In a Vase on Monday – Purple Passion

“I don’t have a purple problem, I have a purple passion!” ~Jackie Harmon Sweeney

Recently I have been continuing my slow plod through July. Getting caught up in a bit of maintenance in the garden and in life….still tired and hermitting. So today just a small post with some lovely vases of purple flowers. I wanted to show off the purples in the garden, and a gift of flowers from my husband.

You might remember that purple is a favorite color of mine. So it is not surprising that I have many plants in varying shades of purple in this garden too.

I am growing April in Paris sweet peas with a wisp of purple on the edges. And my lavender is still growing and seeding. So a small vase with these made for a lovely show of the current front garden.

My husband found these lovely purple flowers at the grocery store. I am totally in love with them, but have no idea what they are.

Single stems with ruffled flowers that look like delphiniums, but do not grow like a delphinium. And they have a lovely spicy scent.

The full view of the table where I like to put vases is also sporting the fattening buds of the Clematis Chacewater I put in a vase a couple of weeks ago.

With this week’s lovely vase, I am linking in to the wonderful meme, In A Vase On Monday, at Rambling in the Garden.

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21 Replies to “In a Vase on Monday – Purple Passion”

  1. Those flowers with the spicy fragrance look like stocks to me. Wonderful fragrance!

    1. Thank you Ann. That is exactly what they are. I have never grown them. But oh I might have to try. Incredible scent.

  2. I agree with Ann, they are a lovely flower, and your arrangement with that white runner almost looks like an altar, it is of course an altar to beauty, restful and with your favourite coloured flowers. Take care, and particularly appreciate that lovely hubby of yours.

  3. I agree too, definitely stocks and especially with that fragrance. Isn’t it a shame that bought flowers don’t always come with information on the blooms, as non-gardeners will never know otherwise? The dahlia-grower that lives near my Mum told me about these sweet peas and how fragrant they were, but the seeds he sowed recently were not true to type, much to his disappointment. I will never tire of purple (or pink ) blooms, and I guess yu won’t either!

    1. No I definitely won’t. That is too bad about the sweet peas. And yes I wish they would mark store bought flowers.

  4. I love sweet peas and stock… such an intoxicating clove scent. I picked up a 4-pack for my cutting garden just so I could have them in vases close to hand.

    1. I have never seen these at my local nursery but will look more closely in the future. And I hope to get seed next year and grow my own stock.

  5. I’ve never grown the ‘April in Paris’ sweet pea but I’m definitely going to try it next year. (Our sweet pea season ran late this year but it’s well and truly over now.) Stock/Matthiola is one of my favorite scented plants too, although I haven’t grown it in years as it doesn’t like dry soil.

  6. Wonderful purples. I am way too far south to grow stocks but what a great fragrance. Enjoy!

  7. The flowers are wonderful Donna. The scent of stock is delicious and I really love the strong colors. I may have a packet of seed somewhere I didn’t get planted–must look. Have a good week.

    1. I really am in love with the stock. And miss my many colored coneflowers. Still waiting for my native ones to flower. Staying in the bud a long time.

  8. Oh, that must smell divine Donna. And that colour is beautiful too, both of the sweet peas and the stocks. Wishing you some restful days and peace of mind Donna. Take care.

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