Spring Will Come…Hold On!

“Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.” ~Anita Krizzan

I firmly believe this or have to where I live as winter can linger and linger. We know March is a toss up and we write it off hoping for an April spring. But nature has a funny way of showing us that a more subtle spring is here. One that will take its time. Where we can see the clues to the transition that is actually occurring if we slow down and really look closely.

Pussy willows bloom from mid-February through March as the weather zigs and zags between spring and winter.

Birds return in the middle of snow storms like these red-winged blackbirds, a true harbinger of spring. They usually arrive with the Starlings, Cowbirds and Grackles (all black birds that migrate together in large groups).

For now it looks like this in nature. Birds all puffed out trying to stay warm. We have suet up all winter until about May, feeding the birds as winter rages again this week with another storm.

Soon enough the large piles of snow will be gone (probably early May) unless we get some seriously warm weather. And the ground will soften, grass will grow, the deer will lose their winter coats along with the squirrels and rabbits.

And I will be dreaming of starting seeds and watching for plants putting out new growth. It all happens so fast once spring truly gets going. And I don’t want to miss one moment. These daffodils were starting to put out new growth until more snow came. They will be frozen here for a while.

In the gloom and gray of winter last week, my husband brought home this wonderful vase of Alstroemeria. What a gorgeous dark red color. The puzzle in the background is one that has been sitting waiting for me to get motivated.

It is really brightening up my house along with the Christmas cactus we named, Carmella, after my husbands step-grandmother. It is likely 70 years old. I inherited it from my mother-in-law, Clara. The main plant had a small baby plant we named after Clara. Both have been blooming since Christmas non-stop.

With this lovely vase, I am linking in to the wonderful meme, In A Vase On Monday, at Rambling in the Garden.

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16 Replies to “Spring Will Come…Hold On!”

  1. Hi Donna. Love your Alstroemerias. What a beautiful colour! And the cactus is amazing. I am also watching the signs of nature closely as we wait for spring… the birds are telling me it is nearly here so I hope it reaches you soon too!

    1. Thanks so much Kathy. That sweet little bird is a White-throated sparrow. They visit us all winter and fly north, when it warms, to northern Canada to breed.

  2. Yes, I can imagine the transition from cold to mild or even warm is so sudden that things must burst into growth really quickly – what a moment that will be! And what a glorious shade of red the alstroemeria are – I would love to grow some that colour! In the meantime, thanks for sharing yours

    1. I was thinking the same thing. A garden full of those alstroemeria would be amazing. Can’t wait to see the garden burst and show it to everyone. I’ll be doing my happy dance!

  3. Your photos are beautiful and cheerful, Donna. My husband and I’ve periodically talked about moving to the Pacific Northwest, where we have family and the precipitation is more predictable, but as Southern California natives I imagine the adjustment to an area with “real winters” would be difficult. I’ve got my fingers crossed that spring will reach you in April. It’s actually been slower to unfold here this year with temperatures running far lower than usual.

    1. Thank you so much Kris. Yes, I think moving from S CA to winter might be hard. I am taking those crossed fingers to heart and adding mine too. We are bracing for the nor’easter bearing down on us tonight until tomorrow.

    1. Absolutely….it will come. Hoping it lasts a bit before moving right into summer. Glad you enjoyed the birds. They have been numerous and ravenous these days.

  4. I certainly understand the winter continuation situation. I thought we were past the piled-on snow, and then we got a couple more big ones. March is a fascinating month, but it always tricks me. But you’re right: When spring hits, after being cold and snowed-under for so long, the magic is nearly inexplainable. Hang in there: Soon we’ll have a continuous stream of months with “perfect” weather. Your writing is amazing, and so are your photos.

  5. Our wait for spring seems an eternity Donna so I can’t imagine what yours must be like! Still changes were happening slowly here as they must be with you albeit at a slower pace. I enjoyed your wildlife photos. The alstroemeria and Christmas cactus must make such welcome splashes of colour and hopefully in April there will be some colour in your garden to lap up too.

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