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“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go.”  ~Alexandra Stoddard



I wrote this post a four years ago, for a friend’s blog.  I thought it would be fun to resurrect it here as it was a beautiful spot we visited on a glorious May day.  Revisiting the views from the back of the house and back gardens, certainly has added sunshine and color to my winter’s day…..


Note updated commentary is in italics!



IMG_5889A few months ago for my birthday (remember this was four years ago), I decided I wanted to go away for the day some where within an hours distance and relax.  So when a coupon special appeared in my email for 10 Fitch-Luxurious Romantic Inn, (pictured here is the back of the house) I decided to check it out online.  The house and rooms looked amazing.  I love antiques and older homes so we called and reserved the Equestrian Suite.   My camera does not do the room justice so visit the website and check it out.

10 Fitch is located in historic Auburn, NY.  For those that don’t know much about Auburn, it is the home of such notables as William Henry Seward and Harriet Tubman.  Seward was Governor of New York, Secretary of State to Presidents Lincoln and Johnson, and was responsible for the purchase of Alaska.  Tubman settled in Auburn after the Civil War.  During the war, she was a leading figure in helping slaves gain their freedom North using the Underground Railroad.  After the war she operated a home in Auburn for aged and impoverished African-Americans.





There is so much to do in the surrounding area of Auburn:  theatre, the Finger Lakes, wineries.  You can stop over at 10 Fitch, and see the surrounding sights, or you can simply get away and stay at the Inn.  I chose the latter.  I wanted to just spend one night away to relax, and had no idea what we would be in for.  To say 10 Fitch exceeded my expectations is putting it mildly.

We found the Inn easily in the historical section of Auburn on a quiet street.  Our hosts left us a detailed email so we knew directions and where to park.  As we alighted from our car, the first sound I heard was trickling water.  I immediately moved to the side of the house to see this wonderful sight, a fountain.  On the front door was an envelope with our keys and a welcome letter telling us to let ourselves in that our host would be back soon.  




fitch flowers collage

The interior of the house is a mix of antiques and whimsical pieces from MacKenzie-Childs.  Each room is wonderfully decorated in detail.  There are snacks upstairs with a refrigerator outside our rooms and coffee and snacks (home-made to die for chocolate chip cookies) downstairs as well.  There is one room downstairs that reminds me of an old-fashioned conservatory where hand-made items like soaps are displayed, and there is a table with a jigsaw puzzle you can work on.  There is also a library with many books and DVDs.  

We easily found our room, and were relaxing in the magnificent backyard when our hosts returned.  Here (in the back garden pictured at the top of the post) we were surrounded by trees with a sweeping lawn.  Gardens surround the beautiful stone patio that has many tables and lounge chairs.  Pictured here are Spanish bluebells, columbine and Bachelor’s button.




fitch waterfall collage

There is a path toward the back woods where one of the 2 large beautiful ponds is located.  Looking down at the pond from this path, the heron, in the center, is a statue used to scare away herons from eating the goldfish living here.





This pond area (looking at it from the house) has a sunken seating area with tables and chairs. 





The other pond is located right off the patio.  Gardens surround both ponds, and both have lovely waterfalls making you feel like you have entered a wonderful oasis.  You have no sense that you are in a small city, but instead you feel like you have been transported to the country.





10 Fitch is surrounded by wonderful restaurants within 5-20 minutes drive.  There is a book in your room with local sights and places to eat for your information.  We chose instead to have the picnic basket dinner which is served in your room.  But our hosts suggested we eat outside on the wonderful patio and set up a table for us.  The amount of food was even too much for us:  freshly made grilled panini sandwiches, spinach & strawberry salad with pecans and poppy seed dressing, a large cheese plate with fruit, bag of Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips (my fav) and a bottle of chilled sparkling juice.  We stashed the leftovers into our refrigerator for snacking later.  About an hour after our meal, dessert arrived in our room; sweetheart brownie & ice cream!  I could hardly move after dining, and we were only able to eat one panini between us.

There were chocolates on the pillow and a lavender sachet on the turned down bed.  Each room has an iPod docking station with wonderful romantic, soothing music.  Our room was right above the fountain and we could hear the sound of water all night.  The king-size sleigh bed was so comfortable, I was lost in sleep quickly.  Our room had a jacuzzi tub and marble rain shower with hand-made soaps and bath salts.





Truly I couldn’t think of one thing our hosts had not thought of to make our stay incredible.  But there was one more delight awaiting us the next morning, breakfast (just inside the back patio doors here).  They alternate between a sweet and savory fare and we lucked out that ours would be savory.  The table was beautifully set with delicious coffee, juice and fresh fruit followed by an Eggs Benedict with white wine & tarragon hollandaise sauce served over Tuscan garlic toast to die for.  The best we have ever eaten.  We didn’t leave a morsel on our plates.  We lingered a while longer before check out and talked with our hosts.





I could not have asked for a more wonderful birthday get-away.  Well worth every penny, and definitely we will be traveling back to stay again to explore the area more next time during a different season (here is the far pond again with the heron statue that looks so real).  Of course we will explore a different room next time since each is a unique adventure.



What do you do to get away and recharge, reconnect?  What places do you like to visit?




In A Vase On Monday 



During a thaw this weekend, I created an experiment in a holiday dish for this vase.  I took moss growing on the patio, and added it to the dish.  I wanted to see if it would grow if I watered it regularly and put it in indirect light.




moss vase collage

A few close-ups taken in difficult lighting…we shall see how it grows.


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Next up on the blog:  

Monday, I will be giving you another close up of a garden area in a Stuck Foot post.

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  1. Dear Donna, this lovely post has refreshed and recharged the reader as well. The wonderful place made me think of Italy and indeed my perfect spots for a relaxing stay are those small rural tourist facilities (“agriturismi”) in the Italian countryside, even better if near the sea. 🙂
    One of the loveliest places has been near Assisi, where with a price of a room we had a pretty little stone cottage at our disposal.
    Oh, it was lovely to dream a little, reading your post. Outside it’s still about -13 Fahrenheit…
    Have a lovely week ahead!

    1. Oh yes Italy and exploring the countryside sounds wonderful to me. I will have to note this for a future time….we had over a foot of snow today and cold so winter is here….it is fun to think back on wonderful trips Sara!

  2. Hi Donna, I’m sure the moss will grow beautifully if you keep it moist. Great idea, very creative. Your relaxing place looks very beautiful, but for me the most relaxing thing I can do is to get away from streets and houses and camp in the bush or even better, sleep under the stars in a swag. I love the quote, so true. If a place is in your head, you can just turn it on like a video and re-live it.

  3. Hello, what a wonderful birthday treat. The inn sounds just amazing and great place to relax and feel pampered. The grounds are beautiful, I like the ponds. I hope you moss grows well. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. Indeed, it is so lovely to resurrect an old post!! Great idea… I have some on my sister’s blog (about travels), so, I should do the same thing, I think…*-*
    This way of relax and recharge seeing memorial houses or museums, also, is wonderful; having a day in a new place to visit, observing nature or to just see surroundings…oh, is superb, always!
    Through your amazing pictures I’ve seen interesting things for today! Have a good day of Monday and a pleasant week!

    1. I agree…exploring new places does recharge Alexa! So glad you found this post interesting, and looking forward to some old posts you may resurrect….

  5. This is a lovely idea. Hope it grows for you. Coincidentally, I was gathering moss today, but only for as a decorative topping.

  6. I too am intrigued by mosses. There are so many types, and they have a very interesting structure. I have a container at the end of the garden full of moss, and have put some fern spores on it to see if they will germinate. The reason I am trying this, is that I am finding natural germination in this situation.

  7. Donna, that looks like a lovely setting for rejuvenating one’s self and enjoying some pampering. I like your dish of moss. Was tempted myself yesterday to experiment with some, but finally found some other blooms to use in my vase. Have a great week. susie

  8. What a fantastic garden and pond! These summer green photos feel so good here in the middle of snow. I’m sure I would feel like a princess staying in an inn like that!

    I hope your moss shall grow well!

  9. Oh it was a joy to read about your lovely birthday treat Donna, albeit from a few years ago – how wonderful that it was everything you hoped it would be. I have so many ways of unwinding and for me it often doesn’t matter where I am – or perhaps it’s just that I am rarely in a wound-up state…?
    Lovely to see your moss too – and a coincidence in that on a whim I added some moss around the stems of my tiny posy, recently scraped from the paved area where we have been tidying up and shredding, wondering as I did so what else I could do with it… Reading Ann’s comment, I am now going to put some round my hippeastrum bulbs 🙂 Do keep us informed about the progress of yours

    1. I will indeed keep you posted on the moss Cathy….I love it when we can unwind anywhere and by doing anything….just being in the moment sometimes is the best!

  10. What a wonderful place to spend your birthday! I hope you’ve had a chance to get back there since then. The moss in the holiday dish is a great idea. I hope it grows for you!

  11. Wow, this place looks marvelous! What a great, luxurious, birthday treat.
    Your ‘vase’ this week reminds me I have a rolled up blanket of moss in a bag that I ended up not using over Christmas. I need to go plant it!
    Also wanted to ask you if you’ve ever been to The Violet Barn in Naples, NY? I found it online and it looks terrific. Unfortunately, it is 4 hours drive from here and my spouse isn’t all that keen. It would be a nice winter pick-me-up, I think!

    1. The Violet Barn looks wonderful…I had not heard of it eliza. But I bet it would be fun especially if you stay at a wonderful B and B in Canandaigua….lots of beautiful spots there to stay and eat.

    1. I will keep you posted on the moss Judith….I hope we can go back although I think maybe in fall this time…maybe even this fall!

  12. Your getaway sounds divine. Our favorite is a little cabin at the coast with a big stone fireplace. We love to go crabbing and clamming and fix our own meals but the luxury you describe sounds appealing.
    I’m fond of moss and use it often but have never tried to keep it going indoors. Hope you will report on your success rate.

  13. How beautiful…I know you really enjoyed this amazing place.
    Can’t wait to see if the moss grows…pretty cool.

  14. That certainly looks like a very beautiful get-away. So relaxing and enjoyable. And not too far away either. What a great place to visit! We might be interested in staying there sometime as well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Exactly Sue…close by and fabulous….if you do stay there I hope you have a wonderful time….check out Elderberry Pond Restaurant nearby…an organic farm to table restaurant we adore.

  15. Hi Donna, i agree that it is a beautiful place. You should do it again sometime, coupon or not, hehe! I love the small mirror with reflections of the trees, wonderful to pretend you are a fairy there. How lovely if there are something like that nearby here!

  16. Donna your special “get away” place looks so wonderful! Will you return someday soon? My husband and I regret that we never took a trip up to the Finger Lakes when we lived in NYC. Maybe someday we will be able to take an extended trip to NY and see that area. I’m writing down the name of this Inn, in case we do!

    We have found many beautiful places in Colorado the three years we’ve lived here. I am constantly surprised how varied this state’s topography is. We’ve enjoyed staying in a couple of historic hotels, but I’ve also enjoyed staying in a little cabin in Estes Park at YMCA of the Rockies. We could hear the elk bugling there, all night long.

    Your moss looks healthy and as magical as a tiny fairy garden. It’s nice to watch something grow during the winter!

    1. I hope we return someday soon. And yes you should visit the Finger Lakes if you get a chance. I adore the spots you have shared on your blog Pat!

  17. That really does sound like a dream come true – what a lovely setting for a brief retreat. 🙂 Love the take on a ‘vase’ this week Donna. We have so much moss around our garden, so look forward to an update of whether it survives inside a heated house.

  18. The moss looks strangely at home in the china. You are improvising well for the wintertime vase scenario, Donna. It is challenging.

    1. Yes it is challenging coming up with new ideas each winter Hannah….glad my fall in the garden was extended. It helped this year.

  19. This house looks like a wonderful place to visit just to walk in the garden. I hope your moss in a dish grows. It will be an interesting experiment. It reminds me of “rock gardens” found on granite rocks out in our wheat-belt. Have a great week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

  20. Very nicely done Donna, and oh so pretty all of it. I especially like how you brought together images for your heart shaped mosaic. I enjoy nature walks and drives to refuel, though with the cold of Winter and snow, that has not happened enough. Take care~

  21. What a fantastic place to stay. You know, I have never been to the Finger Lakes region. I didn’t know that Harriet Tubman lived there. And Frederick Douglas lived in Rochester, didn’t he, not so far away?

    1. Yes he did Jason and also along the route from Auburn to Rochester is Seneca Falls, some say the birthplace of the women’s suffrage movement, where the Women’s Rights National Historical Park is….lots of history in the Finger Lakes region and wineries!

    1. Absolutely Pam….I would love your thoughts as I redo the garden! And what a wonderful thought to spend time with you….

  22. You had wonderful birthday present Donna! Your getaway was incredible with delicious dishes fruit and wine. The garden with ponds, patio and chairs in shady places – what more you could want in your special day. My birthday is in next week and I’d love to visit this inn and enjoy and relax there.

  23. What a glorious place to find some R&R! That must have been a wonderful birthday. I am smiling as I read about your little experiment with the moss. Our yard here in NC (I’d say about 90% of it) is a huge carpet of this green fuzzy stuff. As I was out walking my dog today, I was just noticing how green and lush it was, especially for being January. Usually it will die in spots and/or just lay dormant in the winter. The warmer temps and large amount of rain has caused the moss to grow like it has been fertilized! I was actually thinking about doing a post about it since it is so odd for this time of year. I will be interested in seeing how your little garden does…it really does look lovely in your dish! 🙂

  24. What a gorgeous way to celebrate a birthday! No wonder you wanted to look back on it! I just started a miniature moss garden on my kitchen windowsill, with moss growing in three small terra cotta pots. I love the look of it, and it is super easy. By the way, Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips are my favorite, too!

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