On a Spiritual Path to Creating

“The creative process is a spiritual path. This adventure is about us, about the deep self, the composer in all of us, about originality, meaning not that which is all new, but that which is fully and originally ourselves.” ~Stephen Nachmanovitch

It’s that time of year when I begin to decide if I am going to embark on another journey with #the100dayproject. This would be my 6th go around. I have successfully completed this challenge for the last 5 years, since 2019. You can read about a couple of my projects here, and here .

If you don’t know about this project you can get more details here on their website. As they say:

Pick something you want to do every day for the 100 days of the project. You’ll post each instance of 100 on your Instagram account with the hashtag #The100DayProject. What can you do? Anything at all! Paint, draw, dance, knit, doodle, sing, brush your teeth.

I have posted about my garden (see above), written about my family’s stories in honor of my mom (this picture), read daily which increased my reading and exposed me to many more genres, mixed new watercolors as I explored more about watercolor and color, and last year colored daily.

I wasn’t sure about doing the project this year. I wanted to focus more time on my doodling and writing so I wasn’t sure I had the bandwidth to add one more thing. But as I was already committed to doodling for 365 days, I figured I could probably add in the 100 day project. As long as I made it manageable. And that is one thing that is important for successful completion of the project. Pick something you want to do, improve on or learn about for 100 days. Otherwise you will lose motivation and interest. Now posting about it on Instagram every day can be a bit much. And depending on your project you may not be able to post daily. So to make it manageable, I only post 2 times a week; mid and end of the week to show my progression and completions. You could also just post once a week. There are very few rules and you can make your own.

The great thing about this project is that you are making a commitment to yourself to do something daily, possibly making it a new habit or new craft or learning experience. I love the creative energy it generates within me, and as I interact with the community of doers.

So in keeping with my word of the year, STRETCH, I am committing to this project. It starts on Sunday, February 18th. I will continue to use my Daily Doodle Journal book. I love the prompts as they challenge this newbie (the doodles pictured throughout the post are from this book). And I will continue to draw different kinds of lines, for now, in my blank journal to practice more mark making. My bigger goal is to stretch myself even more and begin to branch out and do a few more challenging doodles. You do have to choose a unique hashtag for your project. Mine is #100daysofdoodlingfun.

I will warn you, this project will change you. It will open you up, challenge your preconceived notions about yourself and what you can and cannot do. It helped me get over my feelings of unworthiness, perfectionism and laid me open in a pool of vulnerability. All of which helped me grow as a creative soul.

What I can guarantee is that once you commit and open yourself to the possibilities, the Universe will be there to support you. This I have witnessed for myself each time. It is what got me out of my head and back into my heart with blogging and this meme of creating a weekly vase. Hey there’s a 100 Day Project too.

The vase you are seeing here is the next Hippeastrum/amaryllis that has opened in the other vase. This was the second vase kit I purchased. This bulb was labeled, “Candy Amadeus” with just a whisper of pink. I cut one of the stems and placed it in a spring-time vase with some evergreens from our Christmas door swag. The greenery was still fresh so I took apart the swag to reuse it.

With this vase, I am joining in with the wonderful meme, In A Vase On Monday, from Cathy at  Rambling in the Garden. And I hope you will consider joining me in #the100dayproject, or maybe just follow along. I post my project on Instagram and Facebook.

All the pictures shared in this post were taken with my Nikon Coolpix or iPhone camera, and manipulated on my iPhone using the apps, Pixlr and Prisma. 

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16 Replies to “On a Spiritual Path to Creating”

  1. Thank you so much, Donna, for opening up and sharing your thoughts and projects – you have done so well with your 100 day projects and really made me wonder if I could squeeze a little bit of creativity into each day. Time has really pushed creativity other than the garden out of my life over the years, even though my time is spent doing things I choose to do…
    You have shared a very pretty hippeastrum with us today – the whisper of pink is really endearing

    1. Cathy your support means the world to me. And I bet you could find 5 minutes or use what you do already. I agree the hippeastrum is quite exquisite and yes endearing.

  2. The 100-day projects have clearly brought you joy so I’m glad to hear you’re continuing on that road via a new path, Donna. Your Hippeastrum arrangement is beautiful. I grew the same variety a couple of years ago and still have the bulb planted somewhere in my garden, hoping it’ll return. It’ll be a surprise if/when it does as I no longer remember where I put it 😉

  3. Another beautiful hippeastrum Donna and I like your clever use of some reloved greenery. Enjoy your new project. I would love to pick up my watercolour paints again – just need to set aside the time and space to do so.

  4. Donna, I really love the first picture with the heart along a line, and that vase is exquisite! I find I am enjoying the creativity of arranging flowers in a vase these days, since I began the meme late last year, and I get what you are saying about creativity being a spiritual journey.
    Enjoy your 100 day project. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. The first picture is one I created drawing and painting 2 different pictures and then superimposing them with an app. Here’s to the creative spirit!

  5. I like the freshness of your Hippeastrum Donna, as it reflects the increasing daylight hours and the ever-nearer spring. Have fun with your doodling challenge!

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