In A Vase On Monday-Monochrome Flowers


“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change”  ~Buddha 



I decided this week to go monochrome with my vase; using just one color.  There are so many flowers of pink or yellow that it won’t be hard to choose.  And I have been playing with another monochrome recently, black and white.  Even with all the color in the garden, we were challenged to use black and white in the photography challenge I have been participating in.  You can see those monochrome photos on my new blog’s latest post.DSCN3279

I thought I would combine both black and white monochrome with yellow monochrome flowers for this week’s vase.  I am linking with Cathy@Rambling in the Garden for her meme, In a Vase on Monday, and Today’s Flowers hosted by Denise@An English Girl Rambles.   And since I am including some collages, I am also linking this post to Judith@Lavender Cottage who is now hosting Mosaic Monday






I chose yellow as it is a perfect summer color for a vase.  Yellow signifies sunshine, happiness, optimism, creativity and warmth.  And bright yellow seems to capture my attention more than any other color especially in early spring and this time of year.



So what flowers did I choose?  I chose 2 kinds of goldenrod as a filler.  And then I chose all sorts of rudbeckia.  Top left there were little ones, Rudbeckia fulgida varfulgida.  Next are Rudbeckia subtomentosa ‘Henry Eilers’.  Bottom left are the tall Rudbeckia lacinata ‘Autumn Sun’.  Then there are several varieties of rudbeckia that have seeded themselves….unfortunately I have no idea what is what anymore.  Last I added a good dependable flower, Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldsturm’ which is everywhere in the garden.

‘Goldsturm’ is also pictured at the top of the post wet with dew and almost orange in the very early morning sunlight.


So let’s look at my monochrome arrangement full of yellow blooms.  I used a large glass vase as I wanted to really pack as many yellow blooms in as I could.



I love the vase in the morning light turning these even more golden.  You can see I left the tall rudbeckias in the center and dotted the rest of the arrangement with the other yellow flowers.





Several views of the vase both inside and outside in lots of different light.  The yellow really stands out even in black and white.





Here’s a close up of the vase as the rudbeckias are layered above and below the goldenrod.





And a few more close up views.


Summer is still producing lots of blooms, but soon we will feel that cooler shift to fall.  And with fall comes my time to celebrate the new season.  I know, I am not ready for fall either, but it will come no matter how I feel about it so why not celebrate it.


So I hope you will join me in celebrating the new season coming soon to your part of the world.  I will have the kick-off post for Seasonal Celebrations on Saturday!




 Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.  ~Pablo Picasso



Next up on the blog:  

Wednesday I will have another native plant to profile.  Saturday brings in Seasonal Celebrations.  Time to think of fall even though I don’t want to.   And next Monday, I’ll have my August Garden Review.


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  1. Lovely Donna, definitely the sun is shining out of all your images. The monochrome black and white as a background to the other images is a great idea. Better get on with my arrangement, the flowers are picked and are soaking but they’re ready now. Christina

    1. I am glad I had a sunny day for picking, arranging and photographing these bright yellow blooms. And glad you enjoyed my choices Christina!

  2. Your bouquet is lovely Donna. Golden yellow flowers are one of the many things I love about August. Yellow always seems to be a core color in most late summer gardens.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. When I see a garden full of yellow helianthus, goldenrod and rudbeckias I know it is later summer and August!

  3. A lovely sunny post to start my morning Donna. I love your arrangement, along with the monochrome additions. These are such pretty flowers and would make a house brighter. Have a great week 🙂

    1. So glad you liked my arrangement Denise. I am going to enjoy my yellow flowers for as long as I can before the cold weather comes blowing through. Have a great week yourself!

  4. Very nice, Donna. I loved the color photos on the black and white one. A unique photo idea. All your photos were beautiful. I have the tall rudbeckia, was a gift from a friend and I was never given the name. I love it but just have to be careful where I plant it because it’s pretty aggressive.

    1. Glad so many enjoyed the black and white photos with the colorful ones…and I am glad Sue you now know the name of your tall rudbeckia…mine has not been aggressive but I have it in clay soil that is pretty dry.

  5. Bursting out all over this week Donna with sunshine – although monochrome I love the touches of alternate colours in the centres and the leaves of course. Shows up so well in B&W and it emphasises the contours of the cones.

    1. I am so glad you liked how it all came out Laura. I was rather pleased with the photos as well and especially the black and white photos of the yellow flowers.

  6. I love all the yellows you picked for your bouquet Donna and you have inspired me to take a short drive and cut some flowers myself. I’m going to try for monochrome too and it shouldn’t be hard with the roadsides bursting with goldenrod and black eyed susans.
    Thanks for linking to MM.

  7. Yellow is my favorite color so, of course, I love all the yellow flowers you collected, Donna. I’m currently developing a fixation on Rudbeckia too.

    1. Oh that is so nice Kris and that you love yellow. I am swooning over your rudbeckia in your vase…so many colors!

  8. I love how you added the goldenrod in there!!! Such a beautiful arrangement you have created!! I am not ready for fall either…it is hard to believe that summer is almost over already!!! Enjoy your beautiful blooms and a lovely week to you! Nicole xo

    1. Thanks so much Nicole. It seemed a perfect filler as I have so much and the flowers look great as they float on a cloud of goldenrod. Enjoy summer as it lasts and the week ahead!

  9. A lovely collection of sunny flowers filling your house with colour! I just checked last year’s photos of the garden and we are still three weeks ahead, with autumn colour showing up everywhere now!

    1. I know that summer is 3 weeks behind here but it will never catch up…it will be shortened and fall will come instead…glad you enjoyed the sunny vase Cathy!!

  10. The first image in particular is stunning, and thank you for introducing me to that Buddha quote, something I have not come across before. It was fascinating seeing the contrasts when you showed the black & white versions of the pictures – you notice different things when not distracted by colour. We could have done with your vase here in the UK today as it has been pretty dismal – in itself a reminder of what a good summer we have had, as it is a long time since we have had to think about cardigans and tights! Thanks for sharing all your golden flowers, Donna!

    1. I really enjoyed playing with the yellows, the morning sun and black and white…every week is fun, Cathy, as I try to decide what the theme will be.

      I was pleased with the black and white and how lovely the yellows in the vase worked together. Sorry to hear about your weather…we had that last week and in about another week I bet it is going to return. Then I will need a cheery vase full of flowers in the house.

  11. Your cheerful vase is delightful. I’m intrigued by your experimentations with mosaics, black and white, and monochromatic arrangements. Choosing one color can be very dramatic and effective, as you have proved.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the experiment Susie…I too have enjoyed it and am thinking of maybe trying it again…we shall see what flowers are around to choose from next week.

  12. I love the beautiful colors too. Sometimes I forget to see what something looks like in black and white…how dramatic!

  13. Yellow is such a cheery color, I love your bouquet and the pretty Rudbeckia.. Your photos and mosaic are lovely. Have a happy week ahead!

  14. Oh I love all the yellow it is so cheerful! Your shots are great and your mosaic are a work of art! Thank you for coming by my post with the
    ‘tortilla soup’! He cracked me up when he said that. I agree he is a cutie.
    But I am partial!
    Thanks again for coming by have a great week.

    1. Oh thanks so much Sherry. I am pleased you liked the yellow flowers and mosaics. And yes he is a cutie pie….wishing you a wonderful week!

  15. Hello Donna
    You’ve convinced me!!!
    I haven’t really got any yellow in my garden apart from Alchemilla Mollis which flowers for only a short time.
    But I’ve being seeing lots of Rudbeckia on blogs in the last couple of weeks.
    Yours are lovely and the variety is good too. I’m looking for taller perennials for the back of the border.
    I’m looking forward to Seasonal Celebrations on Sunday!

    1. Shane I am so happy you liked the rudbeckias. The Henry Eilers and Autumn Sun are both tall yellow perennials. And I hope you enjoy Seasonal Celebrations on Saturday and maybe you will join in!

  16. Love yellow, golden color, it’s as a sunny day after long winter, Donna! It’s pity rudbeckias don’t grow in my garden have no idea why. They are sunny flowers!

  17. Donna, I really like Rudbeckias too and love your photographs. Yellow is such a joyful colour, I grew some annual Rudbeckias this year, Rustic Dwarf and one other (my memory is pants this morning!) they were really lovely too.

    1. Julie how lovely that you grow rudbeckias too…I have found they will return even the annuals if left to go to seed. They are a joyful flower!

  18. Hi Donna,
    I really enjoyed your photos. Yellow is such a warm and welcoming colour and makes a lovely arrangement. I am especially fond of rudbekias. I am not however a huge fan of goldenrod because it always tells me that Summer is just about over. Thank you for your visit and enjoy your day.


  19. Wow, you’ve captured some beautiful flower images, Donna!! The first photo with the dew on the blossom is just lovely. 🙂 I love that you mixed in some Goldenrod with the Black-eyed Susans. Here in the south, Goldenrod is often mistaken for ragweed, which is a culprit in causing seasonal allergies in the late summer and early fall. Needless to say, ragweed is not very popular. I think Goldenrod is so pretty, and I’ve basically learned to tell the difference between the two. This is the time of year when the roadside flowers start to echo the colors of fall; a beautiful time.

    Thanks for your visit and I hope you have a great week!


    1. I am allergic to ragweed so I know what it looks like too and it is usually smaller and a different flower…but I love goldenrod. Glad you enjoyed the vase Denise, and I hope you have a great week too!

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog….the heat is simply unbearable on the coast of Alabama…you mentioned that your season? was over…wasn’t sure what you meant…

    1. Glad to see you Janie…our summer is sliding out and fall is slipping in with foliage change and temps cooling off. I could use a few more weeks of heat here as it will help my veg garden.

  21. Yellow is such a great garden accent color–it looks right with just about everything! I think I need to try some different Rudbeckia! I think I just have ‘Goldsturm’. It was here when I moved into this house eleven years ago. Your bouquet is beautiful.

    1. You would love a few of these other Rudbeckias…some will take over and others will establish a nice clump. Glad you enjoyed the bouquet.

  22. Just GORGEOUS, Donna. I think what Alice Walker says about the color purple could just as aptly be said about the color yellow! For sure.

    1. I agree especially in late summer Ginnie….yellow flowers cannot be passed by without noticing them and wanting to pick some.

  23. A photo instructor once told us that anyone can take ‘good’ color photos but it took a photographer with ‘an eye’ to capture ‘good’ in black and white. You’ve done it beautifully!

    1. Me too Jean. I could not believe I still have daylilies blooming…the weather has been wet and a bit cooler which is keeping them going longer than I ever remember.

  24. I love Black-eyed Susan’s and you did a great job with all of these shares. I have no idea why, but when I photograph yellow flowers, they just never appear to me, as they do when you stand and look at their beauty. Nice job~

  25. Hi Donna, I love your yellow monocchrome arrangement. I just love any yellow flowers.They don’t fail to brighten up the day. I have them in my office right now (orchids and sunflowers). I love the beautiful energy they emit. Thank you for brightening up my day through your lovely post.

  26. Nice! Usually you see Rudbeckias and Goldenrod mixed with blue or purple asters, but I like your all-yellow arrangement. It is evocative of the transition from summer to fall, and combines different shades of yellow.

    1. Thanks Jason…It works when you have so many different rudbeckias and goldenrod to choose from….love those native yellows.

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