Do I spend too much time at this ephemeral task? In spring, summer, and autumn I work harder at it than at writing, and I expect that looks crazy, but what it does is balance all the anxieties and tensions and keep me sane. Sanity (plus flowers) does make sense. ~May Sarton

To answer May Sarton’s question I would say no. Any time spent outdoors in nature and digging in the dirt is grounding, balancing and creates ease in my body. It allows me to breathe deeply, slowly. And while the flowers are gone sometimes within a matter of days, if the weather warms too quickly in spring, it is worth every second to see the beauty. To appreciate their color, fragrance and form.

There are times I miss my big garden at the old house. The endless days, for weeks and months, just focused on the little patch of earth in front of me. Weeding, moving plants, trimming, adding new flowers and seeds. All to create some beauty for me and anyone else who appreciates it as well as a habitat for the critters.

With a smaller garden, I can still get this sense of sanity. Soon it will be time to fill all the containers with flowers. Or start seeds that will bring flowers in a couple of months. Weeding will take place once all this blessed rain ends. And then once it is all planted, it will be maintenance time again. Back to weeding, watering, pinching spent blooms.

Of course all this gardening is perfect allowing me to bring a few blooms indoors for a vase or two or maybe more. Today is May Day or Beltane, a celebration of fertility. Every year on this day, I gather what is blooming, and make a small vase to place at my threshold. It is said to bring luck.

This year I cut a couple of pansies and decided to float them in a bowl. It is still raining a lot as of this writing so once it ends I will pick a proper posy for the threshold.

The bowl is a rare vintage Hydrangea Paragon fine china finger bowl from the 1930s made in England. An antique I picked up at a shop. Isn’t it exquisite. One of my favorite finds.

And I have continued making a small vase that I keep on my desk where I see it throughout the day. This one was filled with Mascara ‘Mountain Lady’ a particular favorite of mine that I planted in several spots. It lasts a long time in the vase.

I color, write and read in this space so the flowers just make it feel even more creative, joyful and abundant here in this special sanctuary.

And for this one I added to the Muscari the miniature tulips, ‘Little Beauty’, that finally started blooming. You can see both flowers growing in the garden in the photos above.

We are supposed to finally warm up towards the end of the week, which should coax more flowers to form and bloom. I really can’t wait.

With this week’s lovely vases, I am linking in to the wonderful meme, In A Vase On Monday, at Rambling in the Garden.

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21 Replies to “Sanity”

  1. You are so right. Gardening gives me solace, sanity and forgive the pun, I find it grounding. And invigorating – despite my often aching muscles.

  2. That is indeed a very pretty bowl, Donna, and much smaller than the main picture suggests – either that or they are mammoth pansy heads!! Your teeny vases are so lovely – and I adore Little Beauty tulips! I am glad you are getting accustomed to your smaller plot – have you been able to put the bizarre rules you told us about behind you and accept that you can’t plant as you would choose?

    1. Yes I am getting used to it but I have added a few plants. Shhhh!! If and when I ever move I will dig most out and give them away. I figure that is a good compromise. The bowl is a small finger bowl.

  3. I agree completely. In today’s world I don’t imagine I’d stay sane long without my garden. Your posies are all very pretty. I’m surprised to see that those bulb blooms rise up through the large stones with no apparent difficulty.

  4. What an exquisite bowl Donna and perfect for those pansies. Gardening brings all those benefits you’ve mentioned and more besides. Glad to read that you’re finding so much pleasure in your new garden.

  5. What an exquisite bowl Donna and perfect for floating those pansies. Gardening brings all those benefits you mention and more besides. Glad to read that you are getting much satisfaction from your new plot of earth and wishing you a happy May.

  6. The fingerbowl is wonderful. Pansies are so pretty and resilient. Amazing how little details bring so much pleasure. Growing flowers and gardening is a part of my life I so enjoy. A smaller plot might be just the thing!

  7. What a wonderful combination of the little species tulips with the muscari! I’m sure they bring a lot of spring to your desk, and hopefully the weather will begin to cooperate soon too!

  8. I am completely with you on gardening keeping me sane, especially over the past three years! Love your tulips and Muscari vase, and the pansy dish too. Wasn’t the dish a nice find. I have the same tulip flowering in my garden this week – one of my favourites with the mauve centre. Hope it warms up soon Donna.

  9. I had such luck this year thus far with my pansies. It has been rain and cool enough to keep these early bloomers happy. I am thrilled… now I just need a few more degrees of warmth so I can do some proper planting. I have a flat of basil and parsley that is begging to get into some real soil… ah spring.

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