It’s in a Vase, Really!

“I love amaryllis because they are plump and juicy. They feel like spring even in the middle of winter.” ~Jonathan Adler

I sure do need a bit of spring and these amaryllis, really a Hippeastrum, are providing color and blooms that unfurl to their fullest ever so slowly so I can savor them.

This flower is actually in a vase. I bought 2 different vase kits from White Flower Farm.

They are pricey as these are very large heavy glass vases filled with river pebbles.

The bulb rests on top of pebbles with water an inch below the bulb. Amazing how well they grow and seem supported. I decided that the expense was worth it because I didn’t want the mess and fungus gnats that always seemed to come when I planted the bulbs in soil indoors.

And this way I can reuse the vase and pebbles with new bulbs indoors during the growing season now and each new winter. I actually ordered four more bulbs to grow through March, from John Scheepers, replacing each one as they fade. I know you can overwinter these bulbs, but I don’t have the right conditions here at my house to do it so they will actually live to bloom again.

I needed lots of space for these vases where there is also lots of light. So I placed them on our antique, oak coffee table. They get strong indirect light during the morning and then some direct light later in the afternoon.

Did you know amaryllis means pride, strength and determination. Perfect for a plant that blooms so beautifully indoors in our cold winters. Amaryllis is also a Greek name which means ‘to sparkle’. I’d say aptly named. These bulbs are commonly called amaryllis, but are really Hippeastrum.

With additional bulbs, I am looking forward to seeing each new bulb grow and bloom through the winter months. Hoping by March (February if it is a warm winter) to see some early outdoor bulbs bloom.

But as I wait, I have indoor blooms to cherish, many of which will find themselves in vases in the coming weeks.

With this vase, I am joining in with the wonderful meme, In A Vase On Monday, from Cathy at  Rambling in the Garden.

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24 Replies to “It’s in a Vase, Really!”

  1. Those are such a lovely rich colour, what a great idea. Part of the pleasure of such bulbs is seeing them develop, grow roots, shoots and then blooms.

  2. I share your appreciation of Amaryllis/Hippeastrums, Donna. I order more bulbs every year and have been planting them out in my garden after one go-round in a pot. While growing them in the ground was a big success in my former tiny garden, it hasn’t been as easy in my current one but I persevere – who knows, I may have an abundance of them one day! I’ve never tried growing them in glass with rocks as you’re doing but I’m intrigued and will have to try that next year.

  3. A gorgeous colour, and hopefully you will have flowers constantly for the next couple of months. Growing them in the gravel in a vase sounds like a good idea.

  4. How exciting Donna to have such a burst of colour in the depths of winter. The anticipation is half the fun of growing amaryllis and it must be so satisfactory to have even more to follow on.

  5. I love the kits. It is a great look with the vase and pebbles. I have read about this but never tried it and the flower is worth waiting for.

  6. What a unique and wonderful way to grow this splendid flower. I think I must try river pebbles next year when the bulbs are available. Thanks for sharing the good idea.

  7. They are stunning flowers, Donna. I have some bulb plants similar to these but I’m not sure what they are. We brought them home from my inlaws place when they moved into aged care, so I planted them in the garden, not knowing what to expect – and they had huge blooms!

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