Gardens Eye Journal-May 2015


“April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring roots with spring rain.”  ~T.S. Eliot 



I am not sure if April is a cruel month, but it is certainly is unpredictable.  We started with a garden filled with 3 feet of snow still in April, then a thaw, a freeze, another thaw, snow and finally summer like weather.  Almost as if all 4 seasons were crammed into 30 days.

But we have are riding a high as the weather has been warm, pleasant and *pinch me* perfect for DSCN2906gardening.  I have loads I want to do, but am taking it slow.  I know what can happen when I overdo it.  So one small project at a time for now.

And with the warm weather, the garden has kicked into high gear.  Leaves on trees and shrubs are just budding, and some wildflowers are even out.  We have tons of daffodils and hyacinths everywhere for spring color, but I expect lots of perennials will be flowering before I know it.  

So with the end of another month, it is time to see how the garden fared.  And a I review my garden, I am joining Helen@The Patient Gardener’s Weblog for her End of Month View.





april rainbow

We have had some thunder, hail and about 4 inches of rain in April, not to mention an inch of snow on April 23rd.  All that moisture made for a very wet and flooded garden.

A wonderful surprise was this rainbow we had one evening as it was raining and the sun was setting.  Makes for some of the best rainbow viewing.  




Garden Views



This was how the garden looked after the first 5 days of April.  Finally getting a thaw and a third of the snow gone.  But it all came to a screeching halt, as the cold weather was back for about 10 days.  But once even with daytime highs in the 30s and 40s, the snow melted a bit each day until and finally melted fully on the 16th.




snow apr 21

I couldn’t work in the garden because of the very wet conditions, and just as it was finally starting to warm more into the 50s, this snowstorm and a few nights of frost happened.  You can see how quickly the snow accumulated and we even had white out conditions.  But an hour later it was all gone as you can see in the last picture.  That snow seemed to be the turning point because after that we went right into 60s and 70s for daytime highs.





I thought I would show you a couple of beds for now as we are only just beginning to get to projects.  Everywhere you look there are now daffodils and hyacinths that replaced the iris reticulata.  A few Siberian Squill or Scilla siberica and Puschkinia scilloides were still going strong.  

I don’t really have any tulips except the few tiny Tulipa turkestanica that I found growing along the patio…pictured above under the Fritillaria michailovskyi at the top of the post.  





This was the side garden at the end of April.  Just starting to come into flower.  Now alliums are growing fast along with iris, hellebores, Aquilegia and forget-me-nots that should all be flowering soon.





This is my little 3 foot Hamamelis virginiana or Witch Hazel tree.  It is 4 years old and finally flowering.  Tiny little flowers, but spectacular none-the-less.  It is a native tree that I hope to profile in the future.




wildflowers collage

Today starts National Wildflower Week (May 4-10, 2015).  I am posting a wildflower a day on Facebook.  Here are the wildflowers growing in my garden now.  Top left (moving clockwise) is Bloodroot, Violet, Dutchman’s Breeches (new one for me and a surprise), Pachysandra procumbens (native to SE US), and Trout Lily in the center.  There are several others just getting ready to flower soon.




Indoor Gardening

seeds april collage

The basement grow station is in high gear (center right).  I have almost transplanted everything down there.  A few squashes and herbs still need time to grow.  Top left is celery and watermelon.  Moving clockwise are the Antirrhinums that should have been started with the pansies (in hindsight).  Bottom right are all the marigolds.  Next the tomatoes had their first transplant.  I will be transplanting them again this week into bigger pots.  Up from the tomatoes are all the peppers.

I had one new last-minute plant we are going to try this year, tomatillo or Physalis philadelphica.




Tree Following


I am following my very young Tilia americana or American Linden tree.  Even with the good weather we are having, the tree is just showing buds beginning to open.  So I will do a further profile for my Simply The Best series in a couple of weeks.tree-logo

I am linking in with Lucy@Loose and Leafy’s Tree Following meme that happens around the 7th of every month.






pond collage

The pond fully thawed on the 12th.  And by the end of the month, the water lilies were starting.  We are unsure what that last picture is.  Perhaps eggs laid.  Any ideas?




april frogs

And we have had many visitors already.  Loads of tadpoles swimming around that overwintered in the pond.  And the first frogs in the pond, every year, are the Northern Leopard Frogs picture at the bottom.  The one on the right found a mate as you can see in the bottom left picture.  Soon after they mate, they leave the pond for other areas in the garden, and the Green Frogs come in (top picture).  Found 2 in the pond already.  And we are hearing peepers in the pond too.






This is the meadow so far.  Mostly daffodils with lupines getting bigger every day.  They should appear sometime in mid to late May.






critters molting

The critters are beginning to lose their winter fur.  The poor fox, Hunter, looks ragged.  You can see the deer still in winter coats in early April (bottom picture), and the twins top right sporting thinner coats.  They are still learning to cross the street on their own as mom leaves them more and more on their own.





april birds

And of course the birds have been busy.  Our suet feeders get lots of action.  The Red-Winged Blackbirds (especially this male top left) are discovering the suet feeder.  The Hairy Woodpecker and Black-Capped Chickadee were sharing the feeder.  Chickadees are frequent visitors this year and we even saw one checking out the birdhouses in the meadow.  The Red-Bellied Woodpecker (center right) does not like to share.  Tufted Titmice are back too and boy do they have a distinctive whistle.  

And there is a charming Cardinal pair that love to eat the suet that falls beneath both feeders.  Aren’t they cute.  They sing and hang about the garden although their nest is behind us in the wild area.  I’ll have a new Wildlife Lesson post about many of these birds, and  a new visitor to the garden, on Thursday on my other blog, Living From Happiness.



So there you have a quick synopsis of April’s garden from frozen to blooming.  What’s happening in your garden now?




In A Vase On Monday 




I could not ignore the hundreds of daffodils blooming in my garden so I gathered about 40 that comprise half of the different varieties I grow. 




orange vase 2

Along with the daffodils, are several stems of Multi-Flowering Blue Festival Hyacinth.  These are a bit different in shape as they don’t grow in a large head as regular hyacinths, but in single stems.  Lovely fragrance too.




orange vase

I took  4 groups of 10 daffodils and banded them together, cut the stems and placed them in an orange jug with a blue interior.  Then I just popped in the hyacinths here and there.  Loved the effect.




small vase

I decided to make another little posy and put it in my small bud vase.  Here we have a pink English Primrose (Primula vulgaris), Muscari and a red Lungwort (Pulmonaria rubra).






Lastly, the Hellebores floating from last week are going strong.  I found this lone little reddish pink hyacinth blooming in my red garden.  It had to be moved, so I cut it and put it in the little jug and placed it on the antique books next to the Hellebores.  

I think I will have a couple of small vases each week, as there are too many flowers to choose from for just one larger vase.

I am joining in with a few memes this week as I prepare this vase:  Cathy@Rambling in the Garden for her wonderful meme, In a Vase on Monday, Today’s Flowers hosted by Denise@An English Girl Rambles and Judith@Lavender Cottage who hosts Mosaic Monday.


Next up on the blog:  

Next Monday, I will have a Stuck Foot post from my White Garden.  

I am linking in with Michelle for her Nature Notes meme at her new blog just for Nature Notes.  It is a great way to see what is happening in nature around the world every Tuesday. 



I am also joining in I Heart Macro with Laura@Shine The Divine that happens every Saturday.

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129 Replies to “Gardens Eye Journal-May 2015”

  1. Lovely flowers, Donna, outdoors and indoors, and you had created very interesting and eye-pleasing collages of them.
    How I envy you for your wonderful flowerbeds and green grass! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing and have a great week ahead!

  2. What amazing weather you’ve had, Donna! Very tough on the plants to experience such diversity in just four weeks. I love your vase this week, my favourite so far – it just had to be, didn’t it? with all those joyous daffodils. I like the idea of how you arranged them too, perfect. Have a good week, Christina

    1. Christina we have had temps in the high 80s to 90 so the early bulbs have gone…a few daffs remain and the garden is racing. My poor early veggies may not do well, and then we are supposed to a cool down mid week. I will be surprised if I harvest much.

      So glad you enjoyed the vase this week….with masses of daffs it was good I used some as they are mostly gone now.

  3. Your garden looks delightful with all the clumps of bulbs adding so much color, and the hyacinths always smell so lovely. I’m glad the snows finally left and gave you some good weather. We had unusually warm weather and things are advancing very fast, which means the weeds are growing in leaps and bounds too and I have a knee injury that is keeping me from getting the weeding done. Your indoor garden is looking great, and I love the muscari in the vase with the pink primulas, so pretty!

    1. Oh I am sorry to hear about your knee Hannah. We also had a surge of warm, dry weather bordering on hot for 2 weeks so we are racing ahead here too. And the mass of weeds is everywhere. I am helpless to weed, as I need rain to loosen the soil and clay….so I wait and do other projects as the weeds grow.

    1. Deb we went from warm to hot here…peepers are winding down. They were so late in coming, and I will miss them.

  4. How exciting is this!!! I loved seeing all of the color pop through in your garden! And that rainbow was beautiful! If I had a pond the beans would be so thrilled to have frogs! Everywhere you turn in your space something is happening! Here is to May and all the beauty it brings! Nicole xo

    1. Thanks Rajesh. Hard to believe we were covered in snow 6 weeks ago and now we are having temps of 90F.

  5. Such a delightful tour of your gardens. The flowers are beautiful. And thank you for sharing the photo of the Witch Hazel tree. I’d never seen one before and I had not seen the blossoms before either!! Have a grand day!

  6. Love the witch hazel, the pink primula, and your daffodils and hyacinths. You have a lovely garden and wonderful pond, Donna. Enjoy!!!

  7. Goodness, you have had a month of it! We’re much warmer here in the West and so spring is further ahead, but even so, we’ve had two disastrous hail storms late last month which have speckled my snap dragons and destroyed some squash seedlings. Every year it’s something unpredictable, isn’t it?

  8. Oh my, your flowers in a vase are always a joy to see, as are all the photos of what is growing in your garden. Thank you for sharing them Donna, and also for linking with Today’s Flowers.

  9. Full speed ahead for our spring flowers now Donna! I know how hard it is to keep looking out at snow slowly melting but then the sun comes out every day and encourages the bulbs to sprout.
    I didn’t realize this was native wildflower week, I’ll have to post a few on my FB. My bloodroot is doing well but I can’t find the hepatica yet, likely still waiting for the woodland garden to warm up a bit more.
    I enjoyed the month review of your garden, thanks for linking it to Mosaic Monday.

    1. My poor hepatica is not blooming here. The leaves came out but no flowers due to the extreme heat here…highs up to 90F and my lovely spring blooms are fading fast. But others are right behind them. I really am not enjoying the 90 degrees this soon and neither is my garden.

  10. A fox – exciting! I’m glad to see Spring has finally come to your garden. Though I thought H. virginiana bloomed in late fall, or am I confusing it with another witch hazel?

    1. I thought that was odd too about the Witch Hazel Jason, but that was how it was labeled and what I had been purchasing….and it had never bloomed before. I plan to check it out further since it is very strange…..

  11. I’m surrounded by frogs here too. I have six tadpoles that I’m raising. Pretty excited to find out what species they are (pretty sure a treefrog species but we’ll see).

  12. Your temperatures may have swung back and forth but there’s still a LOT going in your garden, Donna! I love your daffodil-filled vases but it’s almost strange to see them now that my own garden is fast-forwarding into summer (although we have got another dose of blessedly cooler weather going this week). Your display has convinced me that I must plant some daffodils with orange trumpets this fall – they really sing!

    1. I love seeing drifts and drifts of daffs Kris….but they have faded fast as we had summer temps up to 90F and many flowers struggled. But the garden is doing great although we are in a fire watch here. High temps, low humidity, winds and no rain for 2 weeks. Crazy after all the snow and rain.

  13. Donna, daffodils just make the cheeriest vases don’t they? I’m intrigued that you grow so many different kinds. April’s weather fluctuations must have been challenging but here you are on the springtime side.

    1. Susie I started with basic daffs and then I bought a few interesting kinds…and then I bought collections to naturalize and more special ones and it just went on from there….now I can start to divide some clumps and spread them even more. And that vase was only half the different varieties. The weather extremes continue as we heated up to many days in high 80s and up to 90F.

  14. It always amazes me at how quick everything returns over there. Our gardens here tend to take a slow stroll into spring but there the plants take one massive leap. Good to see the white stuff gone and read that you can get some gardening done.
    Lovely vases, very colourful and seasonal.

  15. Another great post with so many wonderful photos. What amazing weather you have, going from snow to warmth so quickly. How your garden has sprung to life with an abundance of flowers. Our spring creeps in slowly but yours seems to come from one day to the next. Daffodils in a vase are so cheery. I love your arrangement.

    1. We actually had summer the last 2 weeks so my garden is leaping faster….I prefer the stroll…so glad you enjoyed the vases.

  16. Oh those seedlings are really putting on growth now Donna. Do you move them straight from the basement to the outside world or is there a halfway house? Your vases are so colourful and cheery.

    1. Anna, I do harden them off by placing trays in a little greenhouse shelf, if it isn’t too windy, or on the back steps for several days increasing the time outside before I plant them out.

  17. Hard to believe it was just so cold recently. I’m getting a little too hot today. I like watching your basement seedlings – I’m a little jealous of those. When my boys were young, I tried seedlings in my basement. What ever lights I tried shattered and broke, so I decided to go with outdoor gardening only. Oh, well.

    1. Oh that is too bad about your seedlings Leora….very hot here and the garden is gasping with no rain for 2 weeks…it seems the weather just keeps going to extremes.

  18. I always think of that line from TS Eliot when April comes round, although for many years April has been a kind rather than a cruel month in the UK as spring has come increasingly earlier. In fact it has been an incredibly sunny month – as sunny as the sunniest summer month last year – and dry in our part of the country. How lovely to see your garden garden to life again after all your snow – your daffodils look so sunny in that vase and the hyacinths are the perfect foil for them . Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the vase Cathy….we have been having very sunny and hot weather here…no rain really in May and now brush fires. It seems May is becoming the cruel month.

    1. As I look back it seems April is always unpredictable here….just part of our crazy spring. Glad you enjoyed the look back Carver.

  19. What a transformation April has brought to your garden Donna – you must be so excited to see it all coming to life! Your daffodils are lovely – mine have almost all faded now so it is great to see a fresh bunch. That delicate blue hyacinth looks almost like a bluebell. Enjoy the gardening weather and make sure you don’t over do things – it is so easy to get carried away.

    1. Yes the blue hyacinth does look like a bluebell Julie…and all my daffs are just about faded too as we have had extreme heat.

  20. You do have lots going on and your weather has been a real challenge. I love the witch hazel–just gorgeous!

  21. It is so nice spring is here and bulbs are blooming. The only thing is they are so short-lived since we went from snow to 80° weather so quickly. Species tulips are already losing petals. The deer are cute.

    1. Yes Donna it is sad so many bulbs and wildflowers are fading fast with temps now in the low 90s and no rain…we have had brush fires and red flag warnings now.

  22. Such a variety of springy stuff! Glad to know it’s getting colorful in your part of the world. I am intrigued by the witch hazel for some reason!

  23. A lovely round-up of the month Donna. Your daffodil vase is beautiful! And I love those pink primroses too! How lovely that you at last have a choice of flowers from your garden? Do you have forest or parkland nearby for so many deer to be around you?

    1. Yes Cathy we have woods and a protected wild area directly behind us and bordering on my meadow….and there are woods across the street too. Lots of critters in those woods.

  24. Very interesting to see how the weather has affected your garden, Donna. That first pic of the flowerbeds is BEAUTIFUL, and it must be so rejuvenating to have these bright, pretties blooming after a long, cold, winter. Lovely mosaics of your bouquets; I especially love the blue/pink arrangement -charming!


  25. A journal full of interest Donna. Glad it hasn’t all been cold in April. April was very changeable here also, not so severe but bad enough to cause a bit of damage.

    1. Glad to hear your April was not too bad there Alistair….It seems with our short growing season we will have to expect extremes in spring.

  26. Alas all your snow has melted. Spring really took a long time to get underway all across the country but I think y’all were unusually late. I know all the wet is great for the plants but it sure does make gardening challenging. I love looking at your meadow in all the seasons. I am trying to get ours established but it is taking time. Do you ever burn yours or just mow? Also, what did you use as your pond liner? Love all the wildlife that you are seeing. And what a spectacular rainbow! Enjoy your spring!

    1. Karin it has been so warm and dry that we are now on fire watch and the garden is bone dry…go figure. We do not mow or burn the meadow. Instead we have all the snow that mats it down and then breaks it down. We do a bit of raking if it is getting too thick or there wasn’t enough snow. I had a professional who builds natural ponds create ours. My understanding was he used a thick pond/pool liner but not one of those prefabbed plastic ones.

  27. Donna, beautiful weather here. Last evening my husband and I were having dinner on the porch (because that’s where we really live) and I heard peepers! I can’t imagine from where but I think I read their calls can carry up to 3 or 5 miles? I can’t imagine having them in my own back yard garden! How wonderful for you. I hope the fox is fairing better. My forsythia decided not to bloom this year and the tulips are just opening. Can’t wait to see your meadow of lupines! My tomatoes have yet to germinate – I think the nights may be too cool in the greenhouse. Hopefully with this warmer weather I’ll see some action.

    1. I bet your greenhouse has been heating up with our hot temps…we even had brush fires here…how crazy is that to have fire warnings up. That is too bad about the forsythia….and that is amazing to have the peepers’ song from such a distance.

  28. Things really changed fast! From deep snow to beautiful Spring flowers!
    Great animal photos, too!
    I’m glad you reminded me about Tree Following – I’ll try to get my photos done today, so I can get the post done on time.
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog
    Have a wonderful day!

  29. Wow, Spring in your area is pretty..We are having a few lovely spring days, but mostly hot humid days or stormy days, lol 🙂

  30. Your garden looks beautiful and I am sure your visitors will love it. I am too far away or I would certainly be there.Your garden looks amazing already, so will be even better in a month. I hope the weather is good for you.

  31. April is certainly the month that puts our patience to the test, Donna. We also had a mix bag of weather with tropical temperatures and far too much rain but hopefully now it’ll become more settled. The image of the pond shows frog spawn, I think. It’s amazing how flowers come up almost impatiently once the snow thaws. Your garden looks very promising and I look forward to seeing it unfold 🙂 PS: First I had bookmarked your site, then subscribed (it’s WordPress, no?) but your posts don’t seem to show up…bookmarking may be better)

    1. Yes Annette, I was able to find out those are frog eggs from the Northern Leopard Frog. And it is not settled here as our temps have now swung to the low 90s…and very dry. Sorry to hear that you are having problems getting the feed. Yes it is WP that should show up in a WP reader or in an email, or another reader…but I appreciate you letting me know and for your continued support Annette.

  32. Wonderful impressions of your pretty garden! All is blooming so beautiful and I’ve enjoyed the enchanting rainbow and all your other pictures very much!!!

  33. Donna, your monthly summary of your garden development is always so inspiring. I’ve also started gardening, taking advantage of those nice spring days and feel amazed at how quickly the plants have been growing. I decided to make some changes and the biggest of them is giving up the flower bed we’ve had in front of our house. My husband has been trying to persuade me for a few years now and I insisted on keeping it but eventually I feel it’s time to surrender. That space facing north is quite narrow, damp and shadowed, uneasy to maintain and though I have flowers planted there that can take advantage of those conditions, the flower bed never looked that good. I plan to move most of the flowers elsewhere to the garden, they will surely be better off there. We agreed to make that space grassy and place a nice container or two there to make the space more colourful, better maintained and more attractive. As I mentioned in the other comment, I also have Scilla siberica and Chionodoxa planted in my garden and they grow right in this place. I decided to leave them there, they will be beautiful in the spring grass next year!

    1. Gardening is an amazing activity and I am so glad you enjoy these summaries Petra….It is hard to garden in areas that face North. I am sure you will be rewarded with your new design.

  34. Your pond must be a busy place because that mass is full of frog eggs. Spring is always unpredictable, it seems. We’ve been in the upper 80’s this week and the plants were wilting it was so hot. I love that bucket of daffs. Such a cheerful sight. 🙂

    1. Absolutely those are Northern Leopard Frogs eggs Tammy…so we should have lots more tadpoles soon. Upper 80s and 90 here this past week and no rain.

  35. Hi Donna, I hope you have put winter well and truly to bed by now, nice to see that spring has arrived. Loved your vases, daffodils always put a smile on my face.

    1. Oh yes Helene it is now summer with temps reaching 90F…the daffs are now fading and more flowers are showing up.

    1. With the warm temps they are opening fast already and such a lovely leaf. I will have a plant profile of the tree next week Lucy.

  36. I look forward to reading about your young Linden tree. That’s not a tree that I’m familiar with, so always good to learn something new!

  37. Great idea to post a wildflower a day! Sorry I’ve been absent for a few days. Everything’s blooming, all the chores are happening, and all the work projects are calling — all at the same time. But the view outside my “office” is full of wildflowers! Happy Wildflower Week, Donna!

    1. Oh that is wonderful that you have such a view of wildflowers. The temps have been up to 90 and very dry here now. Crazy and the early spring blooms are going fast. It just seems to get busier and busier.

  38. 4 seasons in one month is a perfect way to describe the April we had as well. On the weekend the temperature is to soar to 30 degrees which is more like July weather here. The weather just can’t seem to give us a break! We haven’t had any rain in well over a week, which is unusual for spring weather.
    Your “in a Vase” pictures are lovely as is the shot of the bulbs in the back garden.
    Are you ready for your trip to Toronto? I have no idea what weather will greet the Flingers.

    1. Hot here too and then dipping 20 degrees next week back to 60s and barely 70. Unfortunately I have a prior commitment so I cannot go to the Fling. I was looking forward to it and had hoped the date would be in summer as early June was not going to work for me. When I saw it was early June, I was disappointed that I could not attend. I will keep my fingers crossed for good weather. I am sure it will be a grand success.

  39. I think we have had similar weather to yours, though not quite as much snow as you. It does seem like we went from cold to warm so quickly, after a few oscillations. What a beautiful rainbow, and how exciting to find some Dutchman’s Breeches growing! I grew tomatillos last year, which were so great in Salsa Verde. I also grew purple tomatillos for the first time, which were much sweeter and tasty eaten raw. This year I’m growing a lot of them! I love your white pitcher with the hyacinth in it – so gorgeous!!

    1. I am so excited to grow tomatillos Indie. I have a feeling we will have to make more room for them next year. Our weather went from warm spring to summer with temps reaching 90 and no rain…how crazy is that?

  40. Donna, love your vase of primulas and muscari, it’s unusual and pretty.
    You show how your garden changed after snow, hail etc It’s very interesting to follow your own photos month by month. I should do this too.

    1. I learn so much about our weather and patterns by comparing the photos Nadezda…I really liked that vase too…such a delicate combo of blooms.

  41. Donna you really did have some weird weather changes in April, I’m glad the snow has gone now, like you I only have daffodils in my meadow area, your bulbs and corms all look bright and cheerful, Frances

    1. The weird weather has continued with summer hot temps and no rain…very unusual for early spring…and the daffs are gone with the heat.

  42. Beautiful, beautiful offerings… it is amazing how the weather has changed so quickly after such a long, hard winter… I’m loving the vibrancy of the colors changing and filling in every day. Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥

  43. I can think of few things so delightful as watching a sleeping garden come to life with buds, blossoms and wildlife. You’ve created a lovely sanctuary for all Donna.

  44. What a delight to see your garden emerging from winter, Donna! We are a few weeks ahead of you this year and this past week seemed to have jumped straight into summer. Spring is my favorite time of year, so I really enjoyed seeing all your images and being reminded of what has just passed here. Your wildlife shots are amazing!

    1. We jumped to summer too Rose but you are definitely ahead still…glad you enjoyed the flowers and wildlife.

  45. Yes, definitely worth taking it slowly at this time of year, so easy to run at the garden full tilt and then find you are out of action for weeks because of injury! And yet so hard to do this because everything is growing so quickly, including plans in the gardener’s mind’s eye… Hope you are really enjoying the final lifting of winter weather. Your indoor growing is looking rather fine, I am way behind on the edibles front this year, and have resigned myself to a less productive kitchen garden, at least until the summer. So many pretty bulbs! Enjoy your Spring Donna, inside and out.

    1. We lifted from winter to spring and now for weeks into summer weather…not sure how much my garden harvest will be due to this topsy turvy weather Janet….hope you get some time in your garden to play!

  46. You really did have a lot of weather changes in April! The rainbow was wonderful. In the photo of the frog couple, I believe I see a smile on Mrs. Frog! As you are moving into spring, we are moving into summer. Temps are hitting the 90’s, and the dreaded humidity is moving in. I hope we will still have a few more spring-like days!

    1. Yes I thought she was smiling a bit too Deb….our temps have been similar near or in the low 90s…very dry and brush fires….too hot and now humid with a couple weeks of spring temps only. I hope we go back to spring for a while as summer is too soon.

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