons and found it especially fun that you liked my advice on gardening in a tough climate. It takes patience but I learned that while I don’t mind losing a plant or two I don’t want to see a whole new bed or row of plants fail.

    1. So glad you do enjoy these seasonal posts…I really have enjoyed them more and more. I discovered that no matter the type of harsh climate (hot/dry or cold/wet) the advice does transfer… 🙂

  7. nearly missed this post but the quote caught my eye- my fave book too and love Charles Baker Harris aka Dill. Why do we have so much yellow in Spring when evidently it is meant for summer – and sunlit gardens. Lovely shots for the solstice Donna – wishing you long lazy hazy days ahead

    1. Thanks Laura…Dill is a great character too! I delayed this post a few days as folks were getting posts ready so it was a quickie!! Hoping you also can enjoy the gardens around you and that your summer is picture perfect!! 🙂

  8. At least this year we are starting off with rain and cooler temperatures. It should be a good year for you to spend in your garden.

    1. I agree the weather has been wonderful for gardening. The past 6 weeks I have been sidelined especially. But even if it becomes hot and more humid as I finally get out there I will enjoy it.

  9. I love all the yellow flowers, Donna. A reminder of summer sunshine and joyful times. Hope you’re enjoying your retirement. Have a lovely summer 🙂

  10. I love that picture of the Oenothera – is it ‘Summer Solstice’? I just planted some and I love the bright yellow flowers and red buds.

  11. Truthfully I don’t know Jason as I bought it as a bargain and it has seeded in some lovely areas now. I agree I love the contrast of the yellow flowers and red buds.

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