In a Vase on Monday – Proven Winner

“Flower are those little colorful beacons of the sun from which we get sunshine when dark, somber skies blanket our thoughts.” ~ Dodinsky

Fall has finally arrived, weather wise I should add. Cool daytime temps in the 50s with lows at night in the 40s. And rain. Lots of rain and clouds. A stark contrast from near 90 degree temps with the baking sunlight of last week.

Now I look for the stalwart flowers who are still continuing. You know like dahlia and cosmos, and even zinnias. And of course hydrangea. Did you know the hydrangea represents gratitude, grace and beauty in the Language of Flowers.

The only hydrangea I have is the lovely Proven Winner short shrub, Fire Light Tidbit® Hydrangea paniculata. It was a gift to trial in 2021, the year I had to dig up my garden and remove most of the plants. I was able to convince the property owners to allow me to keep it. And I am so grateful it has remained in the garden, finally getting a foothold.

This short shrub is magnificent in the spring and summer as the white blooms fill the branches.

Then it turns pink and deep rose red in fall. I have been cutting the flowers to bring in for vases. And this time the vase is red and pink. with a few double white cosmos that have been pumping out loads of blooms nearby.

I strongly recommend this shrub. It is great for small gardens like mine packing lots of blooms in a small space. And it grows on new wood. Perfect for my climate and unpredictable spring weather.

With this week’s vase, I am linking in to the wonderful meme, In A Vase On Monday, at Rambling in the Garden.

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18 Replies to “In a Vase on Monday – Proven Winner”

  1. It’s a beauty, for sure, Donna! Sounds like you’re having a similar October to ours: We skipped from highs in the 80s to highs in the 50s almost overnight. I miss the 60s and 70s, and I feel cheated. LOL.

  2. It’s a beautiful shrub, Donna. Its usefulness as a cut flower is a bonus. I miss hydrangeas in my current garden but sadly they need more water than I can offer to thrive here.

  3. Such beauty. I was never able to be successful with hydrangeas. My DIL loves them and is equally unsuccessful. Surely do enjoy your sharing the lovely photos.

  4. That is a really pretty Hydrangea Donna. I love the way they change colours throughout the seasons. So glad you were allowed to keep it!

  5. So beautiful, Donna. Love hydrangeas and yours is great. Glad you were able to keep and enjoy it. The cosmos is nice too. I need to remember to grow it next summmer. Send us some of your rain, please!

  6. That’s such a pretty shade of rose! I’ve been contemplating whether to cut our color changing flower heads to bring inside or not. I think your example just tipped the scale in favor of yes. They will be far more appreciated in the front hallway than the hedge 🙂

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